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BS01 Status active
Usual Online Time differs
BZP Name Mata Prime
BZP Status active
Online Jobs human
Age 14
Gender male
Height not short
Nationality Australia
Character(s) kopaka
Set(s) manas
Color(s) green
Food(s) chinese
Type of show Anime
Favorite anime Poke'mon
mnl animeisthebest
TotT Turaga.PNG I'd like to thank the BS01 Staff for, well, everything. Thanks, guys!


I like Reading,Writing.Drawing,"Spriting" and ,of course, Bionicle.I love Anime,lego and Pokemon also.My favorite color Is Blue,My favorite food is chinese and i live in Australia.I was introduced into Bionicle through my cousin in 2003 .I Love the sets and own many of them,But the thing that captivated me about Bionicle was the lore and the detail into the story

Bionicle Influenced my writing skills highly,it made me pay attention to the detail i put into my storys,and my collection of Bionicle books easily outwieghs many of the book collections I have.But my fondest Memory of Bionicle has to be the first time i ever played MNOG,It was what made me want to find out more about this world and its inhabitants.

bionicle cuStom wiki account: multitaskingoctopus

bionicle likes

My favorite element is ice

Comic Kopaka.PNG

air does come in a close second and third is stone

kopaka is my my favorite bionicle and my favorite mask is the Pakari

Pakari Onua.png

fav quotes

-"But I know the Makuta is here now, in these burnt trees, and in the dead soil. All of these things were destroyed by the Makuta, but he never left them. That is how he becomes strong. That is what the Makuta does. He destroys things."

— Kapura, Mata Nui Online Game

"I'm sorry. I don't know what's gotten into me. Oh, that's right, some kind of monster!" — Matau, Web of Shadows "

-"Onepu is my best friend in all of Onu-Koro. He is very smart and knows a lot about Ussal Crab racing and fighting Rahi. He is supposed to be digging, too, but he showed me how I can do both our digging at the same time. That's how smart he is!"

— Taipu, Mata Nui Online Game

-"Right. I can tell from the bat wings and the leeches that you three are just all happy-smiles and rainbows."

— Lewa to Antroz, Vamprah and Chirox, Realm of Fear


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