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This page features content from BIONICLE Generation 1
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Creeps from the Deep

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Creeps from the Deep is Non-Canon
Creeps from the Deep is considered to be Non-Canonical to the BIONICLE storyline because, although it uses several BIONICLE elements from BIONICLE, the events it portrays were never approved by the BIONICLE Story Team, and are either never referenced in canon media or contradict canon events.
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This article is about the online game. You may be looking for the animation.

Creeps from the Deep
Online Game
Platform Online
Controls Mouse
Availability Available

Creeps from the Deep is a teaser game posted on BIONICLE.com in 2007 to promote the then-new Barraki sets. It was also available in the Barraki Promo CD.


The player takes control of a Mahri Nui Matoran as they attempt to evade the Barraki warlords and their Sea Squid. The object of this game is to get as far as possible through a large field of Airweed before the the player is caught. When the player loses, a Barraki will jump out of the Airweed and text will appear on-screen and state, "You have been caught by" and the Barraki's respective name. Links to the game have been removed from the website, but the game is still available to play.


  • Mouse - Slash

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