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This page features content from BIONICLE Generation 1
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Lava Surfing (Online Game)

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Lava Surfing (Online Game) is Non-Canon
Lava Surfing (Online Game) is considered to be Non-Canonical to the BIONICLE storyline because, although it uses several BIONICLE elements from BIONICLE, the events it portrays were never approved by the BIONICLE Story Team, and are either never referenced in canon media or contradict canon events.
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Lava Surfing
Lava Surfing Game.png
Online Game
Platform Computer
Controls Keyboard
Availability Retired

Lava Surfing is an online game that was released in 2003 as a promotion for BIONICLE: Mask of Light. The objective of the game is to safely collect twenty-five golden Tahu Nuva Symbols. The player controls Tahu Nuva who is Lava Surfing on his lavaboard. At the upper portion of the play area, there are three measurements, time, symbols, and speed. Time indicates how long the player has been controlling Tahu Nuva, symbols indicates how many Nuva Symbols the player has collected, and speed indicates the speed at which Tahu Nuva is traveling. The penalty for missing a Nuva Symbol is five seconds added to the time counter. All three of the counters reset when the game ends. The game will end, forcing the player to restart, when Tahu Nuva runs into a rock, or reaches the twenty-fifth possible Nuva Symbol.


  • Mouse - Start game, restart game
  • Left/Right Arrows - Move left and right, respectively
  • Up Arrow - Increase speed
  • Down Arrow - Decrease speed

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