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The origin of this file currently isn't determinable. Please find out, where it's from!
This file is a copyrighted image. Its owners are: Lego A/S and maybe also subsidiary or other companies. All rights are reserved to them. Any other uses of this image elsewhere might be copyright infringement.

The use of this image at BIONICLEsector01, hosted on servers in the United States of America, serves no commercial purpose, therefore it is believed that it qualifies as fair use as described in the Copyright Act of 1976, 17 U.S.C. § 107 under the copyright law of the United States of America.

How to Use

This template is used to tag all Files that LEGO owns. There are different ways of using it: The first parameter describes the Type or the Type of Media of the picture: Comic, Movie123, Movie4, Book, Human, CGI or Set. As an additional parameter to Book, Comic or CGI, Artist can be used to identify the Artist who created the picture. This is not mandatory, but recommended. Matching categories will be put in automatically. For concept files, Concept can be used as a second parameter for Movie- or CGI-files.

If a set is shown with a CGI-background, use CGI instead of Set. If a file does not fit into the categories of above, the files origin can be described in the first parameter, for example: {{Copyright|This oil-painting owned by LEGO was painted by Average Joe.}}

If LEGO does not own the file, use the parameter |Owner= to identify the actual owner.

Never use this Template without parameters!

List of parameters
Type/Media Type Example-Code Usage of the example
Picture from a book {{Copyright|Book|Artist=Toby Dutkiewicz}} File:Location Artakha.png
Computer-generated picture (CD, Animation, Game, Website, Set with CGI-background, and so on) {{Copyright|CGI|Artist=Christian Faber}} File:BIONICLE 2001-2010.jpg
Computer-generated concept picture {{Copyright|CGI|Concept|Artist=Christian Faber}} File:Concept Art Keystone.jpg
Picture from a Comic {{Copyright|Comic|Artist=Randy Elliott}} File:Comic10-Powerless.png
Picture from one of the first three movies {{Copyright|Movie123}} File:LoMN Turaga Lhikan.PNG
Concept picture of one of the first three movies {{Copyright|Movie123|Concept}} File:MoL Concept Art Rahkshi Front.jpg
Picture from the fourth movie {{Copyright|Movie4}} File:TLR Metus Snake.png
Concept picture of the fourth movie {{Copyright|Movie4|Concept}} File:TLR Concept Art Spherus Magna System.jpg
Pictures if human(s) {{Copyright|Human}} File:Leah Weston Kaae.PNG
Picture of set(s) {{Copyright|Set}} File:Set Toa Mata Tahu.png