Gali Nuva's Rapid Descent

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Gali Nuva's Rapid Descent
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Online Game
Platform Computer
Controls Keyboard
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Gali Nuva's Rapid Descent is an online game that was released in 2003 as a promotion for BIONICLE: Mask of Light. The objective of the game is to safely land Gali Nuva on a yellow area at the bottom of the play area. Each action the player takes drains the energy meter at the upper left corner of the play area. When the meter is completely depleted, no more actions can be made, causing Gali Nuva to sink straight down. In addition to the energy meter, there is a dive time counter at the upper right corner of the play area. This indicates the amount of time for which the player has been playing. Both of the counters reset when the game ends. The game will end, forcing the player to restart, if Gali runs into submerged rocks, lands on the target area at a too high speed, or completes all five levels successfully, prompting a congratulatory message.


  • Mouse - Begin game
  • Space Bar - Begin level, end level, restart game
  • Left/Right - Move left and right, respectively
  • Up - Move up

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