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Hi all, I am eragon3443, longtime LEGO enthusiast, and current TFOL MOCist. My favorite theme is Bionicle, and most of my MOCs involve that theme. In addition to my MOCing, I also am heavily involved in the LEGO online community. I post on many LEGO related forums, and am a contributing member to most galleries. I am most famous on the LEGO Message Boards, racking up 24,300 posts. Here is a complete list of sites I roam. Forums: Lego Message Boards BZPower Classic Castle My Lego Nexus Organization MLNTeam LUGNET From Bricks to Bothans Classic Space Brickset Bricklink

Social Sites ReBrick MyLEGONetwork LEGO Cuusoo

Galleries: Custom Bionicle Wiki Official Bionicle Gallery LEGO Universe Creation Lab BrickShelf MOCPages

I also edit a large number of wikis: Custom Bionicle Wiki BionicleSector01 WikiMetru Forums BIONICLE Wiki Lego Message Boards Wiki Brickipedia My LEGO Network Wiki My LEGO Newtwork Cheats Wiki LEGO Universe Wiki LEGO Universe Stories Wiki LEGO Message Boards Roleplay wiki MLN Music and Bands Wiki Lego Classics wiki Lego Users wiki LEGO Online games wiki

In addition to MOCing and just being involved in the LEGO community, I play hockey and soon, soccer. I also play paintball and airsoft. I am an Xbox gamer, with 6000+ G. My Gamertag is SpecOperations9, if you’re interested in friending me