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User:Toa Nidhiki05: Toa of Air

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Hey, I'm Toa Nidhiki05: Toa of Air, also known as Toa Nidhiki05, TN05, or just TN. For a period of time I was one of the most active editors on here and I was lucky enough to be a featured member; I'm not too active on here anymore but I pop in here now and then.

Friend List

This is by no means an exclusive club; if you want to be listed, ask. :)

Member Spotlight

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The Member Spotlight Award
The Member Spotlight Award is only given to the featured members of Wiki-Nui. This award has been presented to Toa Nidhiki05: Toa of Air. The following was his description on the spotlight.

What can I say about TN05? To start off with, he's one of BS01's most dedicated editors, a great friend, and maintainer. he was able to stack up 21 O:RAC points before it's disbandment. He now works very hard for maintenance, and has obtained a great number of achievements in the group. In addition, he has many achievements and awards. Probably his biggest accomplishment on the wiki is AfCing and creating the format of Powers, which is now one of the most important pages on the wiki. In all, his contributions are looked up to, and is a very good friend toward others. Congrats TN05, and enjoy your two weeks of the MS :D

(Written by Vartemp)

Date added to Spotlight: 5/23/10

--External Image Owner (Talk / BS01)