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Timeline Proposals

Since I've never been the best with describing or explaining, but better with demonstrating, here are my proposed Timeline pages. Below you'll find two pages, one representing history before the anchor point of the Coming of the Toa and one representing history following it (BCT and ACT if you will). The grey font represents Spherus Magna/Bara Magna history and can either be kept on the same page in this font or split onto its own page. As such, the below timelines can either be presented on as few as one or as many as four different pages.

The broader era titles are, of course, working titles just meant to break up the monolithic pre-Great Cataclysm timeline.

First Half: Before the Coming of the Toa

The following timeline presents events as they happened relative to Takua's adventure to summon the Toa to the island of Mata Nui.

Pre-Shattering: The Time Before Time

265,000+ Years Ago

  • On the planet of Spherus Magna, the Great Beings are the rulers of the highly advanced warrior and Agori civilizations, operating out of the Valley of the Maze.[1]
  • A being called Annona tries to drive the Great Beings into madness, but ends up inspiring them to create. Annona is forced deep underground.[2]

265,000 Years Ago

  • Lein, an Agori of the Jungle Tribe establishes the first trading post in the Great Jungle and becomes highly successful. The location where he established a port, a ford in the river, is named Lein's Drift after him.[3] He later dies of natural causes.[4]

150,000 Years Ago

  • The Great Beings create a giant prototype robot but the project fails because its power source is too unstable.[5] Pieces of the giant robot litter the Great Barren.[6]

103,000 Years Ago

  • The Iron Tribe is decimated by a plague, caused by Annona. The lack of being able to dream consequently drives them mad.
  • The leader of the tribe pleads for assistance from the other tribes, but receives none.
  • The survivors, which include the Agori Sahmad and the warrior Telluris, are ostracized by the other tribes for fear of infection, blaming the plague on the Iron Tribe's reverence of the Skopio.
  • Telluris proposes to change their armor color to orange to try and become accepted in society, though the effort fails.[7]

Sometime between 103,000 Years Ago and 100,200 Years Ago

  • To assist them in governing the civilizations of Spherus Magna, the Great Beings endow seven of the warrior class with Elemental Powers, creating the Element Lords. These powerful beings acquire control of the various tribes on the planet.
The Element Lords
  • Energized Protodermis is discovered underground by the Earth Tribe. The Element Lord of Earth decides to wait for the substance to leak onto the surface of Spherus Magna, believing that it would lead the other tribes to war and planning to swoop in when they were weakened so she could claim it for herself.[8]
  • Energized Protodermis eventually leaks from the core of Spherus Magna to the surface. It is discovered by two Agori of the Ice Tribe who also accidentally discover its unique and powerful properties.
  • The Earth Tribe subtly encourages the Ice Tribe to keep Energized Protodermis for themselves.[8]
  • The Element Lords expect that it will be shared evenly among the tribes. Instead, as a consequence of the Earth Tribe's influence, the Element Lord of Ice builds walls around the spring, sparking old enmities between the leaders.
  • Conscripting members of the warrior class of Spherus Magna, the Element Lords engage in open warfare over possession of the substance. The Great Beings attempt in vain to negotiate with the Element Lords to stop the war, dubbed the Core War.[1]
  • The Great Beings begin creation of the Great Spirit Robot. They design it using the templates of their old failed prototype, but using an alternative power source.[9]

Sometime between 103,000 Years Ago and 100,000 Years Ago

  • The Skrall are eventually drawn into the conflict by the Element Lord of Rock, and fight led by members of their leader class.[10]
  • The Earth Tribe remains neutral to the war, claiming to fear its destructive outcome while secretly undermining any attempt to end the conflict.[8]
  • Previously created by the Great Beings, the Iron Wolves are used in battle and trained by Surel of the Ice Tribe.[11]
  • During a major battle in the Forest of Blades, a number of soldiers are merged within the trees by the power of the Element Lord of Jungle.[12]
  • Vastus commands the Jungle Tribe and leads multiple sabotage operations that are successful. However an accident causes an avalanche during one mission that kills a large number of civilian Agori.
  • Gelu and Surel defect from the Ice Tribe after becoming disillusioned by the war. Surel however finds himself in another battle in the White Quartz Mountains and is later assumed dead for many years.[13][14]
  • Forces of the Jungle Tribe fight against and are wiped out by a Rock Tribe patrol lead by Stronius.[15]
  • Raanu and Kyry are sent by the Great Beings to get a sample of Energized Protodermis.
  • Receiving and studying the sample of the Energized Protodermis, the Great Beings realize that the properties of the substance could destroy the planet if tapped into directly.[1]
  • The Great Beings create the Baterra, a class of violent, mechanical assassins designed to kill any being they find carrying a weapon, in an attempt to bring the Core War to an end.[1]
  • Certavus and an Ice Tribe force defeat several Sand Tribe fighters, but are ambushed by Skrall.
  • Tarix leads a Water Tribe force to take advance of the ambush, and form a temporary alliance with a Jungle Tribe squad led by Vastus.
  • The combined forces search for supposed Ice Tribe tunnels, and hide at the entrance when Malum and a Fire Tribe army enters the area.
  • Vastus frames Tarix for attacking Malum, drawing Tarix and Malum's forces into a battle. Certavus's squad ends the battle, and all three squads disperse.[16]
  • The Water Tribe and Fire Tribe, lead by Tarix and Ackar, clash in the Great Jungle at the Field of Mist.
  • Tarix leads the charge at a battle fought at Lein's Drift.
  • Perditus discovers plans for the Thornatus V9. He creates it, and several replica Thornatus are made.[13]
Construction of the Great Spirit Robot

100,000+ Years Ago

  • An Av-Matoran named Takua, inspired by the Agori of Spherus Magna, is created by the Great Beings - the first accomplishment in their mission to create the Matoran Universe.[17][18]
  • The Great Beings perfect the Matoran design. The foundation of the Matoran Universe is completed and Matoran are set to work constructing the interior.
  • The powerful being Tren Krom is created to power the universe.[19]
The Matoran Universe
  • The Great Beings create the Red Star as a booster jet for the Matoran Universe.
  • Several Kestora are placed inside the Red Star.
  • The Great Beings create Karzahni and his brother, Artakha.
  • Artakha and Karzahni oversee the construction of their realms.[20]
  • The Great Beings create Krana and, accidentally, Zyglak, from the remains of Matoran creation process.
  • The Hand of Artakha is formed to protect the Matoran and operates for roughly two hundred years.
  • Helryx, the first Toa, comes into being and assists in initial construction of the city of Metru Nui.
  • The Great Beings create the first Rahi, sea creatures of tremendous size,[21] and later, the first smaller Rahi, later dubbed the Pit War Tortoise.[citation needed]
  • The Bahrag, queens of the Bohrok swarms, the first Bohrok, and the Bohrok Va are brought into being.[21]
  • The creation and colonization of most islands and continents is completed.
  • The Kanohi Ignika is forged in the fortress of the Valley of the Maze.
  • The Great Spirit Mata Nui is brought to life to control the Matoran Universe.
  • Tren Krom is moved from Karda Nui to a remote island; Mata Nui is placed in full control of the Matoran Universe.[19]
  • Two Great Beings secretly pass by the Matoran and build a tunnel in the center of the Southern Continent, near the village of Voya Nui. Once finished, the two place the Ignika on its pedestal. The two then depart the chamber and leave the continent.[21][22]
  • Umbra is placed to guard the Ignika.[23]
  • The transfer of Matoran to Artakha and Karzahni begins. The Matoran believe that if they work well, they will be brought to Artakha, while the lazy or damaged are sent to the realm ruled by Karzahni to be repaired. However, Karzahni does not do a very good job and gives the Matoran weapons to compensate; he sends some of these Matoran to the Southern Continent because he is afraid to let anyone see his work.[24][25]
  • Orde is created as the first Toa of Psionics and is sent to calm down the hateful Zyglak. Orde loses his patience and drives the Zyglak to greater levels of hatred.[26] Because of this, all future Toa and Matoran of Psionics are created as female.[26]

100,000 Years Ago

  • Days before the conclusion of the war, Ackar participates in the deadly Battle of Iron Canyon, in which armies hide and seek each other out in the dangerous terrain near Vulcanus.[27]
  • Stronius leads a strong assault against the Ice Tribe and the spring, weakening their defenses. However, this allows the Fire Tribe direct access to the spring.[13]
  • The Fire Tribe finally manages to gain control of the Energized Protodermis spring, and quickly and imprudently begin draining it, causing structural damage to the planet. They ignore the warnings of Raanu, who tries to stop them.
  • The Great Beings create Marendar and place it in a vault beneath Bara Magna.[28][29]
The Toa Mata
  • Metru Nui is founded by the Great Beings, who place the Scroll of Preparations inside the Great Temple.[30][31]
  • Mata Nui creates several sapient species to populate the Matoran Universe, including the Makuta species.[21]
  • The Toa Cordak, the first Toa Team, consisting of eight members and led by Lesovikk, is formed.[21]
  • The Hand of Artakha is disbanded due to lack of discipline among its members and unorthodox exactness of justice. To replace it, Toa Helryx founds the Order of Mata Nui.[32]
  • Within only days of the founding of the Order, the Brotherhood of Makuta, led by Makuta Miserix, is formed by Mata Nui, with the purpose of creating and modifying beings as needed and maintaining order in the universe.[32][33][34]
  • The Toa Mata come into being on Artakha, awakened on Daxia, and trained in combat by Hydraxon.[21][35]
  • The first Toa Canisters are built by Matoran.[21]
  • The Av-Matoran are tasked with the preparation of Karda Nui for the Great Spirit's awakening.
  • The Toa Mata go to Karda Nui to protect the Av-Matoran from the Avohkah, byproducts of the Matoran's labors.
  • In preparation of the Great Spirit's awakening, the Av-Matoran depart Karda Nui, and the Toa Mata travel inside the Codrex to enter their Toa Canisters.
  • The Great Spirit Mata Nui awakens for the first time and the Energy Storms commence in Karda Nui.
  • Makuta create the Zivon, which is placed in the Field of Shadows for unknown reasons.
  • Zyglak kill all the Toa Cordak except for Lesovikk.
  • When construction of the Matoran Universe is complete, Mata Nui leaves Spherus Magna and begins his mission.[1]
  • Velika, a Great Being, poses as a Matoran Universe inhabitant, and enters Mata Nui as he departs Spherus Magna.[36][37]
  • Spherus Magna suffers from the Shattering, creating the new planets of Bara Magna, Aqua Magna and Bota Magna.[1]
  • The Element Lords, military leaders of the Core War, are trapped on Bara Magna, as are villagers and warriors from every tribe. The Rock, Sand, Water, Fire, and Ice tribes are most prominent and settle into villages, while the Iron and Earth remnants live as exiles.
  • Sahmad is left stranded on Bara Magna, where he takes up residence in the wilderness, all the while developing an increasing hatred for other Agori. He acquires a Baranus chariot and tames a Spikit, using them to travel around the Wastelands. Annona is also stranded on Bara Magna, and hides from fear of the Great Beings
  • The warriors and Agori of the Sand Tribe begin to devolve into primitive savages as a reaction to the disaster.
  • Metus begins to sell Exsidian, and is such a good salesman that people skirmish over who should buy his goods
  • Tarix, Certavus, Ackar and Vastus create the Glatorian system of arena battles as a means of resolving disputes between tribes over the Exsidian.
  • Tarix convinces the Glatorian to join the system, while Ackar works on convincing the Agori.

Era Before the Barraki Rebellion

95,000+ Years Ago

  • Makuta Mutran, Makuta Icarax, and Pridak are sent by Makuta Miserix on a diplomatic mission to Xia to negotiate lower prices for their goods, on behalf of the Brotherhood of Makuta. They continue for several days until Icarax loses his temper and destroys several buildings. The Vortixx agree to lower their prices.[33]
  • Mutran accidentally leaves his pet project, a sentient rock, in the center of Xia. This rock will later become The Mountain.[33]

95,000 Years Ago

  • Mata Nui creates the six Barraki, who begin to conquer the majority of the Matoran Universe.[21]

94,000 Years Ago

90,000 Years Ago

The Shadowed One, co-founder of the Dark Hunters
  • Together, the Shadowed One and Ancient travel in search of a base of operations for their new organization. They discover Odina, forcibly displace its native inhabitants, and establish the Dark Hunter fortress.[40]

87,000 Years Ago

  • The Barraki meet with Makuta Miserix and other members of the Brotherhood of Makuta in a Barraki tower.
  • The League of Six Kingdoms forcefully enlists the Brotherhood to produce Rahi for their campaign of conquest, threatening to launch an attack on the Brotherhood if it does not cooperate.
  • Miserix agrees to cooperate with the League but orders Makuta Teridax to monitor the Barraki's actions.
  • The League forms a trade pact with Metru Nui in exchange for the city's freedom and exemption from the League's campaign of conquest.[31]

Between 95,000 and 80,000 Years Ago

80,000+ Years Ago

  • The Matoran Gaardus is taken by a group of rogue Nynrah Ghosts and mutated.[42]
  • Gaardus escapes, and begins hunting down his captors.
  • After killing his captors, Gaardus remains in the village because of the Red Star.
  • The Red Star's return function breaks down, trapping all future revived beings in the star, and the Kestora come to blame Gaardus for its malfunction.

80,000 Years Ago

  • The League of Six Kingdoms plots to overthrow Mata Nui. Barraki Takadox, doubtful of the League's chances of success, betrays the organization's treachery to the Brotherhood of Makuta.[43] The Brotherhood launches a surprise preemptive assault on the main Barraki fortress, catching the Barraki by surprise as they plot to capture Metru Nui. The League's army is defeated by the Brotherhood's army and the Barraki are captured, which causes the trade agreement with Metru Nui to be nullified.[31]
  • Inspired by the Barraki, Teridax begins plotting to overthrow Mata Nui himself by working on a Virus that gradually causes him to lose consciousness.[44][45]
  • Makuta Gorast and Makuta Mutran are dispatched to the remains of Barraki Kalmah's fortress in the northwestern reaches of the League's territory. There, Mutran discovers a map detailing the tunnels of the Blade Burrowers Rahi he created for the League.[46]
  • Jovan’s Toa team is formed.[47]

The Great Disruption

79,500 Years Ago

79,100 Years Ago

  • To end the war, Teridax seals large portions of the two armies in the Archives and unleashes the dangerous Rahi exhibits on them, in what would later be called the Archives Massacre.
  • The Matoran Civil War ends with the Makuta intervening, and the war leaders are banished to the Pit.[31][48]
  • Makuta Miserix assigns each Makuta a region of the Matoran Universe to supervise,[49] awarding the "prize" of Metru Nui to Teridax.
  • The Order of Mata Nui places agents in Metru Nui to head off future problems.[31]
  • The Kanohi Ignika is removed from the Chamber of Life by Toa Jovan and his team. One member of the team activates the mask and restores the Great Spirit's health, but dies in the process. Afterwards, the team returns the mask to the Chamber of Life, fearful of its immense power.
  • Toa Jovan, having achieved his destiny, becomes the Turaga of the Voya Nui region of the Southern Continent.
  • Miserix sends Makuta Mutran on a mission to find Tren Krom, a being of great power, to learn of his intentions and to assess if he posed a threat to the Matoran Universe.
  • Mutran locates Tren Krom's island and the powerful being almost kills him, but instead shares his thoughts with the Makuta. Mutran awakens with incredible knowledge, particularly concerning a plan that Teridax had formed.
  • Mutran shares his knowledge with Teridax, who immediately calls a Convocation of the Makuta on Destral, where he explains the details of his plan.
  • Miserix discerns that Teridax is attempting to usurp his position as leader of the Brotherhood and attempts to stop him, but he is overpowered by his lieutenant and abandoned by the other Makuta.
  • By the will of the Convocation, Teridax becomes the new leader of the Brotherhood and begins enacting his master plan.
  • Teridax orders Miserix's execution at the hands of Makuta Spiriah and Krika. Unbeknownst to him, Krika disobeys this command and traps the Makuta on the island of Artidax instead. Over the course of a year, Gorast and Icarax kill all the Makuta who originally sided with Miserix during the Convocation.

79,000 Years Ago

  • A golden age of peace and prosperity begins for Metru Nui.[31]

70,000+ Years Ago

  • The Brotherhood of Makuta starts sending servants around the universe to collect Toa that would form teams named Toa Hagah to act as guards for some Makuta.[50] Some of them are formed at different times.[51]
  • Spiriah's Toa Hagah team is formed.[52]

Authority of the Brotherhood

75,000 Years Ago

  • Makuta Spiriah begins tampering with the native Skakdi population of Zakaz, his assigned region. He leaves a squadron of Visorak on Zakaz to monitor them after he departs.[53]
  • After the Makuta's departure, the Skakdi revolt against the Visorak and begin an island-wide civil war.[53]
  • The Brotherhood of Makuta places the island of Zakaz under quarantine and designates Spiriah as a rogue agent.[54]
  • Following his failed experiment, Spiriah goes into hiding.[55]

60,000 Years Ago

  • The Great Spirit brings about the Time Slip, a six-month period which no one in the universe (except members of the Order of Mata Nui) can recall and of which no historical records exist.[31]
  • The Order of Mata Nui relocates several Av-Matoran from their homeland to various locations in the Matoran Universe.[56] The Av-Matoran Takua is disguised as a Ta-Matoran and placed in Metru Nui.

30,000-50,000 Years Ago

  • The Makuta complete their evolution from biomechanical lifeforms into beings of energy.[57][58] The Nynrah Ghosts are called in to modify the Makuta's armor.

20,000 Years Ago

  • Certavus, Prime Glatorian of Iconox, passes away from natural causes.[59] Strakk becomes the prime Glatorian of Iconox.

