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=== Alternate Universes ===
=== Alternate Universes ===
==== [[The Kingdom Alternate Universe]] ====
==== [[The Kingdom Alternate Universe]] ====
In an alternate universe, Mata Nui died, and Velika and others immigrated to the island of [[Mata Nui (Location)|Mata Nui]]. There, Velika was one of several Matoran transformed into a Toa by [[Takanuva]].
In an alternate universe, Velika was not a Great Being, but a simple Po-Matoran. When Mata Nui died, Velika and others immigrated to the island of [[Mata Nui (Location)|Mata Nui]]. There, Velika was one of several Matoran transformed into a Toa by [[Takanuva]]. Meanwhile, the Great Being took someone else's body.<ref>[https://community.lego.com/t5/LEGO-General/Chat-with-Greg-Farshtey/m-p/12745000/highlight/true#M282360 Chat with Greg Farshtey], 2. July 2015</ref>
==== [[The Melding Alternate Universe]] ====
==== [[The Melding Alternate Universe]] ====

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"No one would ever suspect him, of course. No one ever had. As time passed and things had become clear to him, he had known this time would come. The most powerful would need to be eliminated individually – no point in risking the grand plan because he had missed one, after all – and the rest could be dealt with at leisure. He had expected it to be a time-consuming, if amusing, exercise, a sort of living strategy game in which only he knew the rules."
— Narrator, The Powers That Be

Great Being
Original Matoran
Rebuilt Matoran
Great Being
Occupation Unknown
Tools Unknown
Status Mind transferred into Matoran body
Pronunciation veh-LEEK-ah
Great Being
Original Matoran
Rebuilt Matoran
Great Being; Po-Matoran
Occupation Unknown
Kanohi Unknown
Tools Unknown
Status Rebuilt
Pronunciation veh-LEEK-ah
Great Being
Original Matoran
Rebuilt Matoran
Promo Art Velika.png
Great Being; Po-Matoran
Occupation Inventor/Engineer, member of the Voya Nui Resistance Team (formerly)
Kanohi Komau
Tools Power Carvers
Status Alive
Location Bota Magna
Pronunciation veh-LEEK-ah
Set number 8721

Velika is a Great Being[1] who transferred his consciousness into a Po-Matoran body to observe the functioning of the Matoran Universe. On Voya Nui, he was known as an eccentric and inventive member of the Voya Nui Resistance Team. Since the Reformation of Spherus Magna, Velika has put into motion a plan to rule Spherus Magna, which necessitates the murder of several powerful Matoran Universe entities.


Core War

The Great Beings, the ruling class of Spherus Magna, were renowned for their inventing prowess. Through their dealings with the newfound substance Energized Protodermis as well as their own creations, the Element Lords, the Great Beings eventually realized that their planet was doomed to experience a catastrophic explosion as a result of a civil war. Though they disagreed on how to deal with the impending disaster, they eventually created a giant mechanoid named Mata Nui, who would repair the damage after observing extraterrestrial cultures and returning with the information. During the creation of the robot, the Great Beings created Tren Krom to sustain the universe before the robot was actually powered. To maintain the robot, the Great Beings created a set of diminutive workers known as Matoran.

This Great Being was curious about the robot's inner workings and how Mata Nui would perform his task. He announced to the other Great Beings that he would be going into exile so as to remove suspicions,[2] then transferred his consciousness into the body of a Po-Matoran and entered the robot. He began using the Po-Matoran's name, "Velika,"[3] as a pseudonym and did not use his true name in the Matoran Universe, because some of the earliest creations of the Great Beings might have known their names and he wanted his presence to remain a secret.[4] He then began to observe the workings of the universe.

Matoran Universe

The planet eventually did explode, in an event known as "the Shattering", and while the majority of the Great Beings sought refuge elsewhere in the universe, Velika remained within the Great Spirit Robot. He remained in contact with various agents on the remnants of Spherus Magna, including Kabrua[5][6] and Atakus,[7] who reported events on the shards of Spherus Magna to him. Velika was later responsible for Atakus receiving Skrall Tribal Design Blades made with prototype technology by the Great Beings.[8]

Soon after Mata Nui's launch, Velika caused the nanotechnology inhabitants' to develop into a sophisticated culture of artificial intelligence.[2]

Voya Nui

Velika was at one point sent to Karzahni, the realm designated for repairing broken workers, in order to have a problem with his body fixed. He was rebuilt, but in a new, weakened form. To compensate for this, Karzahni, the ruler of the realm, bestowed Velika with a pair of Power Carvers. Nevertheless, Karzahni remained disgruntled with his failure to properly repair Matoran, and sent Velika with other similarly "fixed" Matoran to the distant land of Voya Nui, which at the time was a landlocked region of the Southern Continent.

