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I am ToaJuaraevo01 (Pronounced "Toa Wa-RAY-vo zero-one" . . . Or just TJ01 is fine.). I am 32 years old and have been a Bionicle fan since late 2001. Also, I have Asperger's. After 6 years I'm finally back from the dead. If anyone needs me, I'll be traveling the multiverse.

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In 2004, I realized that the island of Mata Nui was shaped like a face, theorized that it was the head of a giant robot. Hooray for me!

Besides Miserix and Melding Teridax, there is still one more living Makuta.

Fried Kraata taste good, if you cook it right.

I think that the Protectors could be the descendants of the Matoran/Agori. OR the new series will somehow tie in with the original.

Thought of the day/month/year/whenever: I'm a brony, and PROUD!!! ToaJuaraevo01 (talk) 17:16, 12 June 2022 (UTC)