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Hello everyone, some know me as Kota9999 but you can call me Derrick. I am a huge BIONICLE G1 fan. I have collected a lot of sets and parts over the years and it has become a massive collection that will never stop. You can see me edit minor pieces of content on some of the site's pages to make them more accurate and understandable.

Favorite Toa: (Toa Metru)

Favorite Bionicle Years: (2001 and 2004)

Favorite Characters(G1): (all the Toa Mata and Toa Metru)

Favorite Characters(G2): Skull Basher (Tauromoura) and Umarak

Sets I own from Bionicle G1 and Bionicle G2 include...

8531 Pohatu

8532 Onua

8533 Gali

8534 Tahu

8535 Lewa

8536 Kopaka

8573 Nuhvok-Kal

8574 Tahnok-Kal

8575 Kohrak-Kal

8576 Lehvak-Kal

8577 Pahrak-Kal

8588 Gahlok-Kal

8587 Panrahk

8588 Kurahk

8589 Lerahk

8590 Guurahk

8591 Vorahk

8592 Turahk

8601 Vakama

8602 Nokama

8603 Whenua

8604 Onewa

8605 Matau

8606 Nuju

8622 Nidhiki

8761 Roodaka

70791 Skull Warrior (Kovera)

70792 Skull Slicer (Kelmuj)

70793 Skull Basher (Tauromoura)

70795 Skull Grinder (Kulta)

71310 Umarak the Hunter