The Career and Reign of Dume

17,500 Years Ago

15,000 Years Ago

  • After achieving his destiny, Dume is named Turaga of Metru Nui.[31]

10,000 Years Ago

7,005 Years Ago

7,000+ Years Ago

7,000 Years Ago

  • The Skakdi thieves Hakann and Vezok steal the Makoki Stone from the Toa Fortress, but are captured by Ancient, who was also trying to steal the stone, and are recruited into the Dark Hunters.[63][64]
  • Due to being defeated by Gladiator, Sidorak fails his recruitment into the Dark Hunters but is recruited into the Brotherhood of Makuta.[65][66]

5,000 Years Ago

  • The Skakdi Dark Hunters Zaktan, Hakann, Vezok, Thok, and Reidak plan to overthrow the Shadowed One, but he discovers their treachery. The Shadowed One attempts to execute Zaktan with his disintegrator eyebeams, but Zaktan is instead split into millions of Protodites.[67]

4,000-15,000 Years Ago

A group of Vahki
  • The Kralhi model is invented by the Onu-Matoran Nuparu to enforce order in Metru Nui, but are soon retired because they are too powerful. They refuse to be shut down - some hide in the Archives, while others leave Metru Nui.
  • The Vahki are invented to replace the Kralhi.[68][69]
  • The Chute system of travel is invented by the Le-Matoran of Metru Nui.[68][70]

The Toa-Dark Hunter Conflict

4,000 Years Ago

  • In an attempt to take over Metru Nui, The Shadowed One sends Reidak, Avak, and Vezok to the city to awaken the hibernating Kanohi Dragon, which settles in the Great Furnace.[31][71] Vahki are sent to bring Toa to the city.
  • Vezok, Reidak, and Avak try forcefully to convince Turaga Dume to allow a Dark Hunter base to be established in Metru Nui, but he refuses.
  • The Toa Mangai arrive and force Reidak, Avak, and Vezok out of Metru Nui.
  • The Kanohi Dragon is defeated by the Toa Mangai. Toa Nidhiki attempts unsuccessfully to kill the dragon.
  • Kanohi Dragon is brought to Xia, where Roodaka takes the creature.

3,000-4,000 Years Ago

  • The Shadowed One repeatedly attempts, unsuccessfully, to either take control of the city or establish a Dark Hunter base.
  • The Skakdi Dark Hunter Thok attempts unsuccessfully to kidnap Turaga Dume.

3,500 Years Ago

  • Toa Mangai Tuyet murders Matoran to draw the attention of the Toa Mangai to the Dark Hunters seeking her Nui Stone, but Lhikan and Nidhiki quickly realize the true perpetrator of the murders. They defeat Tuyet and imprison her, but she is later teleported away by Botar. The Order takes her to a pocket dimension to study her Nui Stone and an alternate Tuyet is placed in the Pit as a decoy. [72]

Less than 3,500 Years Ago

3,000 Years Ago

  • The Toa-Dark Hunter War begins and ends with Nidhiki's betrayal six months later.[31][74][66]
  • Tyrant allies with the Dark Hunters, but tries to undermine The Shadowed One, causing them to betray him to the Toa.[75] Tyrant is lost beneath the Silver Sea, but not before vowing revenge on The Shadowed One.
  • Hakann offers the Makoki stone to Lhikan in exchange for their freedom, if the Toa win, which he accepts.[76]

2,999 Years Ago

  • Six months after the Toa-Dark Hunter War ended, the Dark Hunters steal back the Makoki stone, break it up into six pieces, and sell it to the Brotherhood of Makuta.[76]
  • Nidhiki is paired with Krekka in stealing three prototypes of the recently-rediscovered Zamor launchers from a Matoran client of Xia.[74] Nidhiki wants to take only one to The Shadowed One, but Krekka forces him to deliver all three. Their mission is discovered by a Toa on the island.
  • Because of their involvement with the theft, the Dark Hunters are forbidden entry on Xia for awhile.
Nidhiki after being mutated
  • Roodaka arrives at the Dark Hunter base asking for training, but is initially denied because she does not want to join the organization. Nidhiki asks Roodaka to help him off the island. Roodaka agrees to meet him midnight that night.
  • Roodaka informs the Shadowed One of Nidhiki's treachery. The Shadowed One agrees to allow Roodaka training in exchange for mutating Nidhiki.
  • That night, Roodaka mutates Nidhiki into an insectoid monster using her Rhotuka spinner, ensuring his continued loyalty to the Dark Hunters.

Twilight in the Matoran Universe

2,900 Years Ago

  • Roodaka is employed by the Brotherhood of Makuta.[77]

2,500 Years Ago

  • Makuta Kojol leads a raid composed of Visorak, Rahkshi, and even Exo-Toa to steal the Kanohi Avohkii from the realm of Artakha.[78]
  • The Brotherhood of Makuta appoint Seeker and others to guard the Avohkii in the Destral Fortress.[79]
  • At Artakha's request, the Order of Mata Nui hunts down and kills all who know of Artakha's location, including Makuta Kojol, also destroying any records of the island's location.

2,000 Years Ago

  • After 1,500 years of interrogation, Toa Tuyet persuades one of her guards to fake her death. Using technology from the pocket dimension in which she was imprisoned, Tuyet embarks upon an inter-dimensional voyage that spans the next 2,000 years.

1,300+ Years Ago

  • The Makuta order the creation of a Fohrok army by the Nynrah Ghosts to imitate Bohrok swarms for the Makuta's army.[80]
  • Realizing why the Makuta want the Fohrok, the Nynrah Ghosts sabotage the machines,[80] and are executed by the Brotherhood.[81]
  • The Fohrok go on a rampage and are stopped by Teridax's Toa Hagah.[82]
  • Teridax's Toa Hagah team is formed.[83]

1,300 Years Ago

  • The Toa Hagah assigned to Makuta Teridax learn of the Brotherhood of Makuta's theft of the Kanohi Avohkii and launch a Raid on the Destral Fortress, defeating Teridax and successfully stealing back both the Mask of Light and the Makoki Stones.[78]
  • After realizing the Toa Hagah had discovered his deception, Teridax strikes at Mata Nui, successfully infecting him with the virus.[84]
  • Toa Hagah Gaaki, Pouks, Bomonga and Kualus are captured. The remaining two Toa Hagah, Norik and Iruini, storm their fellow Toa's prison.
  • Norik and Iruini find the remaining four, who have been mutated into bizarre, shrunken creatures with Rahkshi heads.
  • Norik and Iruini are trapped by Roodaka and mutated into the same form as the other four former Toa Hagah, whom Roodaka names Rahaga (a pun on the words Hagah and Rahkshi). Roodaka calls off Visorak pursuit, believing that the Rahaga have been subjected to a living death as outcasts and ignorant of the fact that they stole the Avohkii and Makoki Stones.[31]
  • The Brotherhood of Makuta orders the Dark Hunter guards responsible for the Avohkii's protection to be executed. The Shadowed One strongly disagrees, and calls off the execution.
  • Sidorak claims credit for the idea behind Toa Hagah's mutation; as a result, he is named king of Visorak horde, with Roodaka as his viceroy.
  • The Visorak launch the first attacks on inhabited islands, eliminating the population of Keetongu's homeland.

1,001-3,000 Years Ago

  • Several marine Rahi of massive size arrive on Metru Nui. Turaga Dume commissions a clandestine study of them, led by Archivists Mavrah, Whenua and Onepu.
  • The Rahi get out of hand and destroy large portions of the Archives. Dume orders the studies to cease, but Mavrah and the Rahi disappear shortly before the Vahki arrive to drive them away.
  • Mavrah and the Rahi occupy one of the tunnels beyond the Great Barrier of Metru Nui.
  • The Brotherhood of Makuta begins discreetly exterminating Toa of Iron and Magnetism, due to the threat they pose to the Makuta's new armor.

1,050-1,300 Years Ago

  • The Rahaga visit lands ruined by the Visorak in search of Keetongu, who can reverse the effects of Hordika Venom.

1,050 Years Ago

  • The Rahaga take refuge in the Onu-Metru Archives, where they hide the Kanohi Avohkii.[31]

The Great Cataclysm

1,000 Years Ago

  • Teridax arrives in Metru Nui 18 months before the Great Cataclysm, along with Nivawk, and poses as Turaga Dume.[85][86]
A Morbuzakh plant vine
  • Teridax places the Morbuzakh plant in the Great Furnace, where it wreaks havoc on Metru Nui. Many Matoran are abducted by the monstrous plant.
  • After the disappearance of his teammates and the appearance of Nidhiki, Lhikan grows suspicious about "Turaga Dume." He retrieves delivers six Toa Stones imbued with his Toa Power to six Matoran chosen by Mata Nui. He is then kidnapped by the Dark Hunters. Under the guise of Dume, Teridax announces his disappearance.
  • The six Matoran go to the Great Temple and are transformed into the Toa Metru. Guided by Vakama's visions, they seek out the Matoran who have discovered the hiding spots of the Great Disks. This allows them to find the Great Disks and defeat the Morbuzakh.
  • On their way to the Coliseum, the Toa Metru are sidetracked when they recieve word that the Archives are on the verge of flooding. Travelling to the source of the leak, they encounter and defeat the Krahka.
  • The Toa Metru go to the Coliseum, and show Turaga Dume the Great Disks, but are labeled imposters by Makuta, who poses as Dume. Whenua, Nuju and Onewa are captured by the Vahki and Vakama, Nokama and Matau escape, going on a rescue to find their jailed brothers and Toa Lhikan.
  • On their way, Vakama, Nokama, and Matau face clashes with Vahki, Dark Hunters, and the Tahtorak, whom they had awakened during their fight with Krahka. They eventually reach Po-Metru and ally with Kikanalo as Vakama begins tinkering with the Great Disks. They eventually arrive at the Prison of the Dark Hunters.
  • In their prison, Onewa and his two companions meet a mysterious Turaga who teaches them lessons on patience and guides them to using their mask powers which enable them to escape.
  • The six Toa reunite in the tunnels and realize that the Turaga is actually Lhikan. Vakama is told by Lhikan that they must save the Matoran, not him. They find Turaga Dume locked in a stasis pod, but are chased by Vahki and Lohrak back to the surface.
  • Teridax, disguised as Turaga Dume, tells all Matoran to report to the Coliseum. Under the direction of the Vahki, the Matoran are subdued and put to sleep in stasis pods.
  • The Toa arrive at the Coliseum, but are too late to save the Matoran. They load six Matoran pods onto the Vahki Transport they are using.
  • The false Dume reveals his true identity as Makuta Teridax. Teridax absorbs the power of the Coliseum, transforming himself into a shadowy vortex in the process. This sudden drain causes a backfiring of electricity into the Vahki hives, either destroying the Vahki or changing their programming.
  • The Toa Metru flee the city as the Great Cataclysm begins.
  • The Great Spirit Mata Nui crashes on Aqua Magna, plunging into a deep sleep. The resulting quake has repercussions all over the universe.
  • Karda Nui explodes with energy, and Voya Nui is jetisoned from the Southern Continent and outside of Mata Nui's body, landing on the sea of Aqua Magna. Turaga Jovan and many Matoran are killed.
  • The dome containing the Pit shatters and Voya Nui breaches the surface of Aqua Magna, settling north of its prior location.[87] The prisoners escape, but Hydraxon and Tuyet are among the casualties killed in the chaos. The surviving prisoners escape into the sea of Aqua Magna, but are mutated by the radioactive energy leaking from Karda Nui.
  • In Karda Nui, the Energy Storms stop even as the stalactites supporting the Av-Matoran villages break from the roof, carrying the Matoran with them. Water begins to fall from the hole left by Voya Nui.
  • After warding off the Dark Hunters, Toa Metru escape on the Silver Sea. Vakama makes the Vahi from the six Great Disks. The realization of the mask's power brings another vision on him, and he sees a hole in the Great Barrier through which the Toa must sail. The Toa Metru face off against Makuta on the Great Barrier, and although the Vahi is lost beneath the sea, Makuta is sealed in protodermis when the Toa combine their powers.
  • The Toa Metru travel through the tunnels of the Great Barrier. After a run-in with Mavrah, his Rahi, the Kralhi, and some Vahki, The team then finds their way on the surface of Aqua Magna and discovers the island of Mata Nui.

The Great Rescue

1,000 Years Ago

  • The Toa Metru explore Mata Nui and choose secured locations for future villages. They each pour a small amount of Toa Power into six stones, as a precaution that, should they fail the mission, others may be able to follow through with it. The stones are hidden throughout the Island.
  • Because the tunnel they arrived through has been blocked off, the team descends through a cavern Onewa has found hoping it will lead to Metru Nui. They find a Bohrok Nest inside and a small Energized Protodermis pool and discuss its effects. On their descent, they encounter numerous Rahi, who are either experiments of Makuta's or regular Rahi fleeing the Visorak. After facing off against many of these, including the Rahi Nui, the Energized Protodermis Entity, and the Karzahni Plant, they arrive back at the Great Barrier.
  • The Visorak hordes, lead by Sidorak and Roodaka, are summoned by Teridax and invade Metru Nui.
  • Six canisters fall from the sky, landing in the sea around Mata Nui.
Le-Metru in its ruined state
  • The Toa return to the city and make their way through Le-Metru as they marvel at the distruction and abundance of spider webs. They quickly realize that the Visorak Horde has overrun the city in their absence, but before they can storm the Coliseum and save the Matoran, they are captured.
  • Roodaka convinces Sidorak that mutating and dropping the Toa Metru instead of just killing them will add to his glory. They are mutated into Toa Hordika, who are dropped off the Coliseum to a sure death, but are rescued by the Rahaga and are taken to their camp in Ga-Metru.
  • The Toa, now mutated into Toa Hordika, awaken to the Rahaga who explain their mutations and tell them that they can only be cured by Keetongu. The Toa decide to prioritize saving the Matoran over healing themselves.
  • Onewa, Vakama, and Norik arrive in Po-Metru. Roporak are attacking Kikanalo, and Vakama angrily charges in at them.
  • After defeating the Roporak, Norik tells Vakama that they must seek Keetongu, which reminds Vakama of Turaga Dume, whom they'd been forced to abandon earlier. The Toa Hordika assemble and make their way to Dume's sphere, but realize that it had malfunctioned and he has escaped. Dume goes into hiding while the six Hordika return to the surface.
  • Vakama seeks out Norik and Gaaki in Ta-Metru and saves them from the Visorak that have trapped them. The Rahaga inform Vakama that the Visorak were after the Mask of Light and the Makoki Stone which they had brought to Metru Nui and hidden. Vakama and the other Toa hunt down and recover the Makoki Stones, before arriving at the Great Temple to retrieve the Avohkii. Despite attacks by the Visorak, they are successful.
  • In the Coliseum, Sidorak smashes a Great Huna as he expresses regret for letting Roodaka enact her experiments, calling the Rahaga and Hordika a plague.
  • The Toa Hordika act on Matau's idea and seek out parts to make an Airship. However, no sooner do they find these than they are summoned to Le-Metru when the Visorak ambush and trap Matau and Iruini. The battle continues to snowball as Sidorak, the Zivon, the Tahtorak, and Krahka are all pulled into the fray, but the Toa Hordika are eventually successful in defeating the Visorak.
  • Gaaki and Nokama are swimming in Ga-Metru, and Nokama accidentally creates a massive thunderstorm.
  • Kualus and Nuju are driven into the Archives by Oohnorak and Kahgarak. They and Bomonga and Whenua are driven deep underground by the Visorak, but Whenua goes feral and unleashes his powers, causing the room to cave in, knocking them unconscious. Vakama and Onewa eventually recover them.
  • Matau and Nokama evade Visorak attacks as they scout the Coliseum. They stow away under a Visorak Battle Ram and are nearly incinerated before Matau creates a cyclone that blows the ram to the other Hordika. Only he and Nokama survive. The group camps and plans for a decisive final strike.
The Hordika
  • Vakama storms away from the others and is captured by Visorak and brought to Roodaka. She offers him a position as the new commander of the Visorak and possibly King he realizes this is what he needs and so he joins the Visorak.
  • The other Hordika and Rahaga go to the Great Temple for information about Keetongu, but Vakama attacks the Rahaga and kidnaps them from under their nose. Vakama brings the captured Rahaga to Sidorak, and is accepted as general of the Visorak.
  • Norik tells the Hordika of what he translated, and make their way to Keetongu. Keetongu agrees to help them because they are devoted to the Three Virtues.
  • The five Toa break in the Coliseum and a battle ensues. Norik frees the other Rahaga, Matau convinces Vakama to rejoin the others, and when Sidorak and Roodaka fight Keetongu, Roodaka abandons Sidorak to die.
  • Despite being surrounded by Visorak, the six Hordika are united and attack Roodaka's heartstone, which has been carved from Teridax's prison. The elemental discharge unlocks Teridax, and Teridax teleports her from certain doom.
  • The Toa Hordika are transformed by Keetongu back to Toa Metru. They leave in six giant Airships with the Matoran and head to Mata Nui. The Rahaga and Keetongu begin to rebuild the city.
  • Vakama returns to recover the Vahi, but faces off in a three-way battle against Teridax and The Shadowed One over it. The Shadowed One has arrived in Metru Nui to punish Vakama for the deaths of Nidhiki and Krekka, but quickly realizes it was Makuta's fault. He declares war on the Brotherhood of Makuta sparking the Dark Hunter-Brotherhood of Makuta War.
  • When Vakama threatens to destroy the Vahi and undo Makuta's Plan, Teridax agrees to leave the Matoran alone for one year on Mata Nui. Vakama is teleported to the island where he tells the Toa they were meant to be Toa.
  • The Toa Metru hide the Avohkii and other Great Kanohi, as well as the Makoki Stones, all over Mata Nui. They then give up Toa Power to awaken the Matoran, and transform into Turaga.

