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"The Vuata Maca Tree that provides fruit to our village has been poisoned! Only by finding the two Vuata Maca crystals and returning them to the tree can it be healed."
Turaga Whenua, Quest for the Toa

Vuata Maca
Vuata Maca Tree.PNG
Function Providing power
Known locations Mata Nui
Pronunciation voo-AH-tah MAH-cah[1]

The Vuata Maca were rare and mysterious trees found on the island of Mata Nui.


A dying Vuata Maca tree

The Vuata Maca trees were created as part of the Great Spirit Robot's camouflage system, which generated the entire island of Mata Nui.[2]

There was a Vuata Maca tree in each village.[3] They bore energy-rich fruit,[Lexicon] although they were perhaps best known as the power sources for the Koro. Energy from the tree was siphoned into the villages, and used by the Matoran for operating machinery and completing other daily tasks.[citation needed]

Near the end of the Great War, the Vuata Maca were poisoned, and therefore began to wither and die. Urged by Turaga Whenua and the local Matoran, Takua collected Vuata Maca Crystals to cleanse the trees and restore the them to their previous glory.[3]

The Vuata Maca Tree Fruit were used by the Matoran to restore their energy.[3] After finding Takua lost in the Drifts, Matoro nursed him back to health with a Vuata Maca Tree Fruit.[4]

When the Bohrok were prematurely awakened by Teridax, Toa Mata Gali witnessed a swarm of Tahnok attempt to destroy a Vuata Maca tree in Le-Wahi.[5] In preparation for Mata Nui's awakening, the trees have since been successfully destroyed by the Bohrok.[citation needed: OGD?]



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