From BIONICLEsector01

Hi, I'm Quolas.

I first got interested in BIONICLE back in '07, and the amazing and expansive storyline has had me hooked ever since. I'm eighteen now and still a huge fan of BIONICLE (though my interest dwindled slightly during its years of absence), but now that it is coming back, my passion for the hobby has been reignited. Hopefully I can contribute some new tidbits of information to this place that haven't already been added. The universe of BIONICLE is a large and fascinating one, but virtually everything about it has been added already. As a result, I shall be joining in scrambling to add the little drops of new info Greg gives us every few days over on the LMBs, or other minor grammar fixes and general janitorial work.

If you wanna ask me a question, feel free to do so on my talk page (that's what it's there for, after all).

On the LMBs, I use an account which I created a very long time ago named "legoguy2805".