The Dark Times

1,000 Years Ago

The Makuta Stone, used to represent The Makuta
  • Matoran on Mata Nui enjoy one year of peace.[88] Villages built, construction of Kini-Nui completed.[citation needed]
  • Icarax, discontent with Teridax's plan and rule, plots an invasion of Metru Nui and from there a full-scale conquest.
  • Icarax puts his plan into action and attacks the Northern Continent. Teridax confronts and defeats Icarax, putting a stop to the conquest.[89]

999 Years Ago

900 Years Ago

  • Matoran of Voya Nui build the small city of Mahri Nui on a newly formed portion of their island.[92]

500 Years Ago

300 Years Ago

  • Land upon which Mahri Nui sits breaks off of Voya Nui and sinks into the ocean. All are believed lost in the disaster.[96]
    Mahri Nui
  • Mahri Nui lands on top of the Barraki's underwater fortress, destroying it.[97][98] The impact releases air bubbles from fields of Airweed, enabling the Mahri Nui Matoran to survive underwater.[99] Mutagens in water cause Mahri Nui Matoran to grow larger and stronger, but also damage many of their weapons.[citation needed]
  • Matoran villagers begin developing an air bubble system from bubbles created from the fall to protect them from drowning and further mutating.[99] The Hydruka are found and tamed their ability of harvesting air from seaweed is discovered.[100]
  • The Matoran gradually forget their life on the surface due to trauma and accept the new style of life.[96][101] Mahri Nui's Council is formed.[102]
  • Matoran begin to disappear because of the Barraki's armies.[103]

250 Years Ago

  • Zaktan, Thok, and Reidak are sent to guard a Dark Hunter base to protect it from the Brotherhood of Makuta.[104]
  • Roodaka arrives, and Zaktan gives her a tablet that is a map of the Dark Hunter Headquarters. Roodaka tells them that the base formerly belonged to the Brotherhood.[105]
  • The Visorak Army begins its attack. Zaktan searches the base, and finds a record of all of the Brotherhood's plans, including Teridax's takeover of Metru Nui. He vows to make himself a part of the plans. He, Thok, and Reidak escape as the base is overrun. [106]

5 Years Ago

  • Mazeka hunts down and nearly kills Vultraz because of the murder that he committed. Gorast recovers and rebuilds Vultraz and gives him the mission of hunting down a Matoran named Krakua
  • Mazeka is approached by Jerbraz with an offer for a job of protecting certain Matoran from beings like Vultraz.[107]
  • Mazeka and Jerbraz arrive at a village of De-Matoran, and spirit Krakua away just as Vultraz attacks.[108] Mazeka and Vultraz fight, and Vultraz nearly kills Mazeka before changing his mind. He stops, and lets the Ko-Matoran live with the knowledge that he is alive only because Vultraz wished it.
  • Mazeka requests Order of Mata Nui training from Jerbraz.[109]

Second Half: After the Coming of the Toa

The following timeline presents events as they happened relative to Takua's adventure summoning the Toa to the island of Mata Nui.

Over One Year Prior to the Fall of Atero

  • The Skrall conquer the area north of the Black Spike Mountains and establish themselves as rulers of their own empire.
  • Telluris begins to attack travelers in the desert in his Skopio XV-1.
  • Vastus and Ackar win some Grand Tournaments.
  • On a mission to salvage supplies from a wooded area, a Skrall patrol is attacked by a pack of the Shapeshifting Baterra. Only two warriors survive, one of whom earns the name Branar.
  • More Baterra appear and assault the Skrall, wiping out much of the warrior class and all of the elite class save Tuma.
  • Tuma leads an expedition to find the Baterra, and more and more of the Skrall are killed.
  • Stronius discovers that the Baterra are machines, and later the Skrall realize they are shapeshifters before returning to their fortress.
  • Skrall bring in wood to the Skrall Fortress that turns out to be Baterra in disguise. The Skrall lose the fights to the Baterra, and flee.
Baterra attacking Skrall
  • Tuma organizes a Skrall migration to the south, where they occupy the city of Roxtus.
  • Even more Skrall are killed as they flee to Roxtus.
  • Atakus leads the Agori of the Rock Tribe after the Skrall to join them.
  • Tuma orders regular "Vorox runs" in an attempt to locate the presence of Baterra in the area to be prepared for a possible invasion.
  • Tarix wins the Great Tournament of the year.
  • Perditus loses in the tournament to the Kaxium V3
  • Crotesius wins in his Cendox V1 in the vehicle side of the tournament
  • The Skrall begin to participate in the arena system.
  • A Skrall patrol is assigned to locate the Book of Certavus in the western ruins.
  • The Skrall patrol returns to Roxtus without the book, reassigned to the duty of feeding Spikit, and end up as being devoured by the Spikit themselves.
  • The Glatorian Malum tries to kill Vastus in an Arena Match, but Strakk intervenes.
  • Malum talks to Ackar about his actions, and later defeats Gresh in Tesara.
  • When Malum next fights Strakk, he tries to kill him, but Gresh stops him. Malum is exiled into the Wastelands where he soon allies himself with a pack of Vorox.

Summoning the Toa

  • Takua, because of his adventurous ways which would often lead to trouble, is banished from Ta-Koro.
  • With a millennia having passed since the Great Cataclysm, Makuta Teridax launches a new wave of Rahi against Mata Nui in an attempt to kidnap the village Turaga.
  • Whenua, summons Takua to come to Onu-Koro, but by the time Takua arrives, Whenua has been abducted. Takua locates Vakama's missing Firestaff before Taipu points Takua in the direction of the Great Mine. There Takua battles Rahi throughout the passage, and frees Whenua trapped by a Vatuka. Once back in Onu-Koro, Whenua relates to Takua the current problems of the island: the Turaga, save Vakama, are missing, and each of the Vuata Maca trees in each village are poisoned. The Toa Stones are also needed in this time of peril. For his quest, Whenua gives Takua a Volo Lutu Launcher. Takua recovers the Onua Toa Stone and the two Vuata Maca crystals in another area of Onu-Koro. After healing the Onu-Koro Vuata Maca tree and beating Onepu in a Ussal race, Takua goes on his way.
  • Upon arriving in Ga-Koro, Takua is challenged to a Ngalawa Boat Race and wins, beating even Maku. Takua then journeys to find Nokama, who has been held captive in a Makika cave. Takua quickly saves her, before journeying to find the Toa Gali stone and the Vuata Maca crystals.
  • No sooner does Takua arrive in Po-Koro than he discovers Whenua's stolen Drill. While heading to the village, Podu's friend asks Takua help him free Podu, who was trapped in a rockslide while they were playing Kohlii. Takua does this, then begins searching for the Turaga. After saving a trapped Moa Bird, Takua uses the drill to free Onewa from his trap. Takua also locates a Bamboo Disk and makes use of it in fighting the Rahi. It isn't long before he defeats a Kofo-Jaga and claims the Toa Pohatu stone.
  • Onewa gives directions to Le-Koro, and Takua sets off. Upon his arrival, Takua is challenged by a Le-Matoran to a Kewa Ride and wins. While scouring the trees for clues, Takua finds Nuju's Ice Pick. He soon reaches a Kewa's nest where he recovers Matau. He also discovers the Vuata Maca crystals. Takua and the Turaga return to the village where Matau allows the Matoran temporary use of his staff. Takua is then able to track down and recover the Toa Lewa stone.
  • Takua next makes his way to Ko-Koro, and after a victorious game of Huai Snowball Sling, the Sanctum Guard issues Takua a brief warning of the extreme temperatures before allowing him admittance. There Takua is told that the Rahi have foiled Matoro's attempts to recover Nuju. After warding off the Snow Birds, Takua tracks down Nuju, who gives him Nokama's Trident as it had been stolen by Rahi and found by Nuju himself. Nuju then requests Takua find the Kopaka Toa stone and the "Element of Melting", a heating device used to control the water supply in the village. Takua finds these and the crystals and returns them to the village.
  • After so long, Takua finally returns to Ta-Koro. Vakama doubts the wanderer's abilities, and sends him to find the antidote to cleanse the poisoned wells in the village. After a brief (and victorious) game of Ignalu Lava Surfing--one won with a lavaboard once given to him by Vakama--Takua then purifyies the wells. Takua accomplishes this. However, Jaller informs him that in his absence, a gang of Fire Mahi have captured Vakama. Takua frees Vakama, recovers the T
  • Takua frees his elder and recovers the Tahu stone and the crystals, although as he does, he spies a strange mechanism deep in the volcano. After returning the items, Takua returns and activates the mechanism, but this only causes the ground to cave in. Takua lands on his lavaboard onto a flow of the lava, riding it down the stream and through an opening. He is flung out the volcano and crashes to a halt at Kini-Nui.
Takua summoning the Toa Mata
  • All the Turaga have gathered there to discuss Takua's actions, and are surprised to find him there. Takua returns their staves to them, and in response, they allow him to insert the Toa Stones in the right slots in the temple's suva--slots where they must be put in only the most desperate times. Takua requests Vakama give his board to a trustworthy Matoran, as he fears what is about to happen. He puts the Toa Stones in their correct slots.
  • Upon inserting the stones, a blast from Toa Stones hurls Takua to the Ta-Wahi Beach, knocking him unconscious for a short period and giving him amnesia.[110]

Coming of the Toa

Toa Onua's canister, used to bring him to the island of Mata Nui
  • Dazed from the explosion, Takua has a strange vision of The Legend of Mata Nui.
  • The six canisters arrive on the island Mata Nui's beach, and the Toa Mata emerge from them, being obliged to rebuild themselves and possessing no memory of their past life.
  • A Tarakava attacks Ga-Koro and sinks a hut containing Turaga Nokama and all the Ga-Matoran except Macku, who escapes.
  • Lewa awakens, and performs some aerial tricks upon discovering his elemental power of Air.
  • Onua gains consciousness. Comfortable with digging and testing his power, he discovers Onu-Koro, where he talks with Onepu and Turaga Whenua.
  • Gali awakens and meets with a rampaging Tarakava, but manages to escape by discovering that she controls the waters.[111]
  • Kopaka revives, and travels to Ko-Koro. There, he meets and rescues Matoro from a Nui-Rama after being told the Legend of Mata Nui by the Matoran, then converses with Turaga Nuju, and begins his quest for the masks.
  • Pohatu awakens and finds Po-Koro, where he is told the Legend of Mata Nui. Shortly after, he leaves the village and tests his Mask of Speed, passing Le-Koro and arriving on Mount Ihu.
  • Tahu awakens in Ta-Wahi and starts a journey down the beach.
  • Takua awakens on the beach of Ta-Wahi with temporary amnesia. Rising, he watches Tahu leave for Ta-Koro, then heads for the Great Telescope, where he remembers his vision of the Legend of Mata Nui. He then attempts to follow Tahu's path, but is blocked by a lava stream and returns to the beach. There he finds Macku who informs him of the Tarakava attack on Ga-Koro and pleads him to help. Takua borrows her boat and travels to Ga-Koro while Macku searches for Gali.
  • Tahu, mistaken as a Rahi, is attacked by Jaller and the Ta-Koro Guard. Turaga Vakama intervenes before a fight takes place.
  • Pohatu spies Kopaka, and tries to get his attention by kicking a load of boulders in his direction.
  • After freeing himself from Pohatu's avalanche, Kopaka meets the Toa of Stone. With strong argument from Pohatu, they decide to work together. The two find Kopaka's Hau on Mount Ihu. Seeing others, Kopaka and Pohatu journey to meet the other Toa. On the way, a Kane-Ra attacks them. Kopaka traps the beast in a canyon but knows it will escape. Pohatu prolongs it imprisonment by collapsing the ravine's wall.
The Toa Mata meet up
  • Kopaka and Pohatu arrive where the others have gathered. Reunited for the first time in 99,000 years, the Toa discuss the next course of action and individually embark on their quests to find the Masks of Power around the island. Before they start, Makuta Teridax causes an earthquake in an attempt to frighten the Toa.
  • Gali is saved by Lewa from waters controlled by Teridax. She swims in the sea to find Ga-Koro and fights another Tarakava, trapping it in a cave.
  • Takua arrives in Ga-Koro, which bears damage from the Tarakava attack, and is able to free the villagers. This draws the attention of the Tarakava, but it is defeated upon Gali's arrival.
  • Tahu travels to Onu-Wahi to gain a Kanohi Akaku and on the way is attacked by a swarm of Kofo-Jaga under Teridax's influence. After defeating them, Tahu sees that Teridax somehow uses Infected Kanohi to make the Rahi his mindless minions.
  • Takua returns to Ta-Wahi and after wandering in the Charred Forest finds Ta-Koro. Takua speaks with Vakama, recovers his lavaboard from a Ta-Matoran, and heads back to the beach.
  • Lewa travels to a subterranean lake in Le-Wahi to take possession of a Kanohi Kakama and fights a Nui-Jaga. He almost drowns in the water, but manages to complete his mission.
  • Gali travels to find her Kanohi Miru, in the mountains of Po-Wahi, finding it and using it successfully when the mountain crumbles underneath. Landing, she finds herself trapped by Rahi.
  • Lewa is almost devoured by a Muaka, but is saved by Onua. Later, he meets Onua and Pohatu, who tell him the Toa are going to have a meeting.
  • Gali is saved by Tahu, but during the battle with the Rahi she has a vision of the Toa Kaita.
  • Learning of an epidemic in Po-Koro, Takua heads there and discovers that the newest Kolhii ball, the Comet, is infected by Teridax, causing the epidemic, and informs Onewa of this. Being unable to find out the origin of the new product from the seller, the Matoran comes across a key with an elemental symbol on it. Takua goes to the Po-Wahi Quarry and discovers one of the tunnels is stored with Infected Masks and Kolhii Balls. It is guarded by a Nui-Jaga. Pohatu arrives, is blinded, and with Takua's help, defeats the creature. The Comet balls are thrown into the sea, ending the epidemic.
  • Takua is then appointed Chronicler by Nokama.
The Cavern of Light
  • Lewa fights an infected Rahi in Onu-Wahi for possession of his Kanohi Pakari.
  • Kopaka journeys to Ta-Wahi to collect his Kanohi Pakari. While doing so, he is hit by a chunk of ice and receives a vision of Akamai and Wairuha. After gaining his Kanohi Pakari, Kopaka is saved by Lewa, who tells him that Onua has called a meeting. Kopaka theorizes that the vision was from Teridax, since it nearly killed him.
  • Jaller, Macku, Onepu, Matoro, Kongu, and Hewkii try and convince Kopaka and Lewa to go to a Bamboo Disk tournament. However, the Toa are otherwise occupied. The Matoran encounter a Nui-Jaga, which they defeat by forming a Matoran Nui and using a trap.
  • Onua's meeting begins, and Teridax causes the Mangai Volcano to erupt. Lewa and Onua rush to stop it, leaving the others to face numerous Rahi.
  • Lewa and Onua return, and help the other Toa to defeat the Rahi. The Toa decide to work as a team in their search for Kanohi.
  • Le-Koro is attacked by a swarm of Nui-Rama, who capture Turaga Matau and all the Matoran, except the Gukko Force, and take them to the Nui-Rama Hive.
  • Traveling to Onu-Koro, Takua helps drain a lava build-up in the Cavern of Light, and then helps opening a sundial that is obstructing work in the Great Mine.
  • Gali, Kopaka and Onua use their Kanohi Kaukau to gain Tahu's Kanohi Miru. While traveling to get it, the three defeat a Tarakava.
  • Kopaka, Pohatu, and Lewa travel to Po-Wahi to get Pohatu's Kanohi Kaukau.
  • The extra lighting provided by Takua helps the Onu-Matoran dig through a passage way into Le-Koro. Takua befriends Taipu, a Miner working there, and agrees to travel with him to the village. After a short walk, Taipu is suddenly captured by a Nui-Rama. Takua continues to Le-Koro in hope of finding help and learns of the Nui-Rama attack from the villagers.As they are, the Gukko Force and their leader Kongu, prepare an attack on the Nui-Rama Hive. Takua rides as a second on Kongu's Gukko, Ka.
  • Kongu and Takua make it into the nest, but their Gukko is injured, and an infected Lewa reveals himself. However, this happens right as Onua breaks into the Hive, and an intense battle takes place between the Toa. Onua gains the upper hand, and knocks off Lewa's Infected mask. Giving Lewa his Miru back, the two take down the Hive, and rescue all the Matoran.
Lewa fights Onua while under Teridax's influence
  • Takua heads to Ta-Koro, and learns from Jaller that his scouts in Ko-Wahi have disappeared. Jaller gives Takua an Ensign and charges him with finding what has happened to the scouts. Takua goes to Ko-Wahi, and finds Kopeke frozen. He uses a Heatstone to thaw him out, and learns from him that the scouts were taken by Teridax.
  • Takua first travels to Ko-Koro, and then journeys out to the mountains to find Matoro, Nuju's translator. He falls unconscious because of the harsh blizzard conditions, and has a vision of the Bohrok. However, he is saved by Matoro who reassures the Matoranand then leaves him in a small igloo. While journeying out a moment, Matoro finds a dangerous Muaka who attacks Matoro. Kopaka then arrives and intervenes. After a small battle, Kopaka defeats the Rahi using his Mahiki and Huna.
  • The Toa collect all six parts of the Makoki Stone, which are to be used to unlock the way to the Mangaia.
  • Gali, Tahu, and Onua arrive in Le-Wahi to gain Tahu's Kanohi Kakama. Tahu burns down a tree to retrieve the Mask of Power and nearly sets the forest on fire. Gali puts out the fires and angrily stalks off.
  • The Toa Mata finish collecting the rest of the masks by retrieving Tahu's Kanohi Kaukau.
  • Back in Ko-Koro, Takua, Matoro and the Turaga Nuju, who speaks in the language of flying Rahi, discuss the Toa's absence. A plan is formed and Takua is assigned to collect a team to protect the entrance of Kini-Nui while the Toa battle Teridax. Takua gathers Kapura, Macku, Hafu, Taipu, Tamaru, and Kopeke to journey with him.
  • The villages brace and prepare a major defense against the Rahi that approach the Koro while the Toa travel into Kini-Nui.
  • The Chronicler's Company arrives at the Kini-Nui to defend Kini-Nui. Gali creates a mental link with Takua.
  • The Toa receive their Golden Kanohi at Kini-Nui, and the path to Teridax's lair, Mangaia, is revealed.
  • The company tries to fend off the Rahi, but are soon outnumbered. However, they are rescued by the arrival of the Ta-Koro Guard, Gukko Force, Ussalry, and other defending groups, which successfully drive off the Rahi.
  • Meanwhile, the Toa encounter two Manas, which are nearly unstoppable. Gali and Kopaka agree based on their visions that they must combine to form the Toa Kaita, and they do so. The Toa Kaita destroy the strange devices used to keep the Manas strong and intelligent, weakening the Manas. After this, it is not long before the Manas themselves are defeated. Before entering Mangaia the six are forced to separate because of Teridax's divisive power.
  • Takua receives a vision from Gali saying that they are entering the lair of the Teridax and that the visions from here will end. Gali urges Takua to find them.
  • The Toa face the Shadow Toa, reaching victory after accepting that shadow is a part of them, as with all beings, and absorbing the shadowy attackers.
  • After the battle, Onepu tells Takua that something has happened to the sundial, and Whenua needs to speak with him. Takua rides on Pewku, and reaches Onu-Koro. Whenua tells Takua the sundial may be another passageway to Mangaia, and if so, it is his duty as Chronicler to travel there. Takua travels into the sundial and reaches the Toa Mata, but hides out of sight as they approach the Makuta.
  • Teridax appears to the Toa Mata in his inner chamber as a mere Matoran, and mocks the Toa, then changing form to a swirling vortex of pieces and shadowy tentacles and battling the Toa. The Toa counter by blasting him with their elemental power, which appears to defeat him. The Toa are teleported up to Kini-Nui.
The Toa Mata face Teridax
  • Takua quietly looks around the damaged area and discovers the Bohrok. As they begin to awaken, he is transported up through a portal onto the surface of the Ta-Wahi Beach, and meets with Vakama. Vakama converses with Takua for a time before the two of them return to the safety of Ta-Koro.

