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Below is a list of collectibles blah blah blah...

Kanohi Packs

Kanohi were distributed in set #blah...

[6x6 Table for Toa Mata Kanohi]

[6x6 Table for Turaga Kanohi]

Infected Hau + blurb

Blurb about European misprints...

[2x6 Table for misprint Ruru and Matatu]

Misprint yellow and light blue Kaukau

2001 Promo/Rare Collectibles

  • TNGM + blurb
  • Copper Huna (US), Copper Huna (UK), Copper Komau + blurb
  • Orange Vahi + blurb
  • Chrome Hau (from PowerPack) + blurb, see PowerPack set entry
  • 14-karat gold Hau + blurb
  • Prototype Kanohi + prototype sets
  • Extremely rare color variants (white Huna, brown Komau, yellow Huna)

2001 Collectibles in Sets

  • McToran masks + disks
  • Rahi masks

Krana Packs

Krana were distributed in set #blah and randomly packaged in Bohrok sets blah...

Also came in Kanohi Nuva packs blah...

Explanation of purple variants

[8x13 Table for Bohrok and Bohrok Va krana, including both purple variants]

Blurb for gold and silver Kanohi

[2x6 Table for gold and silver Kanohi]

Kanohi Nuva Packs

Distributed in set #blah...

[6x6 Table for Kanohi Nuva]

Krana-Kal Packs

Distributed in set #blah...

[8x6 table of Krana-Kal]

Blurb about silver Kanohi Nuva

[1x6 Table of silver Kanohi Nuva]

Silver Krana-Kal

  • SSKK (Xa only) + blurb
  • WMKK (Xa only) + blurb

VMKK + blurb [1x8 Table of VMKK]

GPKK + blurb [1x8 Table of GPKK]

Kraata Packs

Distributed in set #blah...

[42x6 Table of kraata]

See also [TOK] and [shadow kraata]

Collectibles in Sets

  • Matoran masks
  • Grey Hau

2003 MoL Promo/Rare Collectibles

  • Poisoned Hau Nuva + pattern variants + blurb
  • MEK + blurb
  • Chronicler's staff + itwasrarebackintheday + blurb
  • Platinum Avohkii

Promo Kraata

Shadow Kraata blurb [1x6 Table of Shadow Kraata]

TOK + blurb

Kanoka Packs

Set #blah...

[9x6 Table of Kanoka]

Colored launcher blurb

[1x6 Table of Kanoka launcher recolors]

2004 Collectibles in Sets

  • Matoran masks + disks
  • Vakama's disk
  • Vahki disks
  • Nidhiki + Krekka disks

2004 Promo/Rare Collectibles

  • Gold Vahi + blurb
  • Disk of Time + blurb
  • Ultimate Dume Kraahkan + blurb
  • Kanoka 175 + blurb
  • Transparent red disk + blurb
  • Tanoka + plain black disk + plain glow-in-the-dark disk (not necessarily from 2004, not sure where to put these)
  • Gold-plated Kanoka + blurb
  • Extremely rare prototype dark blue Matatu and maroon Huna recolors

Rhotuka Packs

Set #blah...

[2x6 table of Rhotuka colors]

2005 Collectibles in Sets

List of Rhotuka recolors in sets...

2005 Rare Collectibles

  • Blue-grey Rhotuka in early Bomonga sets
  • Misprint pearl gold Kraahkan
  • Misprint pearl gold Vohtarak shell
  • Misprint pearl gold Keelerak shell

Zamor Spheres

Included in set #blah, not really collectible...

List of variants included in sets, including 2007-2009 sets (much simpler that way)

Squid Ammo

Included in set #blah, same deal as Zamor spheres

2008 Rare Collectibles

  • Mis-molded 5-hole Kraahkan

2009 Promo/Rare Collectibles

  • Gold Ignika + blurb + it's really expensive these days

G2 Collectibles

Promo/Rare Items

  • Hero Pack + transparent orange Tahu mask
  • Villain Pack + gold Skull Warrior mask
  • Pack with cape thingy
  • Skull Scorpion
  • Agil

Blister Packs

  • Transparent Tahu mask
  • Transparent blue Gali mask
  • Transparent green Skull Scorpio mask

Masks of Power

List of masks of power included in 2015-2016 sets

Miscellaneous Misprints

  • Skrall shield without red markings
  • more...

BZPower Contest Exclusives


Long list...

Non-collectible Masks

  • Avohkii + Kraahkan + Toa Metru masks + Kiril + Kualsi + recolors
  • Rode + Olmak + Vezon Ignika + recolors
  • Toa Inika masks
  • Toa Mahri masks + recolors
  • 2008 Matoran + Phantoka + Mistika masks + silver Ignika