During the Great Cataclysm, Voya Nui was torn from its place in the Southern Continent and ended up as a drifting island on Aqua Magna. The Matoran's Turaga, Jovan, was killed in the upheaval. Velika and the Matoran struggled for survival for the duration of the Dark Time.

Approximately 500 years ago, a hurricane struck Voya Nui, but no Matoran were killed.

Several months ago, the six Piraka arrived in Toa Canisters, claiming to be Toa. Velika was put in charge of a group of Matoran to build a stronghold for the new "Toa".

Velika met with five Matoran, including Garan, who had grown suspicious of the Piraka, who became the Voya Nui Resistance Team. As their first action, Velika stole a Zamor Launcher from Avak, and Dalu used her Chargers to keep Avak from pursuing him. The Resistance Team analyzed the launcher and determined it to be a weapon, heightening their suspicions of the Piraka. Soon, Garan and Balta discovered the Piraka were not Toa, and were on Voya Nui to steal the Kanohi Ignika. Before they could warn the rest of the Matoran, however, the Piraka ambushed and enslaved the rest of the Matoran population with Antidermis.

At some point, Velika discovered a pool of Energized Protodermis on the island and told the Resistance Team that the substance could free the Matoran from the slaving effects of antidermis.

The Resistance Team sent Balta to steal a Zamor Sphere from Vezok. While the group hid, waiting for Balta to return with the Zamor, they noticed flashes of Ice and Firefrom a skirmish between the Toa Nuva and the Piraka. The Toa Nuva were defeated by the Piraka, who took their tools and Kanohi Nuva. The Resistance Team later encountered the Toa Nuva and treated them with hostility, having already been fooled by the Piraka. They battled the Toa Nuva before Balta arrived, bringing news that the six Toa Nuva were speaking the truth. The Toa and Matoran then joined forces.

To recover the Toa Nuva's possessions, the group headed for the Piraka Stronghold, to which they gained access by tricking Reidak into destroying the door. Reidak ran inside to warn the other Piraka, and the group infiltrated the stronghold. They were able to recover the Toa Nuva's Kanohi Nuva and Toa Tools, and then challenged the Piraka. However, the Matoran and the Toa Nuva were knocked unconscious by the Piraka's new ally, Brutaka. Velika and the Matoran were taken by the Piraka for questioning, while the Toa were taken by Brutaka.

Velika was interrogated with the other Matoran in the Chamber of Truth. They later managed to escape, and encountered the new Toa Inika in the wilds. After making an alliance, the Resistance Team and Toa Inika made plans to cure the infected Matoran of the antidermis virus. Velika manufactured new Zamor Launchers and gave them to the Toa Inika to aid in this effort. The Matoran and Toa then split into three groups.

Velika went with Garan, Kongu, and Nuparu to the Piraka Stronghold to look for the Toa Nuva. Outside the stronghold, they were attacked by a Nektann, which Nuparu defeated with Velika's advice. Inside the stronghold, the group found the Toa's masks and tools, but they did not find the Toa Nuva, and believed them dead. The other two teams arrived, and the Toa Inika confronted the Piraka.

While the Toa and Piraka were fighting, the Voya Nui Resistance Team separated from the Toa Inika and began to search for the Toa Nuva. Velika led them through the stronghold for some time, while the Toa Inika and Piraka left the stronghold to find the Kanohi Ignika. Velika eventually found the Toa Nuva in a room that was not in his original floor plans, and the Matoran freed them. The Resistance Team led the Toa Nuva to recover their masks and tools and informed them of the Toa Inika.

Axonn soon appeared, and led the Toa Nuva and Resistance Team to meet the Toa Inika at the beach. The Toa exchanged farewells before both teams finally left for different locations: the Toa Nuva to Metru Nui, where Axonn had told them they would find further instructions, and the Toa Inika down the Cord to find and deliver the Ignika to the place it needed to be used to save the life of Mata Nui. Axonn promised to protect the Matoran of Voya Nui from the Piraka and any other dangers.

Shortly afterwards, the Toa Mahri prepared to destroy the Cord to help awaken Mata Nui. Axonn gathered the Matoran of Voya Nui in the Nui Caves to survive Voya Nui's descent. They were joined by the Matoran of Mahri Nui, who had been gathered by the Toa Mahri and taken up the Cord. Velika and the Matoran were able to survive the descent safely, and then emerged to live on the Southern Continent again.

Mata Nui died, and was resurrected by the sacrifice of Toa Matoro. However, Teridax usurped control over the robot from Mata Nui, and exiled Mata Nui into space. He ruled over the Matoran Universe for some time, before traveling to Bara Magna to defeat Mata Nui. In the course of the battle, Mata Nui killed Teridax and toppled the Great Spirit Robot, rendering the Matoran Universe uninhabitable. He then successfully restored Spherus Magna.