The Bohrok Swarms: Two Months(?) After the Coming of the Toa

One of the Bohrok Nests
  • The defeated Makuta Teridax activates a sonic signal that causes the Bohrok swarms to awake. They ascend above the surface and begin destroying all life on Mata Nui.
  • A swarm of Pahrak and Kohrak attack Ta-Koro. Kapura escapes, and is driven temporarily mad. He mutters 'Bohrok' again and again. The Toa find Kapura babbling one word: "Bohrok". Upon arriving in Ta-Koro, they are met with the sight of the attacking Bohrok. Gali and Lewa create a thunderstorm, chasing them off. Turaga Vakama tells the legend of the Bohrok and explains to the Toa the powers of the swarms. He also tasks them with gathering eight different types of Krana from each of the swarm.
  • The Toa return to each of their villages to capture Krana.
  • Pahrak and Lehvak attack Po-Koro, destroying the carvings. Pohatu gathers a few Krana.
  • Gali, while travelling through Le-Wahi, encounters a swarm of Tahnok. She traps some of the Bohrok into a swamp and gathers Krana. She realizes that the Bohrok are just robotic beings, controlled by Krana. The rest of the Tahnok swarm heads to Po-Wahi.
  • Tahnok attack Po-Koro. At Onewa's suggestion, a team is prepared to head out with Hafu to topple his statues beside the Path of Prophecies to stop the Bohrok advance. The Tahnok attack outside the border sooner then expected however, and Hafu goes and accomplishes the mission alone. He is then trapped outside. The Tahnok attack Hafu but Pohatu rescues him at the last minute and reaches the village with Hewkii's help.
  • Onua, while travelling to Onu-Koro, locates and defeats a swarm of Nuhvok. He then arrives in Onu-Koro when suddenly a Gahlok swarm floods the cavern. Onua agrees with Whenua to evacuate.[112]
  • While Onu-Koro is being evacuated, the Gahlok attack again. Onepu, Taipu and Nuparu are trapped in a cave. Using parts from a destroyed Bohrok, they create the Boxor, which they use to escape.
Lewa sees the population of Le-Koro wearing Krana
  • Po-Koro is evacuated.
  • Kongu is searching for his Bamboo Disk when he finds a Bohrok. He gets the warning to Matau.
  • As Lewa reaches Le-Koro, he discovers it has been taken over by the Bohrok; all of Le-Koro's Matoran (except for Kongu and Tamaru), as well as Turaga Matau, are under the control of the Krana.[113] The Le-Matoran jump on Lewa, who dares not fight his own villagers. A Krana is placed on his face.
  • Kopaka, Onua, Gali and Pohatu prepare a trap for the Tahnok swarm. Gali and Pohatu successfully execute the plan, flooding a canyon in Po-Wahi and collecting several Krana from the Tahnok.
  • After a lengthy disappearance with no contact from Lewa, Onua is sent to find him.
  • Kopaka reaches Ko-Koro, only to see Tahnok destroy it. He then trails a Tahnok Va in the direction of Ta-Wahi and discovers a Bohrok Nest.
  • Tahu makes a motivating speech to the Ta-Matoran. Kopaka arrives and tells him about the nest.
  • Takua, joins Nuparu and the Onu-Matoran. They take out a swarm of Lehvak in Le-Wahi.
  • Onua takes Lewa's Kanohi from a Lehvak Va party. Immediately after he is attacked by Lewa, controlled by a Krana Za.Lewa fights Onua, but not wanting to hurt Lewa, Onua resists. He helps Lewa to regain his control and remove the Krana.
  • The Matoran in Le-Wahi, joining with Kongu and Tamaru, make a plan, using the Boxors, to save Le-Koro.
  • The following day, Kongu and Tamaru lure the Nuhvok near Le-Koro and the Krana-controlled Matoran into open space. There, the Onu-Matoran attack with the Boxors, take out the swarm and free the Le-Matoran.
  • Meanwhile, Pohatu and Gali are chased by the Tahnok, but defeat them. The Toa now have all the Krana they need.
  • The Toa reunite and proceed into the nest. As they do, Lewa realizes that Teridax released the Bohrok. Kopaka freezes the Tahnok Va guards. As they descend, the Toa encounter a strange impenetrable wall. Tahu explores an opening, but is trapped in the Bohrok Nest. Shortly after, lava rushes toward the other Toa.
  • A Krana is affixed to Tahu's face, but he manages to break free nearly instantly and recover his Golden Kanohi.[114]
  • Takua, Jaller, and others arrive in Ga-Koro to defend against the Bohrok. Soon after, all of the Po-Matoran arrive in Ga-Koro after retreating from Po-Koro.
  • Pahrak attack Ga-Koro while Macku, Kotu and Hahli destroy the path to Ga-Koro from the shore, giving temporary peace.
  • Lewa realizes the wall is an illusion as Kopaka freezes the lava. The Toa thus manage to get through the wall. No sooner do they do this than Tahu blasts the Bohrok Nest apart, breaking into the room the other Toa were in, and they all fall through the floor, and arrive in a chamber below. The Toa find niches into which the Krana fit. The Krana unlock six passages to the Exo-Toa, which the Toa don.
  • In Ta-Koro, the Onu-Matoran and the Ta-Matoran defend their village against the Bohrok.
Tahu fights Cahdok while in an Exo-Toa
  • Pahrak destroy a sculpture of Gali's Kaukau to reach Ga-Koro and overturn lily pads the Boxor are standing on.
  • Lewa and Tahu face the Bahrag. Kopaka helps Lewa overcome Gahdok and lures her into the cave. The Toa use the Exo-Toa's power to drive the Bahrag to the center of their chamber, but this only increases the Bahrag's power. The Toa fight the Bahrag, but Kopaka is blasted by hail, Lewa frozen, Onua and Pohatu trapped in illusions. Tahu and Gali try to call upon their elemental powers, but are deserted by them. Pohatu breaks free of the illusion, but is unable to stop the Bahrag. Realizing that the Exo-Toa hinder their elemental power, the Toa shed their armor.
  • Macku and Kotu rescue the pilots as Pahrak Va bring Krana Vu, letting the Bohrok fly over to the remaining lily pads.
  • Using a makeshift catapult, Takua joins the group in Ga-Koro and confronts the Bohrok, just before the defeat of Bahrag stops the Bohrok.
  • The Toa blast the Bahrag with a single beam of all six of their elemental powers combined. The Bahrag are trapped in a cage of solid Protodermis.] The ground beneath the Toa sinks, plunging them into Energized Protodermis. They are transformed into the Toa Nuva.
  • The Bohrok around the island stop their attacks.
  • The Kanohi the Toa previously collected disappear The Toa Nuva encounter out of control Tahnok, and defeat them with the Pakari Nuva. Using the Miru and Kakama Nuva they fly out of the cavern. Tahu calls them the Toa Nuva.
  • The Bohrok are reprogrammed to help seal Krana in Krana Pits. Naho Falls is rebuilt and the game of Kolhii is redeveloped.

The Bohrok-Kal: Two Months(?) After the Coming of the Toa

  • The six Nuva Symbols, teleported from the realm of Artakha, appear in each of the Koro's Suva. Kanohi Nuva are similarly teleported there and are scattered across the island for the Toa Nuva to recover.
The Kohrak Va rebuilding Ko-Koro
  • The Bohrok swarms, removed of their Krana and disconnected from the influence of the Bahrag, are programmed to assist in the island's reparation efforts. The Bohrok Va assist in the efforts as well. The Krana are sealed in Krana Pits all over the island of Mata Nui.
  • The Bohrok-Kal awaken from their hibernation in their secret nest and plot to defeat the Toa Nuva.
  • Turaga Vakama gives the Kanohi Vahi to Toa Nuva Tahu, asking him to keep its existence a secret, and to use it only in the direst emergency.
  • While the Toa Nuva engage in a mock battle to test their new powers against each other, their tempers get out of control. Against Gali's protests, the Toa Nuva believe that they no longer need one another and part ways.
  • Kopaka travels to Ko-Koro to be present for Turaga Nuju's ceremonial placement of the Nuva Symbol in the Ko-Suva.
  • The Av-Matoran Takua and the Ta-Matoran Jaller return to Ta-Koro. They tell Vakama about the Matoran's efforts during the Attack on Ga-Koro. Takua re-unites with Pewku.
  • Gahlok-Kal and Nuhvok-Kal steal Lewa's symbol. Lewa's demonstration of his new Air powers is interrupted miles above Mata Nui, and he freefalls towards the ground. The Le-Matoran Kongu rescues Lewa by catching him on his Gukko, Ka.[115][116]
  • Matoro, guarding the Ko-Suva, is defeated by the combined efforts of Kohrak-Kal and Nuhvok-Kal, who steal the symbol.[117][118] Deprived of his Ice powers, Kopaka loses control of the ice bridge he is on and tumbles down a crevasse. Thinking quickly, he stops his fall by jamming his Ice Blade into the walls of the crevasse.[118][119] Turaga Nuju rescues Kopaka using his Kanohi Matatu.[120][121]
  • While on patrol, Jaller and Takua discover Tahnok-Kal stealing Tahu's symbol. Using its power of Lightning, the Bohrok-Kal evades the Matoran but is stopped by Tahu at the city's gates The Tahnok-Kal destroys the arch of the Ta-Koro gateway, bringing rubble down on the Toa Nuva, whose Fire powers had failed him. Tahu emerges from the rubble, and the Matoran and Toa consult Vakama's Sacred Fire to discover the identity of the Symbol thief. The Sacred Fire informs the assembled party of the mission of the Bohrok-Kal. Tahu decides to pursue the creature and recover the Symbol, accompanied by Takua and Jaller.[122]
  • Lehvak-Kal steals Onua's symbol.[117]
  • Gahlok-Kal and Pahrak-Kal plunder Pohatu's symbol from Po-Koro.[117][123]
  • Tahnok Kal and Lehvak-Kal steal Gali's symbol. Gali is nearly drowned by a tidal wave she can no longer control, due to her lack of Water powers.[117][119]
The theft of the Nuva Symbols
  • While traveling through Le-Wahi, Tahu, Takua and Jaller witness Lewa falling from the trees. The Toa of Air explains that he has been robbed of his powers and joins the party. While traversing the Motara Desert of Po-Wahi, the company stumbles upon Pohatu, to which several Mahi have been magnetized. Pohatu joins the company. Eventually, Onua, Kopaka and Gali join the traveling party. With the Toa Nuva reunited, Takua and Jaller return to Ta-Koro
  • Gali reveals that two Bohrok-Kal were seen in Po-Wahi. The Toa give chase. The Toa Nuva meet the assembled Bohrok-Kal. When the Toa refuse to reveal the Bahrag's location and try to fight the Bohrok-Kal, they are knocked unconscious by their sheer power.
  • Tahu orders the Toa to split into two groups; Tahu, Kopaka and Lewa will pursue the Bohrok-Kal, while Gali, Pohatu and Onua will investigate what happened to the Bahrag. Onua also suggests that the Toa Nuva be on the lookout for Kanohi Nuva, to compensate for their lack of Elemental Powers.
  • After an unsuccessful search for the Bahrag, Gali, Pohatu and Onua decide to retrieve Krana-Kal to delay the Bohrok-Kal in their mission.
The powerless Toa Nuva
  • Turaga Nokama puts Gali through a test; trapping her in an underwater cave. Here, Gali finds the Kanohi Kakama Nuva, and discovers it can be used to move through walls at high speeds. She escapes from a tentacled Rahi and the cave itself with the mask, but not before noticing an ancient engraving of the Toa Metru. Although Nokama hints at the carving's significance, she does not reveal it.
  • Kopaka reluctantly allows Pohatu to team up with him while looking for a Kanohi Hau Nuva. However, an earthquake shatters the roof of the cave the Hau Nuva is in. Kopaka uses the Kanohi to try to protect both of them, but Pohatu is seemingly killed. Kopaka gives the Hau Nuva to the Po-Matoran to honor the fallen Pohatu. However, Pohatu shows up at that moment, unharmed.
  • Onua and Turaga Whenua search for a Kanohi deep in Onu-Wahi. They face a giant subterranean worm, a swarm of Kofo-Jaga, and two Manas Crabs on the way. The Manas are blocking the way to the mask. Onua lures the Kofo-Jaga swarm in that cave with lava. The Kofo-Jaga fight the Manas, and with all the Rahi distracted, Onua retrieves the Kanohi Nuva.
  • Tahu tries but fails to stop a forest fire in Le-Wahi.
  • Lewa and Tahu track down Nuhvok-Kal, who was trying to beat them to two Kanohi Nuva. Tahu lures it into a clearing, where, with the help of many Le-Matoran, it is attacked, and its powers nearly exhausted. The Bohrok-Kal departs.
  • Gali summons Tahu and Kopaka to the Kini-Nui. The three Toa set off for the "Place of Shadow" to find three Kanohi Nuva. There they face dangers and illusions in the Place of Shadow. When they almost have the Kanohi, the ground disappears, and they fall into a cave, where Pohatu, Onua, Lewa, and Turaga Vakama are also trapped, even as the terrifying Rahi Nui appears. Vakama is able to use its memory and resentment of him as a Toa Metru, tricking it into trapping itself by ramming its horns into the wall. They escape with the Kanohi Nuva.
  • Lewa is blasted by Kohrak-Kal's sound while trying to sneak up on the Bohrok-Kal.
  • Tahu confronts the Pahrak-Kal, almost destroying himself, until Jaller begs him to stop. Pahrak-Kal mocks Tahu, and Jaller sneaks up and steals its Krana.
  • Tahu leads a swarm of Tahnok against Nuhvok-Kal, who merely sends them flying into low orbit. Tahu is subsequently defeated by the Bohrok-Kal's Gravity powers.
  • Gali, Lewa, and Kopaka, in the form of Toa Nuva Kaita Wairuha, attempt to defeat Gahlok-Kal. It and Kohrak-Kal, Lehvak-Kal form a Bohrok-Kal Kaita, however, and easily defeat the Toa.
  • The Bohrok-Kal ascertain the location of the Bahrag's prison.
  • Pohatu and Onua temporarily defeat the Tahnok-Kal, and from its Krana-Kal discover that the Bohrok-Kal are headed for the Bohrok Nest. The Tahnok-Kal escapes with the help of the Bohrok Va.
  • As the Pahrak-Kal opens up a passageway to the Bahrag with its Plasma powers, the Bohrok swarms cease their reparation efforts and return to their nests.
  • The Toa Nuva follow the Bohrok-Kal to the nest. Lewa scouts ahead, and witnesses the Exo-Toa fighting the Bohrok-Kal on their own. The Bohrok-Kal overwhelm and destroy the Exo-Toa, and are ready to place the symbols on the Nuva Cube, unlocking the Bahrag's protodermic Toa Seal and releasing the swarms again.
Tahu using the Kanohi Vahi
  • Tahu summons the Kanohi Vahi and slows time around the Bohrok-Kal at the last minute. Their Krana-Kal turn silver, and project an impenetrable forcefield, rendering them invincible to physical harm. On Gali's suggestion, the Toa reach out mentally to the Nuva Symbols, feeding power to the Bohrok-Kal. Their own powers increase, and they pause, falling prey to their own egos, thinking that with this power, they could rule alongside the Bahrag.
  • The Bohrok-Kal's powers go out of control, and each is destroyed by their own powers. Tahnok-Kal is imprisoned by its own Lightning powers. Gahlok-Kal is able to place one symbol on the cube, but is crushed by pieces of the Exo-Toa that are pulled by its magnetic power.= Lehvak-Kal is blasted through the rock and sent into space by its Vacuum power. Pahrak-Kal is melted by his own plasma, and tumbles towards Aqua Magna's core. Nuhvok-Kal's gravity turns him into a miniature black hole. Kohrak-Kal is disintegrated by intense sound.
  • The Turaga successfully retrieve and incarcerate the Krana-Kal. With the symbols retrieved, the Elemental Powers of the Toa Nuva return to them, and they depart the chamber using an Ice staircase created by Kopaka.
  • Several weeks of peace follow. The Nuva Symbols are hidden in safety.
  • The Matoran gather at Kini-Nui and the Turaga impart to the Matoran the secret of rebuilding themselves into a new, stronger form to compensate for the energy-sapping effects of the Matoran Spheres. They also hold a Naming Day ceremony, and several Matoran receive new names. The reconstruction of the damaged Koro is soon completed and a new Kohlii field is constructed in Ta-Koro.

