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Lord Nektann/Sandbox
Toa Mata
Comic Tahu Mata.png
Toa Tile Toa Mata of Fire
Mask Great Hau
Tools Fire Sword
BZPower page
Adaptive Armor
Comic Star Toa Mata Tahu.png
Toa Title Toa Mata/Toa Nuva of Fire
Tools Fire Sword
Status Alive
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Toa Nuva
Original Armor
Tahu Nuva comic.png
Title Toa Nuva of Fire
Mask Great Hau Nuva
Tools Magma Swords
BZPower page
Adaptive Armor
Comic Toa Nuva Tahu Mistika.PNG
Tools Rotating Fire Blades, Nynrah Ghost Blaster
Pronunciation TAH-hoo
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Sayings of Great Being Velika

Island of Doom

"When the Kanohi Dragon roars, don't go looking for the stone rat."
— Velika

"There is nothing funny about a Muaka at midnight."
— Velika on being worried about Dalu

"Of what use is the roof against the rains, if there are no walls to stem the flood."
— Velika

"He who would empty a lake of fire must have a long spoon."
— Velika, veiled reference to the Ignika

"The movement of a single pebble can bring down a storm of rock."
— Velika, let's go attack Piraka

Dark Destiny

"It is said that there was once a Rahi who looked up at the stars and believed them to be food belonging to a larger creature. Each night, he would climb the tallest mountain and jump as high as he could, hoping to snatch a star for himself. Finally, he decided it could not be done, and more, that they were not food at all. All proceeded, as it must. Until the night the Rahi saw the great red star. That, he decided, must be a wonderful, delicious piece of fruit dangling from some far-off tree. So he climbed the mountain again, and this time he got a running start and jumped with all his might. Oh, what happened? What happened, let's see...oh yes, he went off the cliff and broke every bone in his body."
— Velika, saying the Toa Nuva likely are not Toa

Power Play

"There was once a Matoran who was stricken with a thirst. He left his shelter to seek out his water bucket, but when he found it, it was dry. Puzzled, he lifted it up and discovered a hole in the bottom had let the water leak out. Angry that his thirst could now not be quenched, he cursed the bucket, cursed the island, and cursed his need for water. So frustrated was he that he never noticed water had begun to fall from the sky."
— Velika saying to focus their attention on the Inika, not the Nuva

"He made some comment about flames being the surest way to stop a fire"
— Velika on giving Jaller the new Zamor Launchers

"That the Gukko birds of worry and care fly about your head, you cannot change. But that they build nests in your mask, you can prevent"
— Velika saying to save the Matoran before the Toa Nuva

"The bird soars through the sky. But if I were a colossus, and the sky beneath my feet, could it truly be said the bird flew underground?"
— Velika explaining the Nektann's weakness to Nuparu, a flying Toa of Earth and how he should look at things differently. Velika is proud of Nuparu after he destroys the Nektann

"There were once two little lava rats who wished to cross a great chasm. All day and all night, one carried small sticks and pebbles to the hole and dropped them in. He hoped someday the hole would be filled. His brother rat, being the wiser, wandered the barrens until he found a Kikanalo. Sympathizing with the plight of the rats, the Kikanalo used his great strength to knock down a tree, making a bridge over the chasm across which the rats could cross"
— Velika, after Dalu says they should be fighting not looking for the Nuva


"When you fear the Muaka, it is best to keep him in sight"
— Velika on the what the Piraka did with the Nuva

"The mountain can be shaped by the rain and wind...but can the mountain shape itself by drive and will?"
— Velika on part of the Piraka Stronghold he didn't build

Sad Images

<gallery> File:Comic Glatorian vs. Rahkshi.png File:Comic Mata Nui vs. Makuta Robots.png File:Comic Skakdi Nektann vs Toa Mata Tahu.png File:Comic Golden Armor In Use.png File:Comic Makuta Struck by Aqua Magna Fragment.png File:AOSR Great Spirit Robot Departing Spherus Magna.jpg File:Comic Great Spirit Teridax Arriving on Bara Magna.png File:Comic Teridax Using Gravitic Power.png File:Comic Teridax Defeated.jpg File:Comic Bara Magna Desert Bloomed.png File:Comic Spherus Magna Rejoining.png File:AOSR Aqua Magna.png File:AOSR Bara Magna.png File:AOSR Baterra Building Maze.png File:Comic Mata Nui in Valley of the Maze.png File:AOSR Bota Magna.png File:AOSR Energized Protodermis Discovery.png File:Comic Toa Mata Tahu in Golden Armor.png File:Comic Skakdi Nektann.png File:FaRotS Skrall Expedition.jpg File:Comic Star Skrall.png File:FaRotS Skrall Branar Outcry.jpg File:TET Arena Match Malum vs. Vastus.jpg File:TET Malum vs Vastus Aftermath.png File:TET Glatorian Gresh Pinning Down Malum.png File:AOSR fire tribe victory.png File:TET Malum's exile.jpg File:Comic Skopio.png File:Comic Glatorian Kiina and Ignika.png File:Comic Star Glatorian Gresh Using Air Powers.png File:Comic Vorox.png File:AOSR Gelu in Vines.png File:Comic Toa Mata Tahu and Mata Nui-Ignika.png File:Comic Star Rahkshi of Heat Vision.jpg File:Comic Prototype Robot with Mata Nui Spirit.png File:Comic Star Toa Takanuva.png File:Comic-Stronius.png File:Comic Bone Hunters.png