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Type Official promotion site
Managers Unknown

MaskofLight.com was the official website meant to promote the first BIONICLE Movie, BIONICLE: Mask of Light. The site included games and activities as well as links to DisneyVideos.com, BIONICLE.com, and a Matoran decoder.

Introduction And Main Screen

The introduction was a short animation featuring The Legend of Mata Nui, as told by the Matoran of Mata Nui. When the animation ended, the viewer was presented with an advertisement for BIONICLE: Mask of Light, links to the Ta-Wahi, Le-Wahi, and Kini-Nui sections of Mata Nui Explorer, these having linked in the circles in the center of the Three Virtues logo, and a navigational menu at the bottom of the area.


Bonus Features

This section listed the "bonus features" that can be found with the Mask of Light movie as well as technical specifications of the movie.

Order Now

This linked to the LEGO Shop at Home page for Mask of Light. The movie is no longer available for purchase there.


This section featured a brief summary of Mask of Light.

View Trailer

This played a variant of the Mask of Light Teaser Trailer.

Toa Test

This section featured the Toa Personality Test, a quiz which attempted to determine which Toa Nuva the player was most like. The test featured a series of multiple-choice questions with various scenarios. In the end, the test calculated all the questions together in an attempt to determine which Toa the player most resembled.


This section gave the viewer access to a downloadable screensaver for Mac OS9, OSX, and PC as well as instructions for downloading it. The screensaver features scenes from Mask of Light with a border similar to that of the website.

Production Journal

This section gave the viewer access to the downloadable Mask of Light Production Journal as well as instructions for downloading it.

The Legend Continues

This section featured The Legend Continues, a choose-your-own-adventure game. One played as two Ta-Matoran, who were searching for Artakha on Mata Nui during the time that Mask of Light took place.

Trading Card Game

This linked to a collection of Mask of Light-related tokens from Disney Tokenzone.

Site Map

This section was a list of links to the other parts of the site.

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