The Rahkshi: Three Months(?) After the Coming of the Toa

Hahli and Macku play Onepu and Taipu
  • In Onu-Koro Hahli visits the Marn Tunnels and retrieves a Sluice for Azibo who gives her Prosperity's Charm, and retrieves mining equipment from the flooded Great Mine Taipu trains Hahli in Stamina, and gives her the Charm of Stamina
  • Hahli arrives in Ko-Koro and has Jaatikko give her Destiny's Charm, and Toudo Peace's Charm. To train in Willpower, Hahli meets Kantai in The Drifts and gets Willpower's Charm. The Ga-Matoran team defeats Matoro and Kopeke, Hahli using her Stamina and Speed to win.
  • In Le-Koro, Hahli retrieves Faith's Charm from Kongu, and practices Accuracy, and finds its Charm. Macku and Hahli defeat Kongu and Tamaru in Le-Koro extending their winning streak.
  • Arriving in Po-Koro Hewkii gives Hahli Creation's Charm and Hahli herds Mahi for Golyo, earning Strategy's Charm. Amazingly, Po-Koro is beaten at home by Ga-Koro, and Hahli goes to their last match in Ta-Koro.
  • Jaller lets Hahli train in Strength with Keahi, but this leads to Ga-Koro defeating Ta-Koro, setting up the Championship match.
  • The Turaga hold another meeting where they debate whether they should reveal the truth about the past to the Toa. They tell tales of adventures of the Toa searching for Kanohi Nuva, trying to decide if the Toa have proven they are responsible enough to know of Metru Nui. The Turaga agree to tell the tales of Metru Nui to the Toa Nuva after the Kolhii Tournament.
  • Jaller searches for Takua and asks Vakama where he is as the Championship is about to begin.
The Kanohi Avohkii, the Great Mask of Light
  • Takua goes to an underground lava flow and Jaller eventually trails him there. Takua spots a carved stone on the other side of the cave. Despite Jaller's protests, he retrieves it from its pedastal. Takua hurries back toward the stepping stones, only for him to trip. The carved stone falls into the lava and breaks apart, revealing the Kanohi Avohkii. Takua picks up the mask and is about to continue back to Jaller and Pewku, when a wave of lava destroys both sides of the walkway, leaving Takua stranded. Takua tries and fails to get across on his lavaboard leaving him in the middle of the lava river. However, Tahu Nuva arrives in time and carries him to the lava flow entrance. Jaller puts the Avohkii in his backpack and both the Matoran reach the Kolhii field.
  • The Kolhii Tournament is in a newly built Kolhii field located at Ta-Koro. Turaga Vakama holds a speech as Gali, Tahu and Pohatu arrive at the field. During Ta-Koro's match, Takua tries his special move but sends the ball flying. Hahli scores and Ga-Koro wins the match, but as the game is ending, the Mask of Light falls from Jaller's backpack against Takua's foot and accidentally shines upon Jaller. Vakama and the Matoran hail Jaller as Herald, a mistake.
  • Teridax hears of the discovery of the Avohkii. Hoping to kill the Herald and take the mask to stop the coming of the Seventh Toa, he releases the Rahkshi Lerahk, Panrahk and Guurahk.
  • The Turaga give Jaller and Takua the task of finding the seventh Toa, who will wear the Avohkii. The two leave for their quest on Pewku the Ussal Crab.
  • Two Ta-Matoran set off to find the legendary Great Refuge.
  • With Takua and Jaller gone, Hahli finds Charms of Duty, and Strength. Hahli returns to Ga-Koro with news of the Seventh Toa, and uses Nixie's Toa formula with seven instead of six, giving her the coordinates G6. Pelagia takes Hahli there in Naho Bay and Hahli finds the Temple of Purity and its Crystal, unlocking it with the Charms.
  • The Temple of Prosperity and its Crystal is found at the bottom of the flooded Great Mine.
  • Peace's Crystal is found in the Temple of Peace in the Ko-Wahi Drifts.
  • Hahli discovers the Temple of Faith in Le-Wahi and the Crystal of Faith.
  • The Temple of Creation is unlocked by Hahli, revealing its Crystal.
  • Missing only Ta-Wahi's Crystal, Hahli returns to Ta-Koro.
  • Gali Nuva meditates at Kini-Nui, but spies the deadly Rahkshi and swims to warn Ta-Koro.
  • The Matoran searching for the Great Refuge witness the Rahkshi's arrival at Kini-Nui
  • The three Rahkshi fight Tahu Nuva and Gali Nuva, and destroy most of Ta-Koro searching, but leave when the mask is not discovered. Tahu Nuva is left with a poisonous cut from Lerahk and Vakama realizes the Rahkshi are after the Mask of Light.
  • After getting scared off by Lehrak, Hahli flees Ta-Koro and finds the Temple of Courage and the final Charm of Courage. Hahli enters and secures the sixth and final Crystal of Courage.
  • Takua and Jaller are attacked by Graalok the ash bear, but are saved by Lewa Nuva. He summons a Gukko bird and leads the two Matoran to Ko-Wahi then leaves to join Tahu and Gali hearing of Ta-Koro's destruction. After walking around in Ko-Wahi and getting a big scare from some frozen Kohrak, Kopaka Nuva finds the Matoran. They follow him to Ko-Koro, where he sees that the Rahkshi have already been there. The Rahkshi attack the Toa Nuva and Matoran, and Kopaka Nuva manages to defeat them temporarily by freezing them in a pond.
  • The three Rahkshi escape the ice. Tahu and Gali attack the three Rahkshi, to stop them from getting to Po-Koro. Lewa shows up to help Tahu and Gali, but all three are buried under an avalanche of poisoned rock. The Rahkshi continue towards Po-Koro.
Takua, Pewku, and Jaller as they begin their adventure
  • Takua and Jaller are traveling to Onu-Koro when Takua gets separated and is faced by Teridax, who demands that he hand over the Mask of Light or watch as Jaller and his fellow villagers are killed. Takua refuses and then leaves Jaller alone with the mask, taking Pewku with him.
  • Hahli finds a carving of The Legend of Mata Nui near the Great Telescope on the Ta-Wahi Beach, and inserts the Crystals and is teleported.
  • Teridax summons three new Rahkshi: Turahk, Vorahk, and Kurahk and tells them to capture the mask.
  • Hahli arrives at the Kini-Nui to see the three newly released Rahkshi fly overhead.
  • Onua Nuva and Pohatu Nuva are shown by Turaga Whenua a cave where Kraata were imprisoned by him and his brothers. Guurahk, Lerahk and Panrahk arrive and cause a cave in, freeing the Kraata.
  • Kopaka is attacked by all six Rahkshi and manages to freeze Turahk and Lerahk. Vorahk almost defeats him. However, Lewa, Gali and Tahu arrive and rescue him. Onua and Pohatu run out of the Kraata cave and Kopaka and Tahu seal it, trapping the Kraata. The Rahkshi escape.
  • Takua arrives in Onu-Koro, where Onua and Pohatu are telling the Onu-Matoran about the Avohkii's discovery.
  • The Matoran searching for the Great Refuge encounter Teridax telling them to turn back, and then Tahu who tells them of Ta-Koro's destruction.
  • Soon after, Turahk, Vorahk, and Kurahk invade Onu-Koro. Onua Nuva and Pohatu Nuva try to stop them as Takua flees with the other Matoran, but the Toa of Earth is defeated by Vorahk and Pohatu by Turahk. Tahu, Lewa and Gali soon arrive and help out in the battle.
  • Takua, ashamed, realizes that he is doing the wrong thing and returns to help fight.
  • Lewa saves Takua from the Rahkshi and tells him to warn Jaller, then returns to the scene of the fight. Tahu Nuva is hit by Kurahk’s anger energy. Combined with the poison that has spread across his body, the power causes Tahu Nuva to turn and attack Gali Nuva and Lewa Nuva. They battle until Kopaka freezes Tahu from behind.
  • Takua flees up a chimney but the Rahkshi pursue. However Onua and Pohatu manage to stop them temporarily. The Toa then flee Onu-Koro, the cavern collapsing after a particularly powerful attack by Onua Nuva against the Rahkshi.
  • Tahu Nuva is cured when the Toa combine the elements to heal him.
  • Takua and Pewku find Jaller climbing the Mangai, and together they continue searching for the Toa of Light.
  • Kopaka, Lewa, and Tahu encounter a part of Le-Wahi devastated by some unknown power. They find two Matoran whose masks had been infected. After trapping the Matoran in an ice wall for the moment, the Toa find a Shadow Kraata, which had infected the Matoran but they realize some other enemy felled the trees. They give chase, and find both Rahkshi Kaita - Za and Vo. A fight ensues, and the Toa Nuva eventually defeat the Rahkshi Kaita temporarily, though Lewa is nearly lost because they underestimated the enemy's power.
  • The Ta-Matoran seeking Artakha go to Kini-Nui in hopes the tunnel to the Great Refuge will be there. They descend into Mangaia.
  • Jaller and Takua reach the Kini-Nui temple, but the Rahkshi attack. Tahu, Gali and Lewa arrive to save the Matoran, and Kopaka, Onua and Pohatu emerge too. Tahu and Lewa defeat Guurahk, Panrahk and Lerahk. Gali is cornered by the other three Rahkshi while leading the Matoran to safety. The Toa defeat Vorahk and Kurahk. Jaller sacrifices himself to Turahk trying to save Takua. Realizing who was destined to wear the mask, Takua places the Mask of Light on his own face, becoming Takanuva. Takanuva then defeats the Turahk.
Takutanuva lifting the door of Mangaia
  • A burial mound is erected for Jaller, and the Ussanui vehicle is constructed. Hahli places Jaller's mask on the vehicle to represent his loss. Takanuva goes to Mangaia while Hahli stows away. Takanuva crashes the Ussanui into Mangaia's wall, and Hahli flies out. Takanuva tells her to gather the Toa, Turaga, and Matoran to come witness Teridax's defeat.
  • Before Teridax can deal with the Ta-Matoran, Takanuva crashes the Ussanui. The Matoran are told to flee to Mangaia, and do. They agree Teridax stands no chance.
  • Teridax challenges Takanuva to a Kolhii match, and uses his special move to defeat him. Hahli then appears with the Toa, Turaga, etc., but then Teridax rises again and traps them inside his lair. Then Takanuva jumps on him, removes his mask, and they both fall in an Energized Protodermis pool. Takanuva then merges with Teridax and becomes Takutanuva. The entity then lifts the doorway to Metru Nui. As Hahli leaves, Takutanuva uses some of Teridax's life force to revive Jaller, leaving himself weak, and letting the gate crash on him. Takanuva survives, but Teridax is presumed dead by the rest of the Matoran Universe.
  • Construction of Boats to travel to Metru Nui begins.
  • Nokama proclaims Hahli Chronicler now that Takua is a Toa.

Return to Metru Nui: Four Months after the Coming of the Toa(?)

  • Turaga Vakama shares a secret that has been kept in his and the other Turaga's minds for over a thousand years. The Turaga tell tales of Metru Nui, and the Toa Metru to the Toa Nuva, Takanuva, and the Matoran.
  • The Matoran return to Metru Nui. Reconstruction of Metru Nui begins.
  • The Piraka defect from the Dark Hunters and head to Mangaia. Vezon is accidentally created, and Teridax plants information of the Ignika in the Piraka's heads. They are soon chased out of Mangaia onto Mata Nui by the Mana Ko, then steal the Toa Mata's Canisters and travel to Voya Nui.

Voya Nui: Eleven Months after the Coming of the Toa(?)

