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"Fire only knows how to destroy. I have seen Fire try to penetrate the Maze and fail time after time."
— The Element Lord of Jungle, Riddle of the Great Beings

Element Lord of Fire
AOSR Element Lord of Fire.png
Element Lord
Tribe Fire Tribe
Region Region around the Great Volcano
Tools Unknown
Status Alive
Location Northern Region

The Element Lord of Fire is the former ruler of the Fire Tribe, one of the seven Element Lords.


The Lord of Fire was once a member of the warrior species of Spherus Magna, and selected by the Great Beings for their experiment. He was unified with the element of Fire, and gained control of the Fire Tribe, while other Element Lords gained control of the other tribes.[1] He eventually came to rule the volcanic, unstable area around the Great Volcano,[2] never realizing the true nature of it.[citation needed]

After the discovery of Energized Protodermis, the Element Lords, except the Lord of Earth, met in conference to discuss what to do with the powerful liquid. Instead of sharing in the power, the Lord of Ice barred anybody from entering his domain. The Lords all declared war on one another, inciting the Core War.[3] The Element Lord of Fire left the Great Volcano to campaign in the war.[citation needed: MNGtBM?]

Towards the end of the Core War, the Fire Tribe eventually managed to secure the Energized Protodermis Spring and began draining the liquid. The Lord of Fire traveled to the spring in order to oversee the efforts. He was approached by Raanu and Kyry, who warned him that something cataclysmic would happen if he continued. The Shattering happened then, splitting Spherus Magna into three different fragments.[3] The disaster stranded him on Bara Magna.[4]

The Element Lords eventually freed themselves, and made their way to the northern reaches of Bara Magna, now seeking the power contained in the Valley of the Maze. Traveling through the White Quartz Mountains, the Lord of Fire encountered the Lord of Ice, incidentally stopping his avalanche from killing a group of Agori. The two began fighting, though the Lord of Ice eventually left.[5]

Abilities and Traits

The Element Lord of Fire possesses the power of Fire, and is intertwined with the element itself. Like the other Element Lords, he is also very aggressive and territorial.


The Lord of Fire was given tools that reflect his nature.[6]


"That jet of flames, that wasn't natural, was it? That was the Element Lord of Fire who saved us."
"Saved you? You are dust to him, not even dust. That was an attack on his frozen enemy. You were simply caught between them."
Tarduk and Surel, Riddle of the Great Beings


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