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Hey everyone, welcome to my page!!! I have been into Bionicle since 2001, and intend to like it till I'm old and grey (figuratively). I am a bookworm, and have read all of the books that have been released. I also like chao. I have a dog named Molly (nick-named Molly-Dolly, Molly Q. Dolly, Miss Molly), and a crested gecko named Cleo (nick-named Little Miss Cleo).

Toa Chaos James

Toa Chaos James is the leader and Toa of air of the Toa Chaos, heroes from another dimension.

Current Mission

Toa Chaos James is currently in training in order to achieve a new level of power


Toa Chaos James loves being a hero and helping those in need. He also has a great sense of humor and likes telling jokes.


Toa Chaos James carries a Chaos Air Saber, an energy sword with a blue-green blade, which contains his Chaos Emerald. He also carries a Thornax Launcher. He wears a Kanohi Hyris, the Mask of Laser Vision.


Toa Chaos James controls the element of air. He also can control Chaos Energy. Toa Chaos James has reached a Toa of air's full potential, and can control lightning through the Force (he is half human Jedi).


Chaos of Air: Toa Chaos James' main form

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Perfect Chaos Form: Toa Chaos James after activating Super Transformation and absorbing the power of the seven Chaos Emeralds.

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Hyper Chaos Form: Toa Chaos James after initiating Hyper Transformation, and absorbing the power of the seven Super Emeralds. His weapon splits and becomes a pair of Chaos Tornado Tonfa

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Infinite Chaos Form: When the seven Super Emeralds fused and formed the Infinity Emerald, Toa Chaos James gained a new form. In this new form, he wields a Chaos Lightning Blade, Similar to a Chaos Air Saber, except with a lightning bolt shaped blade (note: the model uses the Chaos Air Saber, due to difficulty building a lightning bolt). His flight pack has also transformed into wings, and his armor has burst into green flames.

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Infinite Beast Form: Unknown

Chaos Knight Form: Unknown

Infinite Dragon Form: Unknown

Final Chaos Form: Unknown

Awards I give

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The Toa Chaos James Award
This award has been presented to Konguchaos for earning the respect of the Toa Chaos. You may now consider yourself an honorary member.

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