  • Several Makuta, led by Antroz, invade Karda Nui. The Siege of Karda Nui begins. Gavla is among the first of the many Av-Matoran to be turned into Shadow Matoran by the Makuta in Karda Nui's skies. These Shadow Matoran include Kirop, former leader of the Av-Matoran, who was turned over while leading a rescue on the second day. Tanma, an Av-Matoran, replaces Kirop. The Shadow Matoran and the Makuta conquer all the Stalactite Villages except one.
  • The six Toa Nuva learn from Dume that Mata Nui is dying. The Turaga tell them that the only hope is the Mask of Life, hidden on the floating island of Voya Nui. They leave for Voya Nui in Toa Canisters without Takanuva, who Dume insists must stay behind to protect the city.
  • Six figures called the Piraka arrive on the island of Voya Nui in Toa Canisters, claiming that they are Toa. Their main purpose on the island is to search for the Mask of Life.
  • The Piraka arrive in Voya Nui and proceed to gain the Matoran's trust. The Piraka make the Matoran build the Piraka Stronghold and start digging holes in the side of Mount Valmai to drain the lava.
  • In Metru Nui, Jaller grows suspicious about the Toa's disappearance, and questions the Turaga. They refuse to tell him where the Toa have gone, or why. Furious, he orders the city's repairing to stop.
  • On Voya Nui, an Onu-Matoran, Garan grows suspicious, and he and a group of Matoran start investigating.
  • Avak creates the Zamor Launchers, but Garan and Kazi steal one. Avak heads for the six Matoran's hiding but the Ga-Matoran, Dalu, "persuades" him to head off by enhancing his speed, strength and hearing, the effort leaving her unconscious.
  • Piruk, the Le-Matoran is sent investigating and discovers the Piraka are not Toa.
  • Hakann and Avak "defeat" a monster. Garan and Balta follow them and discover they had manufactured the monster themselves.
  • Zaktan creates the Zamor spheres and tests them on a Ta-Matoran, Dezalk. Enslaved; Dezalk tells all the Matoran to gather at the village.
  • The Piraka enslave every Matoran on the island except the Voya Nui Resistance Team, who avoid capture and sends them to empty the volcano.
  • Toa Nuva arrive on Voya Nui in canisters.
  • The Resistance team causes a rock slide and Balta steals a Zamor Sphere from Vezok, who with Thok traps Balta in a cave.
  • Reidak attacks the Toa Nuva and the other Piraka head for the scene of battle. Gali fights Hakann. She traps him in a sphere of water, but is taken unawares by his mental blast, which knocks her unconscious. Avak and Kopaka fight, but Kopaka is caged by the Piraka and defeated. Lewa, Onua and Pohatu finally defeat Reidak, but lose much time. Tahu is defeated in a sword fight by Zaktan. Lewa, Pohatu and Onua manage to get their unconscious friends. Thok attacks, but fails. However Hakann downs Pohatu and Lewa and Onua is knocked unconscious by Vezok. Stripped of their masks and tools, the Toa are ordered to be thrown into Mount Valmai.
  • Turaga Nokama visits Jaller on Metru Nui and tells him where and why the Toa Nuva have gone, even though she knows Dume and Vakama would be opposed to her doing so. After she leaves, Jaller makes up his mind to gather a few other Matoran and Takanuva and go to aid the Toa Nuva.
  • Hahli, Jaller, Hewkii, Kongu, Nuparu, Matoro and Takanuva leave, heading for an underwater chute in Le-Metru. They encounter a mysterious tunnel that consumes all light.
  • An eruption occurs on Voya Nui that causes the Piraka, who were carrying the Toa Nuva to burn to flee, leaving the Toa behind on Mount Valmai. Pohatu moves the Toa out of danger.
Garan, leader of the Voya Nui Resistance Team
  • Axonn frees Balta.
  • Meanwhile, Jaller's party goes through the tunnel. During the passage Matoro feels a mysterious hand but as he exits the tunnel and realizes all his friends are there, the hand disappears. The party then reaches a narrow strip of land flanked by seas. On the road they find a Suletu and reach an ancient gateway. Takanuva cannot seem to pass through the gate, the Matoran can (but cannot get back out). After an emotional farewell, they part.
  • The Voya Nui Resistance Team (minus Balta, who was being freed from the cave by Axonn) attack the Toa, thinking they are more impostors. Gali is hit by Dalu's Chargers, and madness takes over. She runs away and meets up with Axonn, who helps her calm down.
  • Meanwhile, the Toa get the upper hand but Balta arrives, and tells the Matoran to stop fighting. The Toa and Matoran ally, and head to the Piraka Stronghold to get their masks and tools back.
  • Zaktan sends the Piraka to search for the escaped Toa Nuva but Hakann ignores the order.
  • Meanwhile, Thok and Reidak are near Mount Valmai. Thok pushes Reidak over a cliff and runs off. Reidak comes back up and attacks Thok with his Buzz Saw, knocking him down.
  • Some time later, Piraka are fighting in the Green Belt when Zaktan orders them. Thok and Reidak complain since they do not know where to find the Mask of Life.
  • Zaktan states that Vezon, who betrayed them and came to Voya Nui before the others did, thought of knowing where the Ignika is. Zaktan orders Thok and Reidak to track down Vezon. They find the canister he traveled in and decide to follow his footsteps. Just at that moment Axonn interrupts and cracks the whole land open. The Piraka attempt to fight him, but are swiftly defeated. Thok and Reidak ask Axonn to "point them toward Vezon" and they would be on their way. Axonn tells them that Vezon now serves the Mask of Life. Just as he is about to hit them with his axe, Brutaka comes out of nowhere and knocks Axonn to the ground with a beam of energy from his sword. On Voya Nui, Zaktan hires Brutaka who then sets off to find the Mask of Life.
  • The Matoran of Metru Nui meanwhile travel until they come across a valley full of Manas that are acting as guards. Karzahni reveals himself to the Matoran and orders the Matoran to change their masks. Jaller refuses and is shown a terrible vision of what would have happened if he had not sacrificed himself to save Takua.
  • Hakann allies with Brutaka in exchange for control over the Antidermis, the virus used to enslave the Matoran.
  • Thok and Avak think that the Mask of Life is in the Green Belt.
  • Jaller's party puts on the Karzahni's masks but Kongu wears the Suletu instead. All but Hahli are sent to work in the forges. Hahli tells Karzahni about the "outside world" as Karzahni has not had any contacts with the world outside his realm. The other members of Jaller's company learn that Karzahni was meant to repair the Matoran, but he did not know how to do the job and sent the "fixed" to the Southern Continent.
  • On Voya Nui, Avak imprisons Zaktan. Brutaka, respecting the pact with Hakann, attacks Avak and Thok. The Toa Nuva try getting in by having Reidak destroy the door, but decide to go another way. Zaktan is accidentally freed by Reidak. The Toa Nuva and the Resistance, masks and tools restored, break in and almost defeat the Piraka. Zaktan offers Brutaka the virus (Now referred to as Antidermis) and in return, Brutaka will "take out" the Toa and Matoran. Brutaka knocks out all twelve heroes in one swipe of his blade.
The island of Voya Nui as seen from above
  • Back in Karzahni, Jaller's Matoran meet a forgotten Matoran, who was one of the Matoran Crafters who made the Toa Canisters the Toa Mata arrived on Mata Nui in. He finds six more canisters for Jaller and the others to make their escape in. Karzahni comes in with Hahli in his grip, and Matoro challenges him to make the worst vision possible. He does, which is, in full detail, what would happen if Mata Nui died. As he is shocked by his own vision, the Matoran escape in the Toa Canisters. Karzahni realizes that Mata Nui and Teridax do exist, and manages to follow the Matoran to Voya Nui.
  • Back on Voya Nui, Dalu manages to get away as Zaktan is distracted. Hakann and Zaktan find her. They bring her back, but begin to fight. They fight mainly using their vision powers, and Hakann uses some of his mental stabs. Zaktan finally uses his laser vision and brings a boulder down upon Hakann. Zaktan talks about the Mask of Life, and walks closer to the canister of Antidermis. Dalu gets away again.
  • While Jaller and the other Matoran are traveling to Voya Nui, a bolt of lightning comes from the Red Star itself. While midway through its travel, the bolt separates into six separate bolts. The Matoran reach Voya Nui, and emerge transformed as Toa. The Toa Inika have additional lightning powers, which are fused with their original elemental powers.
  • Balta wakes up and realizes that Dalu is missing.
  • Garan is interrogated by Vezok and is tilted in lava.
  • Meanwhile, the new Toa wander on Voya Nui. They discover their faces light up without their Kanohi and their masks are organic and alive.
  • Avak, Reidak and Thok get in the chamber where Hakann was left after being defeated by Zaktan. The four plan how to get rid of Brutaka.
  • Balta and the others save Garan from the Chamber of Truth, and escape from Vezok.
  • After Nuparu discovers his power of flight, Matoro unwittingly unleashes his spirit, seeing the resistance. Nuparu goes scouting and sees Vezok. Nuparu flies the Toa over a lava flow, but accidentally drops Hahli. Jaller uses his Calix to save her. The Toa encounter Vezok and defeat him. Vezok uses his copied powers of ice and fire to escape. Garan then reveals himself to the new Toa and takes them to the Matoran Resistance's hideaway.
  • Balta takes a visit to see Axonn.
  • Vezok and Avak make an alliance, just as Axonn makes a tree fall in their direction and runs away. They give chase, until they lose sight of Axonn. They find a cave, which is full of the Matoran of Voya Nui's records. Vezok wastes time by destroying the records as Axonn causes a cave-in between the two sides. After telling him the tales of Mata Nui, Axonn reveals to Balta that if the Piraka get the Ignika, Mata Nui will die. Balta goes back to the hideout.
  • Garan and the Toa arrive, and explain the desperate situation. Jaller names his team Toa Inika and they get new Zamor Launchers from Velika.
  • Jaller, Hahli, Dalu, and Piruk go to free the enslaved Matoran with their Zamor spheres.
  • Hewkii, Matoro, Kazi and Balta find Axonn defeated by Brutaka.
  • Nuparu, Kongu, Garan and Velika search the stronghold for the Toa Nuva. They are surprised by the Piraka and Brutaka but the other Toa Inika attack the Piraka Stronghold. A vicious battle erupts in the stronghold, but as the fighting progresses, Hakann shoots a Zamor Sphere at Brutaka, who is emerging, created to transfer the being's power into Hakann. Before the Zamor Sphere hits Brutaka, Thok makes physical contact with Hakann, getting Brutaka's energy when the Zamor sphere strikes. The two Piraka defeat the five Toa and three Piraka in one go, and leave the stronghold.
  • Having flown away with Zaktan during the battle, Nuparu returns carrying an unconscious Piraka back in a stone cocoon. He revives the other Toa, and the Toa inspect Brutaka. Axonn arrives, giving words of wisdom to the Toa and gives Jaller a Zamor sphere, saying the Toa will have to use it to retrieve the Ignika. The Toa Inika leave to follow the Piraka armed with a Zamor Sphere given to them by Zaktan, which will return Brutaka his powers when shot at Hakann and Thok.
  • Hakann and Thok fight each other while on the way to the Mask of Life. During this fight, Hakann fires a heat ray into the ground which hits a gas pocket, causing an enormous explosion.
  • The Inika see the explosion and head off in that direction. Hakann is attacked by the Piraka. Thok freezes Hakann's launcher and Vezok. Hakann and Thok come together for one final blow. Hewkii takes this chance to fire his Zamor Sphere, causing Brutaka's power to leave the Piraka and return to him. The Piraka's blasts knocked the Toa Inika unconscious.
  • Axonn and Brutaka start to fight in the stronghold.
  • The Inika awake to find the Piraka gone. They then begin to descend the stone staircase.
  • The Piraka encounter a junction in the passage, but the left passage is blocked by a cave in so they take the right path. The Piraka encounter their worst fear, Irnakk. He defeats five Piraka, but Zaktan is able to confront this fear by saying he is fear and the Piraka are able to get by.
  • The Inika begin to travel down the staircase and reach the junction. However, this time, the right side is covered, and the left is open, so they take the left. The Toa enter the a chamber where an illusion of Lhikan tells them to turn back.
  • In the stronghold, Brutaka jolts Axonn and then opens a portal to the Field of Shadows to trap his former friend, that will not close until something comes or goes through it.
  • The Inika encounter a chamber where they battle illusions of all their foes (Makuta, Bohrok, Bohrok-Kal, a Rahkshi, a Nui-Rama, and a Muaka). The defeated illusions then morph into the Toa Nuva causing depression amongst the Inika. The Toa decide to continue, and then realize the Toa Nuva are illusions.
  • The Piraka reach the next chamber where each one is trapped in a tube. A voice tells them that if they all pull the lever in front of them at the same time they will all be released. If only one person pulls it that person will escape and the rest will be incinerated. Reidak pulls his lever.
  • The Resistance frees the Toa Nuva from chains and the Antidermis that the Piraka used to trap them.
  • The Piraka escape, none of them realizing the slow mutations caused by the water. The Piraka decide to set a trap at a bridge they have encountered leading to the final chamber.
  • The Toa Inika come to the Chamber of Death, which requires a sacrifice in exchange for passage through it. Matoro sacrifices himself but is revived. The Inika enter another chamber where they fight Protodax and then Umbra. Umbra goes so fast that the Toa cannot fight him. Matoro makes Umbra slip, but the guardian turns into a beam of light. Matoro makes Umbra reflect, knocking him down. The Inika then come to the bridge, but the Piraka are waiting. A short battle erupts, and looks to be in the Inika's favor, but a strong whirlwind caused by Kongu collapses the bridge the Inika are on, crushing them beneath the rubble.
  • The Piraka enter the final chamber, finding Vezon, who has become the Ignika's ultimate guardian, fused with a giant spider, Fenrakk. Vezon is trapped in a cage by Avak, and shows them the mask is fused to the back of his head. He says he will give it to them if they kill Vezok. The Piraka trap Vezok, only to have Vezok copy his attacker's powers and use them to free Vezon in hopes to attack him. Vezon fuses Reidak and Vezok together into a creature under his control. The creature knocks the other Piraka unconscious and then is defused which knocks out Vezok and Reidak.
  • The Inika then blast open the door and enter the final chamber.
  • Brutaka tries using the Antidermis to make himself stronger. Axonn then shatters the giant vat of Antidermis. He thinks he may have heard the virus scream. Axonn defeats Brutaka and Botar appears. Axonn tries to stop Botar from taking Brutaka to the Pit, before Botar threatens to take Axonn there as well.
  • Tahtorak and Krahka escape from the Field of Shadows.
  • Vezon and the Inika fight. Vezon is able to absorb kinetic energy, making the task more difficult. However, Matoro, Kongu and Hahli almost defeat the guardian, but Vezon and Fenrakk recharge with kinetic energy. Jaller knocks Vezon and his mount into the lava.
  • Just before Jaller would have jumped in to try and retrieve the Ignika, Vezon emerges with a transformed mount which is now the Kardas Dragon. The Inika fight Vezon and Kardas. Jaller and Kongu are temporarily knocked out. The remaining Toa combine their powers, but Kardas defeats them. Kongu reads the "mind" of the mask and displays how the mask hates Vezon into Vezon's head. Jaller fires the Axonn's Zamor Sphere at Vezon and Kardas freezing them in time.
  • Matoro grabs the Mask of Life off the back of Vezon's head. The Piraka confront the Inika and are about to fight when the time Zamor wears off on Kardas and the mask tells it to fire a concussive blast at Matoro. Matoro drops the mask and it flies off up the stone staircase. The Inika fire blasts at the Piraka to slow them down and then begin chasing the mask. The Piraka break free of Matoro's ice beams and begin pursuit excluding Vezok and Reidak. Vezok demands Reidak fuse him and Vezon back together. Reidak snaps the spear of fusion in half, and then in half again. Vezok and Reidak pursue the other Piraka.
