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"Rock is already unyielding. Give it the power of the Great Beings and no world is safe. That power will be mine and no one else's."
— Element Lord of Rock, Riddle of the Great Beings

Element Lord of Rock
AOSR Element Lord of Rock.png
Element Lord
Tribe Rock Tribe
Region Skrall Homeland
Black Spike Mountains
White Quartz Mountains
Tools Unknown
Status Alive
Location Northern Region

The Element Lord of Rock is the former leader of the Rock Tribe and one of the seven Element Lords.


The Lord of Rock was a leader-class Skrall[1] who was approached by the Great Beings to take part in an experiment. Bonded with the element of Rock, the new Element Lord became leader of the Rock Tribe and the Skrall,[2] and was given dominion over the Skrall Homeland,[citation needed] the Black Spike Mountains, and the White Quartz Mountains.[3]

The Element Lords, except the Lord of Earth, held conference after Energized Protodermis was discovered by two Agori. In the conference, the Rock Lord voiced his belief that the Element Lord that possessed the liquid could rival the Great Beings in power. Determined to keep the liquid for himself, the Lord of Ice created a blockade around the spring, which ignited the Core War.[4] The Element Lord of Rock drew the Skrall into the conflict, with the leader-class Skrall acting as generals.[5] The Shattering later occurred because of the war, trapping him on Bara Magna.[6]

Nearly 100,000 years later the Element Lords managed to free themselves from their imprisonment to try and breach the Valley of the Maze. On the banks of the River Dormus, the Lord of Rock came across Tarduk, Crotesius, and Kirbold trying to out-swim an oncoming Ice wave in the river. He saved them, and also shattered the oncoming ice wave with his power. Speaking through a Tarduk duplicate made of rock, the Lord of Rock permitted them to keep searching for the Valley of the Maze, as long as the power within was saved for himself.[7]

Abilities and Traits

The Element Lord of Rock controls the element of Rock, and is intertwined with the element itself. He is territorial and ambitious, and greatly desires the power within the Valley of the Maze.[7]


The Lord of Rock was given tools that reflect his nature.[8]


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