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Re-balanced Brotherhood of Makuta Concept

Universal: Basic Telepathy, Flight, Kraata Creation

Miserix- The Diplomat- Mask of Charisma

Anger, Sonics, Ice Resistance, Cyclone, Fire Resistance, Gravity

Teridax- The Strategist- Mask of Shadows

Shapeshifting, Illusion, Mind Reading, Darkness, Sleep, Teleportation

Icarax- The Warrior- Mask of Growth

Fragmentation, Quick Healing, Power Scream, Accuracy, Limited Invulnerability, Dodge

Chirox- The Biologist- Mask of Summoning

Poison, Electricity, Stasis Field, Plant Control, Rahi Control, Insect Control

Ghorax- The Slayer- Mask of Disruption

Fear, Hunger, Vacuum, Molecular Disruption, Density Control, Silence

Bitilix- The Tinkerer- Mask of Repulsion

Disintegration, Heat Vision, Plasma, Magnetism, Chain Lightning, Adaptation

Khojox- The Operative- Mask of Duplication

Elasticity, Confusion, Laser Vision, Weather Control, Chameleon, Slow