  • A Matoran in Mahri Nui decides to try and swim up to the surface.
  • The Inika emerge to see the mask plunge into the ocean. Hahli swims down after the mask until she faints under the pressure.
  • The Matoran coming up from the the deep takes Hahli to the surface and dies in the Inika's arms.
  • The Inika are joined by the Matoran Resistance Group, Toa Nuva, Axonn, and Botar carrying an unconscious Brutaka. Botar whispers to Tahu about a new mission for the Toa Nuva before teleporting away. The Piraka see the group, and decide to wait for the perfect moment to strike. Axonn says he can show the Inika how to get down to the mask. Axonn opens a gate into the Cord, and the Toa Inika's journey to Mahri Nui begins.
  • Karzahni decides to swim into the Black Water after the Inika and is mutated.

Mahri Nui: Eleven Months after the Coming of the Toa(?)

Mahri Nui
  • Reysa is killed by a Giant Squid while he overlooks the Hydruka harvesting Airweed.
  • Defilak becomes the month's Council leader in Mahri Nui, and proposes an expedition to see what lies beyond Mahri Rock, which is passed by the Council.
  • A Sea Squid also sees the mask and alerts Kalmah.
  • Kyrehx finds the Ignika and is cursed by it. Kyrehx runs to bring the mask to the Council Chamber, however, she is attacked by seaweed which was animated to life because of the mask's curse. Dekar saves her from the seaweed. Kyrehx, realizing the mask was responsible for the seaweed mishap, gives the mask to Dekar. Dekar puts the Ignika in his pack and begins his duty of water hunting.
  • Defilak, Gar, Sarda, and Idris travel down into the black water in Defilak's Submarine. Defilak's submarine is attacked by Takea Sharks, which are led by Pridak.
  • Ehlek sends his army of Venom Eels to destroy the city of Mahri Nui.
  • Dekar is interrupted in his water hunting by the Venom Eel army, and tries to attack them. Dekar discovers that he, too, has been cursed by the mask, and flees to Mahri Nui.
  • The Matoran of Mahri Nui try to fight against the Venom Eels.
  • Kyrehx is kidnapped by Carapar who takes her to Takadox. Takadox hypnotizes Kyrehx, and learns that the Ignika is still kept in Mahri Nui.
  • Gar, Idris, Defilak, and Sarda are kidnapped by Pridak and taken into a prison cave. Pridak takes Sarda and throws him out of the air bubble he was kept in, and into the open ocean, and he is quickly surrounded by Takea Sharks.
  • Sarda is rescued by Lesovikk. The two are attacked by Karzahni and Sarda ends up mutated.
  • Takadox sends Carapar to stop Ehlek and his Venom Eel army, who would destroy the mask in the attack on Mahri Nui as well.
  • Dekar decides it is best to get rid of the Ignika, and intends to destroy it.
  • Defilak learns that Pridak is in fact a Barraki. Pridak forces Defilak to tell him about the Mask of Life. Defilak says he will show Pridak where it is.
  • Carapar lets Kyrehx go and swims towards Ehlek to tell him to stop.
Kalmah and Takadox in the Inner Pit
  • Takadox and Kalmah follow Mantax down the Pit, where they meet Zyglak. Nocturn finds them and Takadox tricks him into attacking the creatures.
  • Kalmah retrieves Mantax, hoping that they'll be able to find the mask together.
  • Dekar hurries to a cavern far away from the city so he can destroy the mask. Kalmah and Mantax find him, and attempt an attack.
  • Gar and Idris make a plan to escape from a hole in the ceiling. They manage to escape during a tremor, and they hurry to Mahri Nui.
  • Defilak lies about the mask to Pridak.
  • The Ignika creates a 300 foot long Venom Eel to save itself from Dekar. It also gives Dekar visions about its past and the Barraki fighting each other to claim the Ignika.[124][125]
  • Defilak and Kyrehx shatter the city's Lightstones to hide the city from the Venom Eel.
  • Pridak attacks the Venom Eel.
  • Carapar and Ehlek take the opportunity to search Pridak's cave.
  • After having had many adventures descending [The Cord|Stone Cord]] including fighting Zyglak and Vezon, and learning the origins of the Bohrok, the Toa Inika arrive near the bottom of the Cord.
  • The Venom Eel hears sounds of battle in the Stone Cord, indicating the coming arrival of the Toa Inika. The Venom Eel wraps itself around cord and constricts.
  • Brutaka claims that he should have the mask. The Barraki do not believe Brutaka and he is carried off by a Giant Squid to the Black Water. The Barraki claim the Mask of Life, which starts to glow so brightly that it illuminates the entire region.
  • The Venom Eel breaks the cord.
The Fields of Air
  • The Order of Mata Nui loses contact with their operative at Mahri Nui.
  • The Toa Inika are transformed into more water resistant forms, due to energies from the Ignika. Their mask and tools are changed as well. The Toa fight the 300 foot eel, discovering some of their new mask powers and defeat it.
  • Dekar swims away from the sea cave, only to be transformed into a clone of the Pit jailer, Hydraxon by the Ignika becoming Hydraxon's replica.
  • The Antidermis gas is revealed to be Teridax and he thinks up a plan to corrupt the Toa Inika.
  • Toa Nuparu finds Mahri Nui and swims toward it, only to be attacked by the villagers. Toa Matoro approaches and tells them they mean no harm. Defilak agrees to allow one Toa in, and the rest must defend Mahri Nui. Matoro enters, but soon figures out he can not breath air any more.
  • The Toa Inika meet the Barraki, all the while scaring off the Keras Crabs near the airfield. Pridak asks what they did to become prisoners of The Pit. Hahli tells a lie on the behalf of the Toa. The Barraki brings them to their cave and gives each Toa an individual cave to dwell within. The Barraki agree what to do with the Ignika. They bring it to the Razor Whale's Teeth to place it under guard of Nocturn. Carapar and Kalmah stay behind to guard the tunnels.
  • Nuparu, using his Kanohi Volitak, the Mask of Stealth, sneaks into Hahli's cave and asks her what she knows about the League of Six Kingdoms. Hewkii, using his Garai, the Mask of Gravity escapes from his cave too.
  • Back at Mahri Nui, Idris tells that she saw the Inika talking to the Barraki. Defilak is about to act, when Matoro escapes, only to be captured by Hydraxon and sent to prison in the depths.
  • Jaller and Kongu attempt an escape, only to be caught by the Barraki and have a Hahnah Crab follow them. Kongu summons a creature from the depths with his Zatth, Mask of Summoning, only to be swept aside by it. Nuparu finds a room full of treasures. He finds a Cordak Blaster and tests it out. The Toa meet up with each other, with Hewkii and Nuparu hauling a box of treasure. All six Toa take one Cordak blaster, except for Kongu, who takes two in place of his melee weapon. Jaller also takes the crab with him.
  • Matoro is left in his prison with a Maxilos robot, and its pet Spinax. Just as the Toa of Ice is about to escape, Teridax possesses the robot and frees Matoro, warning not to reveal his true identity to anyone.
  • The Toa all come back to Mahri Nui, only to be fired upon once again. Hahli and Kongu create a twister around Defilak, but put him back in the bubble just as he was about to die. Hahli proclaims that if she wanted him dead, he would be.
  • Matoro and Maxilos arrive at Mahri Nui, discussing what they should do to find the Ignika. Teridax/Maxilos suggests to go in pairs, and Jaller agrees. Hahli says she is much better on her own.
  • Before they leave, Defilak is left speechless about the Toa's willingness to help the Matoran. He then dubs the Inika a new name: the Toa Mahri.
Defilak coins the term Toa Mahri.
  • At the Razor Whale's Teeth, Nocturn gets bored of the Mask of Life. He throws it away, as a Gadunka creature takes refuge beneath it. Nocturn then realizes something: he could kill anything he touched. So he goes off to find Ehlek, the mask with him, not realizing the Gadunka creature was growing.
  • The Toa set off in teams, Kongu with Jaller, Hewkii with Nuparu, and Maxilos with Matoro. Hahli goes on her own. Jaller and Kongu are ambushed by Sea Squids when searching the Ignika in caves. Hahli is ambushed and is punctured by Mantax's head spikes while she searches the sea floor. Nuparu and Hewkii look for the Kanohi Ignika in a trench, but are quickly ambushed by Ehlek and his Venom Eels.
  • Matoro and Maxilos/Teridax meet Takadox and Pridak, and start a battle between Takea sharks and undead.
  • Toa Jaller saves both Mahri by shooting intense heat into both Toa, and causing the squids to flee. They try to make a deal with Carapar and Kalmah, but Kalmah asks them to kill Pridak first.
  • Toa Hahli uses her Kanohi Faxon, copies the skills of a fish who can counter that particular type of venom. She makes a deal with Mantax.
  • Hewkii and Nuparu find themselves in the trench, which is surrounded by Venom eels. Nuparu shoots a slab of rock to carry them up, while shooting the eels with the Cordak blasters. They end up meeting Ehlek, and Hewkii uses his mask to drop one of Pridak's Takea sharks on the Venom eels. Ehlek then turns on Pridak.
  • The Toa Nuva infiltrate Metru Nui's Great Temple and find the scroll they needed to carry out the mission gave to them by Axonn. The scroll lists several things to do to prepare for the awakening of the Great Spirit. The first task: To reawaken the Bohrok swarms. The Toa Nuva head to Mata Nui and release the Bahrag. Onua tells the Bahrag what to do, and the Bohrok swarms awaken and start to clean the island to the way it was supposed to be.
  • The Toa Nuva go to Odina to recover the Staff of Artakha. They defeat Minion and Airwatcher. The Toa Nuva, inside the Odina Fortress, discover that the Staff is on Xia. The Toa Nuva on Xia capture Roodaka and force her to turn the Rahaga back into Toa Hagah. Onua is defeated by Makuta Icarax, who is searching for the Staff.
  • Icarax learns of a weapons order placed by the Order of Mata Nui
  • The Toa Nuva travel to Karzahni, where Icarax said he would be. They free the Matoran but are defeated by Icarax. However, Gali sweeps him away with a Nova Blast.
  • Matoro and Pridak continue the fight, as the Venom Eels join it. It gives Matoro and Maxilos time to flee.
  • Maxilos/Teridax leads Matoro down the Pit. He finds Tuyet's corpse and orders Matoro to reanimate her. Matoro does so and Teridax shows the Toa the pieces of the Nui Stone, an artifact he wants to recreate. Matoro, Maxilos, and Tuyet swim to Mahri Nui and meet Hahli, who suspects something is wrong. The three meet Icarax, who gives them the Staff of Artakha. Maxilos fights Karzahni and defeats his army of Manas. The ruler exploits his mind, but Teridax recovers and tears the dictator's mind to shreds.
Sarda and Idris confront Karzahni.
  • Lesovikk, Sarda, and Idris follow Karzahni and find him in a cave. Karzahni uses his Kanohi Olisi to make Lesovikk see his old team again. Lesovikk breaks free of the vision and witnesses Karzahni to get caught in a trap the two Matoran had prepared. Botar teleports Karzahni away and Idris leaves using a Lesovikk-built apparatus to breathe water. Sarda and Lesovikk also leave.
  • Maxilos/Teridax tries repairing the Nui Stone with the Staff of Artakha, but Brutaka attacks him, summoning Botar to take the Staff away. After a brief fight, Teridax leaves to prevent Hydraxon from destroying the Ignika.
  • The Toa Inika return to Mahri Nui, but Defilak is disappointed that battles get closer to Mahri Nui every time. Then a Ga-Matoran reveals that an army of manta rays are heading for Mahri Nui - With Hahli in the lead.
  • Nocturn, looking for Ehlek, finds Hydraxon instead. He explains that Hydraxon is deceased, but Hydraxon is a clone so he does not know. Hydraxon defeats Nocturn in a quick battle, and finds the mask. A part of him tells him it is valuable, but remnants of Dekar's mind want to destroy it, so he fires a Cordak rocket at it.
  • As the Mahri look for the Toa of Water, Matoro asks what to do next. Maxilos answers that they need to destroy the stone cord, bring Voya Nui down on Mahri Nui and killing every Matoran in it.
  • The Toa Nuva split up to cover more tasks. Tahu and Kopaka cap active volcanoes, Onua and Pohatu collect the Heart of the Visorak, and Lewa collects the Great Sundial and leaves it in the Archives as instructed by a mysterious voice. Gali looks through the Great Telescope at the Red Star and a voice prompts her to use her Akaku Nuva at the same time. She sees Kestora in the Red Star.
  • Botar brings all the Toa Nuva to Daxia where they see the Staff of Artakha being used to repair the universe. The Toa Nuva are teleported to Artakha.
  • In the Pit, Hahli sends a riptide at the mask, making the Hydraxon's Cordak miss. Before Hydraxon can shoot again, Mantax catches the Mask of Life, and steals Hydraxon and Hahli's energy to make him stronger, causing the Pit jailer and the Toa of Water to go unconscious. When the Toa Mahri find her, Hydraxon and Mantax are long gone, so Matoro sends Teridax and Spinax to track Hydraxon.
  • Matoro shares his information with the Toa Mahri and they all escort the Mahri Nui and Voya Nui Matoran to subterranean caves on Voya Nui with the help of Axonn. The Toa encounter the Piraka, mutated and more evil, and after a fight, the Toa resume their quest. Axonn provides the Toa Mahri with a "living vehicle" called the Toa Terrain Crawler, which escorts them down in time for battle.
  • The Barraki meet and Mantax exhibits the Tablet of Transit, and asks the Barraki to reveal who signed it.
  • Maxilos reaches Hydraxon but the latter makes an avalanche, burying the robot. The Barraki's meeting is interrupted by the avalanche and Takadox (who was the traitor), battles against Mantax, with an enlarged Gadunka in pursuit.
  • Matoro and Jaller go after the Ignika, while the rest stay behind to face other dangers.
  • Hewkii encounters the giant Gadunka, and quickly defeats him by sending electricity into him with his Electrified Chains.
  • Jaller severely burns Mantax, and is about to take the Ignika when Hydraxon interferes and throws him into a nearby cliff side.
The Kanohi Ignika saving Mata Nui
  • Maxilos/Teridax, frees himself and Takadox, paralyzed by Mantax, tries to hypnotize him but fails. Matoro sees Teridax heading toward Jaller who is facing Hydraxon. Matoro quickly freezes him, hoping he will never escape.
  • Jaller throws a jet hot bursts at Hydraxon, who goes around it, and it hits Maxilos instead, helping him escape his icy prison.
  • Spinax pounces on Hydraxon, and Maxilos reveals that Spinax is now his pet. From here, Hydraxon and Teridax have a fierce battle.
  • Matoro grabs the mask. The Toa Mahri regroup, but meet Gadunka, the 300 foot long Venom Eel, and the ancient Rahi Kongu had summoned. Hahli and Kongu trap the Rahi, Hewkii lowers the eel gravity and Gadunka is turned back into its original, smaller, form. The Mahri use their Cordak blasters to fire on the cord, making it fall straight into Mahri Nui, and then further down into the Pit.
  • The Mahri are pursued by the Barraki and their armies, but as they run away, Mata Nui dies. The Mahri face the Barraki, while Matoro follows Voya Nui. He witnesses it returning to the Southern Continent and slips under it, into Karda Nui.
  • Back in the pit, the Toa Mahri are losing the battle. Jaller prepares to unleash a Nova Blast, hoping to slow down the Barraki.
  • Mutran, while tending to the Shadow Leech vats, remembers the past of the Brotherhood of Makuta, reflecting on the many events he has witnessed.
  • Vamprah turns Radiak into a Shadow Matoran.
  • Matoro, at the suggestion of a mysterious voice, dons the Ignika and manages to revive the Great Spirit at the cost of his own life, but not before teleporting the Toa Mahri back to Metru Nui, where they become air breathers again.
  • Vamprah, Chirox, and Antroz are blinded by the light given off by the Ignika.
  • The Kanohi Ignika falls into the Swamp of Secrets, and turns silver due to the imbalance caused by the actions of the Makuta in Karda Nui.
  • Jaller barely forces down the Nova Blast. Vakama approaches and informs them that Matoro is deceased.
  • One day later, Hydraxon is attacked by Takea, defeats them, and is confronted by Pridak. Pridak shows Hydraxon the helmet of the original Hydraxon, and reveals that he is not the true Hydraxon. Confused and angry, Hydraxon refuses to believe the story, but gradually comes to understand what happened. He captures Pridak, claiming that he is Hydraxon now, and nothing can change that.
  • Some time later, on Artakha, the Toa Nuva are given Adaptive Armor and are teleported to Karda Nui by Artakha.

