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This page features content from BIONICLE Generation 1
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Badge of Office

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Badge of Office
LoMN Turaga Dume Badge of Office.png
Dume's Badge of Office
Users Turaga
Function Symbolizing Turaga's experience and knowledge
Channeling their elemental powers
Status In use
Location Matoran Universe (formerly)
Spherus Magna

A Badge of Office is a staff or tool used by a Turaga to symbolize their experience and knowledge.


On many occasions, Badges of Office are the Turaga's transformed Toa Tools. Other times, they have been used by their owner since they were Matoran, such as Vakama's Firestaff. Turaga can channel their minute elemental powers through their tools if they desire to.

During the Dark Time, when the six Turaga of Mata Nui were kidnapped by Infected Rahi, each of their Badges of Office were separated from them and hidden away. However, Takua discovered them while searching for the Toa Stones, and used them to help complete his journey. Eventually, Takua was able to rescue each of the Turaga and return their Badges of Office to them.

Known Badges of Office

Known Badges of Office include:

Set Information

In 2001, one of six different staffs was included in each Turaga of Mata Nui set. In 2006, the 7216 Gold Good Guy (Turaga Lhikan) included Lhikan's Firestaff.

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