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BS01 Status quasiactive
Usual Online Time it be totally random yo
BZP Name bonesiii
BZP Status active
Online Jobs BZP Reference Master, Storyline & Theories Forum Leader, Founder of the Bionicle Reference Center, S&T Contest Host, Self-Appointed Debate Guru, Co-Founder of the Aethion Expanded Multiverse (along with Swert), Writer of The Bones Blog
Age Sorry, that information is classified
Gender male
Height taller than you
Nationality American
Character(s) Kopaka, Nuju, Takua/Takanuva, Axonn, Teridax, Icarax, Tren Krom, Mata Nui, & many more
Set(s) Pohatu Newva, Avak, Gadunka, Strakk
Color(s) you know it be true
da orange and blue
Food(s) CHEESE
Character name Tiribomba
Story Theme Mystery
Slogan Explosions are the answer.
Bionicle Fanfics Bionicle Paracosmos, also an Expanded Multiverse: Cipher Chronicles writer
External Image This user has been a Bionicle fan since the beginning
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And It Be. This English Major is a Grammar Rebel
Brevity = Wit
External Image Logician
Blah This user speaks little, yet is known for super-long posts and generally typing like crazy
External Image This user makes Coolified avatars and other quality art with Powerpoint
External Image Physics geek
External Image This user is an undead skeleton and former Top Drome Champion
External Image If you met this user, you'd go insane
External Image Proud creator of the canon Lightstone Rifle
External Image Co-invented ten canon powers for unknown mask shapes (along with Swert)
Also got the 2008 small set masks approved as Noble Kanohi
This user believes the Kanohi page to be the single most important page on the entire BS01 Wiki.
O-0 This user can't think of anything else to add here right now.

So, this page lacks actual content still. But at least it's progress, yeah?