Karda Nui: Eleven Months after the Coming of the Toa(?)

Karda Nui, with the Swamp of Secrets at the bottom
Tanma in Karda Nui
  • Botar and Trinuma, on their way to the original rendezvous island to arm Brutaka's team with weapons, are attacked by Icarax, who is going to Metru Nui. Botar is killed and Trinuma is critically wounded, causing the deposit point to be relocated.
  • Vezon, Takadox, Carapar, Roodaka, and Spiriah are all captured by the Order of Mata Nui and placed in a cell. Before Vezon can escape, Brutaka arrives. Being told they can either obey his commands or be buried alive, the five inmates comply.
  • Later on, the newly formed team arrive at Stelt, Sidorak's homeland, in hopes of finding a large boat to take them south. Roodaka hides herself with a cloak, to keep the inhabitants from knowing her identity. The team enters a trader's market. Brutaka asks a trader for a ship to the south, and promises to pay for it with Roodaka, as the Vortixx is wanted on Stelt. The trader makes the deal, and shows Brutaka his ship. Without anyone spotting him, Takadox slips away and hypnotizes the crew, ordering them to jump off the boat. Brutaka gives the trader the honor of capturing Roodaka, but insists that no one would believe him unless his armor had battle scars as proof. Brutaka tells him that Vezon would do the job. The trader agrees and stands still, waiting for Vezon to strike him. Brutaka then knocks the trader unconscious, and the team boards the boat.
  • The group leaves Stelt, and Brutaka explains their mission: to free Miserix, the former leader of the Brotherhood of Makuta. The team's boat is pursued by Zyglak boats and when Brutaka tries to steer the ship away, Spiriah uses his wind power to hold it there. Spiriah reveals he has allied with the Zyglak, and takes command of the ship so he can go to Zakaz, and take revenge on the Skakdi, the reason for his being cast out of the Brotherhood. Spiriah and his fleet of Zyglak reach Zakaz. Several Dark Hunter ships are destroyed by the Zyglak. The survivors reach the shore, but are killed by the Skakdi. Suddenly the Zyglak ships are attacked and sunk by Ehlek's species. Brutaka attacks Spiriah, wins, and takes command of the ship again. Brutaka's ally and last member of the team, a Dark Hunter called Lariska, is introduced to the rest of the group.
  • Brutaka's group arm themselves with weapons at the new rendezvous point, Tren Krom's Island, and are attacked by Tren Krom shortly after. Tren Krom captures the group. Carapar attempts to kill him, but is killed instead. Disgusted by this, Tren Krom releases them to go on their way.
  • The team arrives on the island of Artidax, where Spiriah sets off a trap set for Makuta and is attacked by a hand made of living sand. Roodaka uses her mutation spinner to mutate the sand into a swarm of Fireflyers. After some encouragement from Brutaka, and being tricked into believing he could be the leader of the Brotherhood if they succeed, Spiriah agrees to act as the team's guide of the island. Before entering into a tunnel, Vezon steps in front of Spiriah and points out a thin vine that had been set as a trap. After bypassing the trap, they enter a tunnel in the side of a mountain. The team is trapped inside after Takadox cuts the vine to trigger the trap, causing an avalanche that seals them in. The team continues into the tunnel and arrive at a chasm spanned by a thin bridge. They begin to cross the bridge, but insects crawl up the walls and block the entrance and exit to the area. Roodaka uses her Rhotuka launcher and fires at the insects, mutating them. The insects then turn on the mutated ones and fight them for being different, allowing the team a way out. The team finds Miserix. Seeing Spiriah amongst the team, Miserix absorbs the Makuta and kills him as revenge for his actions. The team destroys one of the chains holding Miserix. He then breaks himself free from the others. The team is attacked by Klakk, which are defeated by Miserix. Miserix grows wings and the remaining members of the team get onto his back and fly north. Along the way, the team notices that their boat has disappeared.
  • Tanma attempts to take advantage of the Makuta's blindness as a result of Matoro saving Mata Nui's life, and rallies the Av-Matoran to attack the Makuta.
  • Three Shadow Matoran are taken by the Makuta in the sky in Marda Nui to act as their "eyes" via telepathy: Kirop, Gavla, and Radiak. The blind Makuta, with their Matoran assistants, pursue the squad of Av-Matoran including Tanma, Photok and Solek.
  • The Toa Nuva are teleported from Artakha to the skies of Karda Nui in front of the three Av-Matoran. Lewa sees a Shadow Leech and tries to capture it. Tanma stops him, accidentally attaching to Lewa and sharing with him his memories of Karda Nui's past. Onua understands that the Makuta are blind and Tahu orders them to stun the Shadow Matoran eyes. The Makuta then retreat.
  • The Toa Nuva begin to remember Karda Nui and their pasts. The Toa Nuva split into two teams. Tahu, Gali, and Onua journey down to the Swamp of Secrets while Kopaka, Lewa, and Pohatu stay in the villages to help the besieged Av-Matoran.
  • The three Makuta meet in their lair, and Antroz decides to send a message to Icarax, requesting that he come to Karda Nui.
  • Radiak reaches the Av-Matoran Stalactite Village and lures Pohatu and Photok out of it, where the two are ambushed by the Makuta and the Shadow Matoran. Pohatu stuns Vamprah and Antroz, but Chirox grabs both Toa and Matoran with a shadow hand, then throws them down into the village below. Kopaka and Lewa, after joining with their Matoran, arrive. Kopaka hits Chirox with a light ball. Lewa and Tanma are attacked by Antroz and Radiak, but Lewa hurls the Makuta away with a cyclone. Kopaka is attacked by Vamprah, who uses his Kanohi Avsa to weaken him. Lewa and Tanma flee, intending to search for the other three Toa for help. However, the battle finishes and the village, along with the three Toa Nuva, who escape with their Matoran partners, still stands.
  • The next day, Solek gives Kopaka a Keystone, a piece of a tablet telling how Mata Nui can be awakened. Meanwhile, Lewa and Tanma are on patrol. They see Kirop passing by overhead, and Lewa uses his Air powers to knock him to a nearby stalactite. Kopaka then goes over there and kidnaps Kirop.
  • On Metru Nui, Takanuva is attacked by a Shadow Leech, launched by Icarax. He manages to pull the Shadow Leech off, but now has control over Shadow while maintaining his Light powers. Takanuva is confronted by Helryx, Krakua, and Brutaka. He is shown the Toa Mata's past by means of a Krana-Kraata hybrid.
  • Meanwhile, the Toa Nuva Mistika enter the swamp and split up. After a while, Onua is hit by Bitil's Nynrah Ghost Blaster, and becomes controlled by the Makuta. Bitil uses his mask power to create a number of duplicates. The duplicates take Onua to Krika's lair. Tahu discovers the Codrex, and Krika emerges from the swamp. He attacks Tahu, who manages to send a signal for help.
  • Chirox and Mutran create a Rahi mount for Mutran's assistant, Vican, so that he can reach Icarax.
Tahu, Gali, and Onua in the Swamp of Secrets
  • Bitil and his doubles arrive on an islet where Bitil thinks Krika is. No longer under Bitil's control, Onua fires his Nynrah Ghost Blaster, which morphed from a Midak Skyblaster, and the attack sends Bitil spiraling down towards the swamp. The Toa Nuva then sees Tahu's signal. In the swamp, the Kanohi Ignika creates for itself a body to bear itself, "Toa Ignika." A Skyboard is also created. Gali finds a Keystone, and Gorast prepares to strike Gali while she tries to pry it loose from a plant. Gali and Gorast fight. Gali turns the ground below the Makuta to mud, and the Makuta begins to sink into it. Gali offers Gorast mercy, but Gorast plunges into the mud, seemingly committing suicide. She emerges a few moments later from the mud behind Gali, knocking her down, and starts to drain her light. Onua arrives and saves Gali from Gorast.
The three Toa Nuva Phantoka - Lewa, Pohatu, and Kopaka
  • In the swamp, the Kanohi Ignika creates for itself a body to bear itself, "Toa Ignika." A Skyboard is also created.
  • The Toa Nuva steal a Keystone from Kirop and then trick him into leading them and the Matoran to Mutran's hive. Toa Ignika joins the three Toa Nuva with their Matoran and defeat a Rahi that is attacking them. The seven then reach the Shadow Leech hive. After breaking the door, Pohatu, Photok, Lewa and Tanma are subjected to an illusion made by Mutran, which makes them believe Toa Ignika is a giant, aggressive Rahi. Kopaka and Solek take on Mutran. The other five realize that something is wrong, since they have not seen any Shadow Leeches in sight. Everyone turns to Toa Ignika, who now appears to be a monster. The Toa Nuva and their Matoran attack in response. Angered and confused, Toa Ignika starts to kill the four. Kopaka defeats Mutran, with Solek's help. The other four realize that they have been tricked and stop their attack on Toa Ignika. Pohatu is angered by Toa Ignika's attack, and is about to hurt him when he realizes that Toa Ignika is wearing the Mask of Life. Antroz, Vamprah, and Chirox arrive and defeat all seven. They are all knocked unconscious.
  • Vican delivers his message to Icarax. Icarax plans to go to Karda Nui.
  • The Toa and Matoran awaken in Mutran's cell. Mutran threatens Lewa by holding a Shadow Leech to his mask. Pohatu distracts Mutran long enough for him to activate his Kanohi Kakama Nuva and free the Matoran, who are trapped elsewhere. Then the seven escape from the hive. Outside the hive, Toa Ignika uses his powers to send the hive plummeting. The Makuta escape and regroup.
  • Icarax reaches Karda Nui, and the five Makuta attack the last free village. However, as they open the refuge of the Av-Matoran, they find it to be empty. A Shadow Matoran nearby tells them the Toa Nuva are stealing another Keystone from the Makuta's base. The Makuta head over to their base and confront the Toa Nuva in battle. Antroz fires a bolt of shadow at Pohatu, but Kopaka deflects the attack, which strikes Antroz. Pohatu strikes Chirox with a stalactite sending him tumbling down towards the Swamp of Secrets. Pohatu and Photok strike Antroz multiple times, but Icarax uses his powers over Gravity to send both Toa and Matoran plummeting from the sky. Antroz is also affected by this.
  • Tahu escapes Krika by making the ground Krika is on boiling hot. Onua and Gali soon arrive.
  • The three Mistika Makuta spot Chirox falling, and fly to intercept him.
  • Thirteen Av-Matoran take the Toa Nuva to safety. The Toa Nuva Mistika watch in horror as twelve of them turn into Bohrok. The thirteenth then gives them a Keystone and turns into a Bohrok himself, and is teleported to the nests on Mata Nui along with the rest.
  • Icarax then attacks Toa Ignika, but is devolved from a being of energy to a being of flesh. Mutran unleashes an enormous Shadow blast and orders a retreat to the Swamp. The blind Makuta and Icarax do so, while Mutran himself is surrounded by the Toa. The Nuva and Toa Ignika then head to the swamp.
  • The Toa go to the Makuta's camp to retrieve a third Keystone.
  • Krakua and Botar's replacement are sent to Voya Nui by Helryx to recall Axonn. After Axonn discerns that they are telling the truth, they return to Daxia.
  • Helryx sends a message to the Order's Dark Hunter spy, Ancient, informing him that it is time to convince the Shadowed One to ally with the Order.
  • The Toa Hagah defeat the Kanohi Dragon and the Tahtorak. Gaaki has a vision of the future via her Mask of Clairvoyance. Bomonga interprets Gaaki's vision to mean that the Dark Hunters are coming. Kualus summons a Smoke Hawk to scout the area. The Smoke Hawk returns with the news that hordes of ships are massing on Xia. Iruini uses his Kanohi Kualsi to teleport to the lead ship, where he meets the Shadowed One. The Shadowed One says he has come to destroy Xia and threatens Iruini.
  • Helryx arrives with two other Order of Mata Nui members, to force the Dark Hunters to only invade and control Xia, not destroy it. After Helryx warns the Shadowed One about what will happen to the Hunters if they disobey her, she has the Toa Hagah teleported to the ship and orders them to locate Makuta Teridax. Helryx gives the Toa Hagah the Piraka Zaktan as a guide to where they are going. Gaaki has another vision of the future, one where one of the group dies. Helryx then has the Toa Hagah teleported to Metru Nui.
  • The Makuta corner the Toa, and Tahu lies to the Makuta, telling them the Ignika is with the Phantoka. Bitil does not believe this, and telepathically communicates with one of the Makuta above. He is shocked when he finds out it's true. The Toa take advantage of the moment of distraction and flee.
  • The Makuta go to the Codrex to wait for the Toa who realize they are not being followed and return.
  • The Phantoka decide to go into the swamp, though Toa Ignika will guard Icarax, who sends a telepathic message for Vultraz.
  • Axonn meets Brutaka and Miserix and is informed that Helryx has declared war on the Brotherhood of Makuta.
  • Trinuma frees Vezon.
  • By air, the Mistika go to the Codrex and ambush the Makuta.
  • Axonn and Brutaka are sent to Zakaz to broker an alliance with the Skakdi species. Axonn and Brutaka successfully forge an alliance with the Skakdi warlord Nektann.
  • Miserix attacks a trader's house and tells him to tell everyone he can a message: Miserix is back, and looking for Teridax.
  • Just then, the Phantoka Makuta and their Shadow Matoran arrive. They are followed by the Phantoka Toa Nuva and their Av-Matoran.
  • Brutaka attempts to send Takanuva to Karda Nui with his Kanohi Olmak.
  • However, due to damage to the Kanohi Olmak, he ends up in a pocket dimension.
Miserix, former leader of the Brotherhood
  • Takanuva enters the The Kingdom Alternate Universe. (For more information on what happens here, see The Kingdom Alternate Universe)
  • Takanuva enters the Toa Empire Universe. (For information on what happens here, see Toa Empire Alternate Universe)
  • Vezon and Trinuma travel to Destral, where Vezon will pretend to betray the Order.
  • Mazeka travels to Stelt to question a Fe-Matoran about the location of Vultraz. Mazeka fights his way past two guards from Krekka's species and breaks into the Fe-Matoran's room. Mazeka asks the Fe-Matoran where Vultraz is. Mazeka steals the Fe-Matoran's Kanohi and threatens to smash the mask. The Fe-Matoran tells Mazeka that Vultraz was heading to the core of the universe to bring something to Makuta Icarax. Mazeka smashes the Fe-Matoran's mask, and returns to his Swamp Strider.
  • Trying to track down Helryx, Mazeka breaks into the Daxia's base. Mazeka travels through an escape tunnel leading back to Helryx's chamber. There, instead of finding Helryx, he sees Tobduk, another Order member. Tobduk claims he knows where the core is, but will only tell Mazeka if he helps him. Mazeka and Tobduk travel to Destral to kill Makuta Tridax.
  • The Toa Hagah arrive in Metru Nui to destroy the Coliseum. The Toa Hagah fight the Toa Mahri, stopping only when a Rahi Kualus summons goes out of control. After the Rahi is subdued, the Toa Hagah explain to the Toa Mahri that they are following Teridax to an inaccessible spot below the Coliseum, where all the hidden knowledge about the Matoran Universe and its workings were. The Toa Hagah and Toa Mahri then work together to form a tunnel under the Coliseum, which the Toa Hagah then travel through.
  • Teridax drifts through the area under the Coliseum, and 'speaks' to Mata Nui.
  • Tahu engages in a struggle with Vamprah.
  • Axonn and Brutaka travel to one of the Southern Islands to destroy a pool of pure Antidermis. However, the pool attacks them and they fall into it. Axonn is rescued from the pool of Antidermis by Brutaka, who has formed a mental link with the liquid. Brutaka talks of 'Spherus Magna' and that they must travel to a 'place of death' before opening a portal.
  • The Shadowed One discovers a Vortixx digging for something. The Shadowed One 'helps' him until he discovers what the Vortixx is looking for. Then he kills the Vortixx. Ancient discovers the Shadowed One and learns that he has discovered several Makuta viruses, then is killed by the Shadowed One's eyebeams.
  • Lewa discusses with Onua and Kopaka about what the Makuta want, and how they could have killed the group already.
  • The Toa Mahri are given the Heart of the Visorak by Order member Johmak and told to go to Artidax with it. Jaller, Hahli and Nuparu sail off to Artidax. Kongu and Hewkii are ambushed by Johmak and knocked unconscious.
  • Vezon lands on Destral where Rahkshi capture him and returns him to Tridax. The Order of Mata Nui attacks Destral, interrupting Vezon's interrogation. Tridax leaves to teleport the island to offshore of Metru Nui, secretly followed by Vezon. Vezon follows Tridax to a room full of alternate Takanuvas, where the Makuta reveals what he had planned. Suddenly, he is attacked by Tobduk, who uses a Protosteel-eating virus.
  • While Tobduk kills Tridax, Mazeka confronts Vezon, but ultimately lets him go. Mazeka gains the location of Karda Nui from Tobduk and retrieves his Swamp Strider from Daxia. He then travels to Karda Nui.
  • Jaller, Hahli, and Nuparu arrive at Artidax, only to be hypnotized by Takadox. Takadox leaves the Toa on the island and steals their boat.
  • Meanwhile, at the Codrex, the Toa Nuva and the Makuta are fighting. Krika leaves the scene with Gali and tells her to leave Karda Nui.
  • Helryx sends a message to Hydraxon's replica, telling him to release the remaining Barraki. Hydraxon receives the message and does so.
  • Pridak attacks a Brotherhood fortress and discovers a secret chamber. Pridak discovers that the shattered pieces on the room's floor are covered in writing.
  • The Order and Brotherhood fight on Nynrah. The Order wins.
  • Tahu starts a raging fire, trapping Vamprah.
  • Helryx examines Rahkshi armor with her Great Mask of Psychometry on Nynrah. She finds a new source of Energized Protodermis, and travels there with Keetongu. Once there, the two travel across the island until they reach the site of Energized Protodermis. Then they meet the Energized Protodermis Entity, who attacks her after a brief exchange. Helryx and Keetongu escape through a dimensional gate before the Energized Protodermis Entity's attack can reach them. Vezon enters the chamber through the gate, and is hit by the Energized Protodermis.
  • Krika talks to Gali, and tells her to flee Karda Nui.
  • The Toa Hagah travel through the underground tunnel beneath the Coliseum until Norik discovers some inscriptions on the wall. Bomonga can only translate one name: Bara Magna. The Toa resume walking until a trap is triggered, pulling them to powerful magnetic walls immune to their Elemental Powers while molten Protodermis comes at them.
  • Teridax, his power rising in magnitude, is able to use his telepathic abilities to awaken Jaller, who in turn awakens Hahli and Nuparu. The three Toa escape the island as a volcano explodes, killing all the Visorak who had followed the Heart. The Toa then begin swimming back to Metru Nui.
  • Before the molten Protodermis can reach the Toa Hagah, the team and Zaktan are rescued by Makuta Miserix, who is going to the same place as they are to kill Teridax. The group of Toa, Makuta, and Skakdi reach their goal. At their destination are two all-organic dead bodies. As the group examines them, a dimensional gate opens up behind them. Helryx, Keetongu, Axonn and Brutaka join the travelers under the Coliseum. Teridax, in the body of Mata Nui, destroys Brutaka's Kanohi Olmak and kills Zaktan.
  • Takanuva arrives in Karda Nui through a portal. Krika sees him and departs, and Gali tells Takanuva how he's changed appearance-wise,
  • Kongu and Hewkii wake up and learn that Metru Nui has been turned into a fortress by the Order.
  • Voporak steals the Kanohi Vahi from the Coliseum.
  • Vultraz is traveling through Karda Nui to deliver information to Icarax when he sees Mazeka. He then power dives towards Mazeka, hoping to kill him. Mazeka and Vultraz both begin attacks at each other, but before they can reach each other, a dimensional portal opens up and takes them to an alternate universe. (For more information on what happens here, see The Melding Alternate Universe)
  • Gorast covers Pohatu and Photok in stone of Pohatu's creation, but they escape. Tahu orders Pohatu to find Gali, and he meets Takanuva.
  • They encounter some Niazesk, and Takanuva defeats them with his Shadow powers. Pohatu then believes Takanuva is Makuta Teridax in disguise until Gali proves otherwise.
  • Kalmah, Mantax, and Ehlek travel to Xia to make a deal with the Shadowed One. The Shadowed One agrees to make a bargain, on one condition: Pridak meets the Shadowed One on Karzahni to make the deal.
  • Mutran creates a Klakk, but it tries to escape. Noticing this, he tries to spear it, but he misses and it screams at Vican, its sonic cry shattering the wall that prevents light from coming back to Vican. Vican is no longer a Shadow Matoran. Mutran orders Vican after the Klakk.
  • The three go to the Codrex. The Makuta see Takanuva and retreat.
  • Tahu, having gathered all the keystones, asks the Toa to read the tablet at the Codrex. He puts the keystones into a niche in the center of the Codrex, and the shield goes down long enough for the Toa Nuva to get inside. The Toa are brought down to a lower level of the Codrex on a moving platform. Three spheres open, revealing three vehicles.
  • Helryx, Keetongu, Axonn and Brutaka join the travelers under the Coliseum. Teridax, in the body of Mata Nui, destroys Brutaka's Kanohi Olmak and kills Zaktan.
  • On Destral, a Shadow Takanuva awakens and decides to destroy the Matoran Universe.
  • Miserix begins to attack the advanced machinery under the Coliseum, only to be stopped by Brutaka, who explains that Mata Nui is the Matoran Universe and the room under the Coliseum is his mind.
  • Icarax makes his way to the Codrex, and tells Krika that if the Toa awaken Mata Nui, the Great Spirit will destroy the Makuta. He says that if Krika were to turn intangible, he could perhaps pass through the shield. Krika tries this, and half his body makes it. It becomes harder to go through, though, because the shield tries to keep Krika from entering. The other Makuta, who are following Teridax's Plan, try to stop Krika but realize that it is too late.
  • The Toa realize that the shield is going down.
  • The shield comes down, but Krika is thrown into the swamp in the process. Icarax uses his powers over Gravity on the Codrex, crushing it.
  • Inside the Codrex, the Toa make pillars of ice, stone and earth in an attempt to support the Codrex from collapsing on them. The Toa split up. Some will board the vehicles and leave the Codrex to buy time for the other Toa. Lewa climbs aboard the Axalara T9, and Pohatu mounts the Rockoh T3. Before Kopaka can claim the Jetrax T6, Makuta Antroz (who snuck into the Codrex behind the Toa) hijacks the vehicle. While escaping, Antroz momentarily collides with a massive Lightstone, charging the Jetrax T6 with energy and making the vehicle glow yellow. Lewa and Pohatu battle against Antroz in their vehicles. Radiak insists on helping Antroz, but he is rejected.
Antroz steals the Jetrax T6.
  • Takanuva departs to help the Av-Matoran evacuate Karda Nui in preparation for the Energy Storms when Mata Nui awakes.
  • Tahu tells Ignika that using the Mask of Life could quickly wake the Great Spirit, but he would need to give up physical form and his new-found life. Toa Ignika does not like this, and attacks Tahu.
  • Gorast and Vamprah attack Icarax. Icarax fires at Gavla, knocking her off Vamprah. Vamprah hurls a sonic blast at Icarax, but to no avail. Gorast saves Gavla and cuts open Icarax's armor, expecting Antidermis to flow out. Nothing happens, and Icarax explains that when he fought Toa Ignika, his Antidermis was transformed into real organs and muscles. He then tries to cut open Gorast's armor so her Antidermis will leak out.
  • Antroz sends Bitil, Chirox, and Kirop after Takanuva.
  • Pohatu creates pillars of stone in hopes of Antroz crashing into one. Lewa creates powerful winds to make Antroz crash. Antroz fires at Rockoh, sending him into a pillar, but Pohatu makes the pillar turn to dust. Pohatu makes a hand of stone erupt from the swamp. Antroz escapes, but loses the power the Lightstone gave the Jetrax. Antroz uses his magnetic power to make Rockoh fall, but Pohatu steers it up in time. Axalara T9 and Rockoh T3 close in on Jetrax T6, but Antroz teleports to the island where Mutran was working. To prevent Rockoh and Axalara crashing into each other, Kopaka makes a wall of ice to make the vehicles stop and then climbs in.
  • Toa Ignika pins Tahu to the wall of the Codrex, outraged that Tahu wants him to be once again only a mask. Gali explains that if Toa Ignika wants to be a hero, he has to sacrifice himself like Matoro. Toa Ignika agrees.
  • Antroz, now back in his original form, tells Mutran to get a Shadow Matoran to restore his sight and to help Gorast and Vamprah against Icarax. Gavla gets back on Vamprah. Mutran dispatches a Shadow Matoran to help Antroz, and Gorast tells Mutran to send white noise to Icarax. While Mutran telepathically fills Icarax's head with noise, Gorast tells Vamprah to have no surprise and questions about what Gorast says and does. Gorast yells out that Mata Nui is almost awakened. Icarax, not wanting this, tries to teleport away. Gorast zooms toward Icarax and turns on her Mask of Disruption, making the atoms scatter while Vamprah releases of blast of power, sending them around the Matoran Universe. Gorast explains that when one teleports, their atoms are scattered and will reappear wherever they want. Scattering the atoms meant that pieces of Icarax would reappear in various places around the universe.
  • Miserix attempts to attack again, only to be stopped by Teridax who cloaks him with an illusion. Teridax then places the Toa Hagah in a mental vision of happiness and dismissed them. Teridax then teleports Axonn, Brutaka, and Keetongu to the far southern islands. Teridax tells Helryx that he has kept her with him so that he with have someone to talk to and be a 'friend' to him.
  • Vican tells Takanuva about the Klakk, and he captures Radiak, forcing the Klakk to break his mental barrier as well. Radiak is no longer a Shadow Matoran. Radiak says that the Makuta want Mata Nui awakened, but for reasons unknown.
  • Takanuva orders the Matoran to bring the other Matoran, cure them, and wait in a safe spot while he helps the other Toa. Tanma objects, but Takanuva says that if they stay in Karda Nui, an energy storm will kill everything in sight.
  • Krika hears this, and flies off to warn the Makuta.
  • The Matoran follow Takanuva's orders.
  • Chirox and Bitil attack Takanuva. Takanuva defeats all of Bitil's doubles instantly, and knocks Kirop off Chirox, but Kopaka catches him. Takanuva defeats Chirox, but one of Bitil's doubles tries to attack Takanuva, but the Jetrax scares it off. More of Bitil appear, and Takanuva tries to destroy each one. Seeing the real Bitil, Kopaka fires at him, making the doubles disappear. The only Makuta left is Chirox, and Takanuva tries to destroy him. Takanuva regains control over himself, and tells Kopaka about the Makuta and how they want Mata Nui awakened.
  • Onua leaves the Codrex.
  • Tahu tells Gali how it's his fault they were in the canisters for a thousand years. Tahu realizes that they can fly out of Karda Nui by hanging on to the vehicles. He then flies out of the Codrex.
  • Takanuva, one by one, turns the Shadow Matoran back into Av-Matoran.
  • Vamprah helps Chirox recover from his injuries, and lets Gavla take a rest. Takanuva grabs her and takes her to the Klakk.
  • The Klakk changes both Gavla and Takanuva, returning them to light. Gavla wished that she was once again a Shadow Matoran, because she had a use, but she joins the other Matoran, and as one group they fly to Metru Nui, the Av-Matoran on jetpacks and the former Shadow Matoran with their wings.
  • Toa Ignika gets between the Lightstones, and he uses the power of life to awake Mata Nui. He tells Gali to leave Karda Nui.
  • Gorast, Bitil, Mutran, with Antroz, Chirox, and Vamprah attack the remaining Toa Nuva. Krika screams that the Toa Nuva and Makuta have to evacuate, as he has just learned about the storm. Before Tahu can help Krika, Gorast uses her mask to let his intangibility powers make him disperse. Kopaka tells the Toa that they have to leave, because the storm has started.
  • Onua helps Gali out of the Codrex.
  • Mutran tries to study the storm, but a flash of lightning incinerates him. Gorast and Antroz ask Bitil to help them escape the Energy Storms, but Bitil abandons them and attempts to teleport out of Karda Nui. Bitil is incinerated due to the fact that the Energy Storms are interfering with his teleporting powers, and he is killed, followed by the other Makuta.
  • The vehicles escape Karda Nui.
  • Mata Nui awakens.
  • The Toa Mahri return to Metru Nui to help fight in the Siege of Metru Nui. Krakua awakens the Bohrok, who start fighting their way through the Rahkshi to the island of Mata Nui. The Toa Nuva return to Metru Nui and help in the fight. The body of Mata Nui fully awakens and destroy the Brotherhood forces around Metru Nui, ending the Destiny War, seemingly in favor of the Toa and Matoran.

Teridax's Reign: One Year after the Coming of the Toa

Less Than Six Months Ago


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