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This page features content from BIONICLE Generation 1
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Stone Hammer

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Stone Hammer
Set Stone Hammer.png
Users Turaga Onewa
Function Badge of Office
Channeling his Stone powers
Smashing rocks[QftT]
Status In use

The Stone Hammer

The Stone Hammer is Turaga Onewa's staff and Badge of Office. It was originally the Proto Pitons, from which it transformed when Onewa became a Turaga.

Example Usage

In Quest for the Toa, the Stone Hammer could be used to smash rocks.

During the Po-Koro Epidemic, Turaga Onewa used the Stone Hammer to fashion beds for the sickly Po-Matoran.

Set Information

A brown Stone Hammer was included in the Turaga Onewa set from 2001.


  • Pahrak Va defend themselves with stone hammers similar to Turaga Onewa's.[BEU, p. 110]

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