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About Me

Hello! My name is Max. I am white, Russian-American male. I am fan of Bionicle practically since the beginning, when the sets hit the shelves in Europe back in 2000. While I am using BS01 as far back as 2011 for references, knowledge and just for plain fun. I used to have an account here before, but I never came around using it so I deleted it. Bionicle to me is a standout, unique, captivating and aspiring franchise. My first set I ever got is Gali Mata.

In spite of G1 not being given proper and honorable end; with Tahu, Mata Nui, Takanuva, etc defeating Velika; making peace with Great Beings and letting them know their amends have been met with; along with Bionicles comeback and fall as G2...I am still a passionately invested fan. I would be honored to make my contributions to the community and to this amazingly build wiki. I am more than happy & welcome to receive help & criticism on not only my editing skills, but also on my grasp of the language. That's it this time and as always, have a nice day!

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