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I am ToaJuaraevo01 (Pronounced "Toa Wa-ray-vo zero-one" . . . Or just TJ01 is fine.). I have been a Bionicle fan since late 2001. I am in my senior year in college at Ivy Tech, in Anderson, Indiana. I also have accounts on,, and Also, I have aspergers. ToaJuaraevo01 (talk) 08:18, 18 August 2013 (PDT)

I miss my friends! *cries*

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The Homestar Runner Wiki

My Bottom 10:

10. Not knowing where the userboxes are.

9. Kraahlix's retirement.

8. The fact that nobody has updated the wiki to reflect's shutdown (had to do it myself, freakin' slackers).

7. Not having any typos to fix. (The vast majority of my edits normally consist of typos.

6. Swert very rarely shows up on the BS01 podcast (on time).

5. Lack of new BS01 podcast episodes.

4. People that hate Hero Factory for no good reason. (Their building system is much better than Bionicle's).

3. Nobody ever talks to me, unless I do something really stupid.

2. I take freaquent breaks from editing between college semesters.

And the number one item on ToaJuaraevo01's bottom 10 is:

1. KZN02's (listened to older podcast, it WAS KZ) ANNOYING habit of saying "RIAH" instead of "RAHI" on the BS01 podcast. GET IT RIGHT! GEEZ! You drive me nuts(ier)!

My Top 3:

1. The lengthy tirade on Likahn's Hau. (Friggin' Hilarious!)

2. Makuta Teridax's Holiday Albums

3. Kairu, Swert, & Kraahlix

I am a 23-year-old male. I am in my last year of collage. I love the BS01 podcast.

I have recently taken up writing. I have written several stories, one of them Bionicle-related. I have also recently done an MLPFIM story.

Did you Know: that there is actually an unofficial set for Turaga Likahn, though the set was simply named "Gold Good Guy".


In 2004, I realised that the island of Mata Nui was shaped like a face, theorised that it was the head of a giant robot. Hooray for me!

Von Nebula is behind the Brain Attack on Hero Factory.

Besides Miserix and Melding Teridax, there is still one more living Makuta.

Fried Kraata taste good, if you cook it right.

I think that the Protectors could be the descendants of the Matoran/Agori. OR the new series will somehow tie in with the original.

Thought of the day/month/year/whenever: I'm a brony, and PROUD!!!

I am currently in Florida for the winter.

I used to have an account on, but was forced to close it, due to personal problems.