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April 2009 Event Explanation

--A pair of lime green eyes stare down at you as you look up at a tall, lanky, lizard-like creature towering a head taller than most Toa.

Moutekea: Hello.

--You, at first, don't know what to make of this creature but now that you've heard him talk and he hasn't ripped you apart and eaten you (yet!) you safely assume this long lizard is friendly.

Moutekea: I first want to thank you for helping me get out of that cage. Dragon longevity isn't worth having when you're cooped up in some dark corner.

--You manage a nod, partly to agree, partly to placate your host in the hopes he won't eat you, and mostly because you have -NO- idea why the heck you're here.

Moutekea: I take it you're a little confused about what's going on, correct?

--You nod again, this time in total agreement, recalling that this was the very reason why you came to this creature's lair. You came for answers. Meanwhile, Moutekea shuffles items around in the stone cupboards of his lair, and you try to stay composed when you see the dragonling produce a pot of hot water and a butcher knife.

Moutekea: Soup?

--Unsure if he's offering you something to eat or that he's warning you that you're going to be -deeply- involved in the soup's recipe, you quickly shake your head 'no'.

Moutekea: Shame. Stone soup tastes better shared with a guest.

--You can't help but watch in confusion as the dragonling drops several odd-sized pebbles into the boiling water, and wonder how he's keeping the water bubbling despite not placing the pot on a hearth... Your answer comes like a hot desert wind as the dragonling inhales and directs his natural firebreath onto the bottom of the pot. He then proceeds to chop up some vegetables and herbs and dumps the ingredients into the pot along with a cup of oatmeal. You duck as he breathes another spot of fire, this time lighting the nearby hearth where he leaves the pot to simmer.

Moutekea: It'll be a while yet before that soup is done, so I'll gladly answer as many questions as I can about what is going on here.

--You sigh slightly in relief, knowing that you're finally going to get some answers out of this guy.

Moutekea: Simply put, something's happened to Wiki-Nui... and the whole city is on a sea of sand instead of a sea of protodermis. What we're trying to do is figure out what happened, why we're here, and how do we get home.

--You blink and sit in silence for a while. It's a nice, simple story, but that doesn't really explain all the clues and comics.

Moutekea: The comics are for flavor and for the people who like stories. The clues are part of a type of game called a Red Herring Game.

--"... Red Herring Game?"

Moutekea: That's exactly what it is. ... Okay, the simplest explanation is that a Red Herring Game (or RHG) is a race to follow a trail of clues leading to an ultimate answer; in our case, the ultimate answer is the very end of the story being told in the comics. The first person (or team, if you prefer to work together) to solve -all- the puzzles in the RHG and find the ultimate answer wins the RHG. ... -That's- why I've asked you to find my lair and drop me a note; that way I can keep track of who won the game!

--"... a game!? This is a game?!"

The dragonling nods and stirs the soup that is bubbling softly in the hearth of flame nearby.

Moutekea: Yes. It is a game if you don't follow along with the story. Every time you solve an episode's puzzle, I ask you to post in my talkback saying that you did so.

The person or team who finds the ultimate answer first -and- has completed all the puzzles will win Grand Prize.

Runner-Up Prize goes to the person or team with the most episodes solved first.

--You nod slowly, knowing now that there are stakes involved. You absent-mindedly accept a bowl of the dragonling's stone soup as you politely ask what the prizes are.

Moutekea: The prizes are simple.

Grand Prize is an art request, an award, -and- you (and your team) will star in the Short Story version of this game when it comes time for it to be chronicled... and yours truly will be writing the tale. As far as the art request, feel free to speak with me about it in the talkback tab if you happen to win.

Runner-Up Prize will involve an award and a cameo of you and your team in the Short Story verson of the RHG.

Door prizes will involve a simple badge saying that you were part of this great chase.

--The stone soup is surprisingly tasty, but you have a strange feeling in your gut. The unsettling notion that the dragonling is fattening you up for the main course crosses your mind... until you see him dunk his head into the pot, followed by a hearty and happy -SLURRRP-. Seemingly sated, the dragonling cleans off the soup that had splattered on his Rahkshi-like face and burps contentedly.

Moutekea: I sure hope you didn't eat any of those rocks. My digestive system can handle them, but I don't think yours can.

--So -that- was the terrible feeling in your stomach. Trying to get your mind off the sudden realization that you just swallowed several pebbles, you ask your dragonling host if this RHG you're caught up in has a name. Moutekea only smirks.

Moutekea: The RHG has a name, yes, but its namesake has yet to make an appearance. Until then, we're just calling this little fiasco "A Change of Space". Fitting for the moment, kree?

--You nod a little as you accept a little laxative tonic from the dragonling. Not your chaser of choice for such a tasty soup, but those pebbles do not agree with your gut.

Moutekea: It's getting late, my guest, and I have work to do. Thank you for stopping by and sharing my soup, kree. I wish you good luck in this little game, that you enjoy the story, and that those pebbles you swallowed won't give you too much trouble.

--You thank your host and gingerly shake his, um, talon before heading outside and into the sands to resume your quest for clues and for glory...