Spherus Magna

After Teridax's death, the Matoran Universe was rendered uninhabitable, and Velika and the rest of the Matoran Universe population migrated to the reformed planet of Spherus Magna.

During his time as a Matoran, Velika, having concluded that the destruction of the planet was due to poor leadership by the Great Beings,[9] developed a plan to seize control of Spherus Magna for himself.[10] Part of his plan involved the killing of powerful Matoran Universe inhabitants acting outside of their parameters, who might object to his rule. Velika defeated Lesovikk and stole his Air Sword,[11] with which he killed Karzahni at Iron Canyon and extracted Tren Krom from his prison[12] before murdering him in Bota Magna. Velika killed both in gruesome ways to inspire fear among the population, which he planned to use to ensure his acceptance as a ruler.[13]

Due to his alliance with Kabrua, Velika knew about the Vorox on Bota Magna. Planning to use them as shock troops,[14] Velika gave them sophisticated force blasters[5] and a device capable of blocking a Toa's Elemental Powers. He also told them of the regression and tragedy of the Bara Magna Vorox. Velika then directed them to capture and kill a group of Toa and Glatorian who were in the process of tracking down the Great Beings to inform them of Spherus Magna's restoration.

Velika also took advantage of an opportunity to take Axonn, Brutaka, Miserix, Tuyet, Helryx, Vezon, and Artakha out in one fell swoop, as they had all gathered in one place at the behest of an insane Great Being. He rigged the structure to blow, and then began crafting a grave marker for his intended victims.

Alternate Universes

The Kingdom Alternate Universe

In an alternate universe, Velika was not a Great Being, but a simple Po-Matoran. When Mata Nui died, Velika and others immigrated to the island of Mata Nui. There, Velika was one of several Matoran transformed into a Toa by Takanuva. Meanwhile, the Great Being took someone else's body.[15]

The Melding Alternate Universe

In an alternate universe, the Great Beings never created the Great Spirit Robot, and this Great Being never went into exile. He was one of six Great Beings before whom Mazeka and Vultraz, two Matoran from the prime reality, were brought.[16] Wishing to discover how Vultraz could be a Shadow Matoran, they took him away for experiments, and allowed Mazeka to choose someone to take back with him. Mazeka chose the Teridax of that universe, and the two were teleported to the main dimension.

Abilities and Traits

Velika in set form

Velika, like the rest of his species, is enigmatic. He believes that the Great Beings' rule over Spherus Magna was too weak and that a stronger hand could have stopped the Shattering.[9] Because of this, he wants to rule Spherus Magna on his own[10] and is perfectly willing to kill beings of the Matoran Universe that may be capable of interfering with his plan. Velika believes himself to be smarter than those around him[17] and always thinks that he is doing the right thing[2]

While residing in the Matoran Universe, Velika had a habit of speaking in riddles. The insight he provided through his riddles and fables helped many times in the liberation of Voya Nui, but fellow resistance member Kazi found the habit highly irritating.

Velika has a passion for creating and inventing, another trait of his true species, which translated into the job of a crafter and engineer in the Matoran Universe. He was skilled with technology and created multiple-shot Zamor Launchers for the Toa Inika based on the design of a regular Zamor Launcher stolen from the Piraka.

Because Velika possesses the body of a Po-Matoran, he is naturally stronger than other types of Matoran, though he has been weakened by poor repair work done by Karzahni. After returning to Spherus Magna, he kept this body.[18]


Velika wields a pair of Power Carvers, given to him by Karzahni, which he uses to make tools and weapons from rock or other materials. He kept these tools after returning to Spherus Magna.[18]

Set Information

Velika's Po-Matoran body was released in early 2006 as one of the six small sets, consisting of twenty-one pieces. He could be combined with the Balta and Piruk sets to make a Lava Hawk.


"Good old Velika. Never use two words when 127 will do."
Kazi, Power Play

"The bird soars through the sky. But if I were a colossus, and the sky was beneath my feet, could it truly be said the bird flew underground?"
— Velika, Power Play

"I saw flashes of what he has planned for this world. He has to be stopped, Gelu … if there’s still time."
Toa Orde to Gelu, The Yesterday Quest


Velika in Matoran Escape
  • Velika was stated to be Greg Farshtey's favorite Matoran.
  • After the reveal that a known Matoran Universe resident was actually a Great Being in disguise, a contest was held to determine the identity of this Great Being. Though the contest was abandoned after the story was discontinued, the identity had already been chosen, and was later revealed to have been Velika.
  • Despite being in a Matoran body, Velika could not be revived on the Red Star, as it was not equipped with the technology to transfer a non-artificial consciousness to a new body.[19]


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