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"Never answer the question. Always question the answer."
— Tomdroidser commenting on how to answer questions

Hau Nuva Tahu.png
User Status Active
BZPower Username tomdroidser
BZPower Status Active
Location Anywhere and nowhere
Gender Male
Favorite Set Tahu Nuva

I welcome you to my user page. I will edit this to contain more info.

Who is Tomdroidser

Who am I? WHO am I? I am everchanging. I have none but many forms. I exist where none has before. A lone warrior of time. Shapeshifter. Mysterious. So few words can describe Tomdroidser.

Known Nicknames

Tomdroidser has many names with many forms. Known names are:

  • Tomdroiders
  • Tomdroids
  • Tomdroider
  • Matorannui 433
  • Sabershadow Prime or just Sabershadow (only applies to Transformers fans when speaking directly to me)
  • TahuJallerNuva
  • KopakaMatoroNuva or KopekaMatoroNuva
  • LewaKonguNuva
  • PohatuHewkiiNuva
  • OnuaNuparuNuva
  • GaliHahliNuva (used only in games when I play as a female character)
  • TahuInika
  • GaliInika (used only in games when I play as a female character)
  • LewaInika
  • KopakaInika
  • OnuaInika
  • PohatuInika

I usually go by Tomdroidser or Tom, but you can find me with these names. If anyone uses them, at least give credit to me for the first four.

Personal History

Long before the Great Shadow of Metru Nui, Tomdroidser was a Ta-Matoran with unusual skills. His partner, Matorannui 433, was a friend and occasional ally. He eventually left Metru Nui due to his calling for adventure. His travels led to an ancient Temple to the Great Spirit.

To be continued...

Recent Information

Currently, he's traveling into dimensions, chronicling the "Dimensional Wars Saga."

Legends of Matorannui433

To be continued...

My Lego Network Bionicle Networkers

Favorite Sets

  • Toa Mata: Tahu
  • Mctoran: None
  • Titan 2001: Manas
  • Bohrok: Tahnok
  • Bohrok Va: Tahnok Va
  • Titan 2002: Exo-Toa
  • Toa Nuva Original: Tahu Nuva
  • Bohrok-Kal: Tahnok-Kal
  • Rahkshi: Vorakh
  • Titan 2003: Takanuva & Ussalnui
  • Toa Metru: Vakama
  • Vahki: Nuurakh
  • Titan 2004: Nidhiki
  • Toa Hordika: Vakama Hordika
  • Visorak: Vohtarak
  • Rahaga: Rahaga Boomonga
  • Toa Hagah: Norik
  • Titan 2005: Keetongu
  • Toa Inika: Jaller Inika
  • Piraka: Vezok
  • Voyatoran: Balta
  • Titan 2006: Brutaka
  • Toa Mahri: Jaller Mahri
  • Barraki: Carapar
  • Mahritoran/Hydruka: Dekar
  • Titan 2007: Lesovikk
  • Toa Nuva Phantoka: Kopaka Nuva Phantoka
  • Makuta Phantoka: Vamprah
  • Av-Matoran: Tanma
  • Shadow Matoran: Radiak
  • Toa Nuva Mistika: Tahu Nuva Mistika
  • Makuta Mistika: Krika
  • Titan 2008: Axalara T9

Placeholder for Stuff

This spot will not be used unless one of the following occur:

A. Teridax changes his eye color.

B. Takanuva constructs his own Toa signal.

C. Mata Nui fights someone a lot bigger than him.

D. When Teridax signs a peace treaty between the Brotherhood and everyone else.

E. I'm bored out of my mind.


"If you want to know me, then answer this question: What is the answer?"
— Tomdroidser trying to trick you into saying the wrong answer

"By the Mask of Leadership!"
— Tomdroidser's Bionicle variation of "By the Matrix!"

"What happens if Takua put on the Mask of Light and became a Toa of Lightsabers?"
— Tomdroidser's not-so-logical thought

"Everyone don't panic. Let me check this out...*presses few buttons* Oh great... Now you can panic! I thought the Dark Army would invade!"
— Tomdroidser's insane side

"Eat my Hagah Nuva Axe-Bow!"
— Tomdroidser's angry side when nobody votes for the Hagah Nuva Axe-Bow

"If there is a Toa V in BS01, where is Toa A, Toa B, Toa C, Toa D, Toa E, Toa F, Toa G, Toa H, Toa I, Toa J, Toa K, Toa L, Toa M, Toa N, Toa O, Toa P, Toa Q, Toa R, Toa S, Toa T, Toa U, Toa W, Toa X, Toa Y, and Toa Z?"
— Tomdroidser's thought process on the invasion of BS01

"Where is a Mask of Truth when you need one?"
— What Takanuva should've thought of in Takanuva's Blog on 14 August

"Theories, huh? I feed my hamster with theories."
— Tomdroidser, who doesn't have a hamster

"Glatorian: Networkers who fight each other when we don't see them."
— Magna Nui, Matorannui433's half brother from Bara Magna

"I am Sabershadow Prime."
— Sabershadow Prime, one of Tomdroidser's alter ego


Tomdroidser is currently hunting for errors. Please do not disturb him.
Foam Finger Matoran.PNG

Tomdroidser is trying to save this for something else. Any attempt to pursuade him before official info is released will be ignored, smashed, shattered, blasted, disintegrated, and vaporized. You have been warned.
Foam Finger Matoran.PNG

List of Possible Alternate Dimension Tomdroidser

  • Tomdroidser the Guardian
  • Tomdroidser the Necromancer (Good)
  • Tomdroidser the Shaman
  • Tomdroidser the Game Master (Known as Panzer)
  • Tomdroidser the Rouge/Pirate (Known as Jager)
  • Tomdroidser the Legendary Warrior (Known as Schneider)
  • Tomdroidser: King of the Eighth Dimension
  • Tomdroidser: Greatest Evil of the Ninth Dimension (Known as DarkSaber)
  • Tomdroidser the Mysterious of the Tenth Dimension (currently unknown, known as Zero X)
  • Magna Nui (Bara Magna counterpart of Tomdroidser)