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Chronist-Wiki Main Page
Type German BIONICLE Wiki Reference Site
Managers Nuhrii the Metruan

Chronist-Wiki (German for Chronicler Wiki) is the top-quality German BIONICLE Wiki partnered with BIONICLEsector01.


The Chronist-Wiki Logo

Chronist-Wiki was founded on February 14, 2010 by Nuhrii the Metruan as part of an effort to create a reliable, German reference site for BIONICLE. With Takanuva voted to adorn the Main Page and represent the Wiki, a small group of hand-picked editors and the Wiki Staff were brought on to begin the process of building the site. Though not allowed to edit, people outside this core team were asked to help the process by emailing article submissions to Nuhrii. On November 21 of that same year Nuhrii the Metruan opened the wiki to regular editors as a test, followed by the mainstream opening of Chronist-Wiki on January 3, 2011. A few months later on April 18, Chronist officially formed a partnership with the BS01 Wiki to create inter-language links between mainspace pages, connecting the two wikis together. With each new page on Chronist, the editors created links to the English counterpart on BS01, and BS01 editors created the reciprocal links to the German site.

Staff History

Names in bold refer to current staff.



  • (14 February 2010 – 11 June 2010) Neramo [retired]
  • (14 February 2010 – 10 August 2010, 1 April 2011 – 1 December 2011) Bioniclemaster724 [retired]
  • (14 February 2010 – 7 January 2011) Nathanael1711 [retired]
  • (11 June 2010 – 1 December 2013) Vezon23 [retired]
  • (8 November 2013 – present) Fippe


  • (7 January 2011 – 29 August 2012) Scodonius41 [retired]
  • (7 January 2011 – 31 August 2012) Nathanael1711 [retired]
  • (7 January 2011 – 31 August 2012) Neramo [retired]
  • (26 January 2011 – 1 April 2011, 1 December 2013 – present) Bioniclemaster724
  • (31 August 2012 – 8 November 2013) Fippe [promoted]
  • (1 December 2013 – present) Vezon23


  • Direct linking to pages on Chronist can be accomplished with the following format: [[:de:PAGENAME|OPTIONALPAGETITLE]].

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