BIONICLEsector01:Community Portal/Main Page Redesign Contest 2/Polls

This page's discussion housed the polls for the Second Main Page Redesign Contest. Below are the archived rules


  • Vote for only one entry in each group.
  • You may vote for yourself.
  • Preliminary Voting will have 3 entries in four groups. Group one will have 4 entries to even out the entries.
  • Semifinal Voting will have the top two of each group. Edit: There are two groups. You may vote for one in each group. The winner of each one go off, and the runner up of either poll with the most votes (below the top entry) goes on as well.
  • Final Voting will have the top leaders of the previous poll's two groups face off. The third spot will have a "runner up," being the one with the most votes of either side. Then, you will pick your favorite from this group.
  • You will have 5 days to pick an entry in Prelim, 5 days to pick a Semifinal, and 10 days to pick a Finalist.
  • Entries are not to be edited during the duration of the polls. Each entry will be locked, and staff-submitted entries will be expected not to edit anything.
  • Designs are final. No turning back.
  • Final entry will be judged by Swert and Electric Turahk to determine if it will be used.