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*Icarax (Pre-[[Karda Nui]] version with [[Mask of Scavenging]] and [[Staff of Artakha]]) with [[Reysa]]
*Icarax (Pre-[[Karda Nui]] version with [[Mask of Scavenging]] and [[Staff of Artakha]]) with [[Reysa]]
*Mutated Brutaka (I saw a [http://www.brickshelf.com/cgi-bin/gallery.cgi?i=3572165 fan version] and loved it) with [[Kyrehx]]
*Mutated Brutaka with [[Kyrehx]]?
===Alternate Models-2007===
===Alternate Models-2007===
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The following are Bionicle elements that have only ever been released in one color, along with possible suggestions for where they could have been implimented.
The following are Bionicle elements that have only ever been released in one color, along with possible suggestions for where they could have been implimented.
===Masks/Head Pieces===
===Masks/Head Pieces===
<div class="list" style="column-count:2; -moz-column-count:2; -webkit-column-count:2;">
*Titans 1
*Titans 1
**Movie Kraahkan-
**Movie Kraahkan-
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**Uniter Mask of Water-U. Gali
**Uniter Mask of Water-U. Gali
**Uniter Mask of Stone-U. Pohatu
**Uniter Mask of Stone-U. Pohatu
<div class="list" style="column-count:2; -moz-column-count:2; -webkit-column-count:2;">
*Toa Mata/Turaga/Bohrok
*Toa Mata/Turaga/Bohrok
**Lewa’s Axe
**Lewa’s Axe
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**Skull Blade
**Skull Blade
**Skull Axe
**Skull Axe
==Additional Masks==
==Additional Masks==

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This page is dedicated to listing Bionicle sets that I would have liked to see in the original line in addition to what we got.


2001 Theme

Shadow Toa

Set versions of the Shadow Toa Mata

Alternate Models-2001

From Official 2001 Sets

2002 Theme

Mata Nui Online Game/Animations Matoran

A series of McDonald's style Matoran two-packs:

2003 Theme

Kolhii Matoran

A few others I would have liked to see in 2003 style.

2004 Theme

Toa Mangai

Six of the Toa Mangai, minus Lhikan-who already has a set-and Tuyet and Nidhiki-whose Toa forms I am putting in other lines. The names-with the obvious exception of Naho-come from various Mata Nui locations in keeping with the Mangai naming scheme.

Alternate Models-2004

From Official 2004 Sets

2005 Theme

Bionicle: Hunters

Basically, I'd like to see the rest of the Hagah, but rather than release Norik and Iruini again or in new forms, bring in Lariska and Nidhiki to fill in the gaps.

Alternate Models-2005

From Official 2005 Sets

  • Toa Dume=Norik+Iruini

From My 2005 Ideas

  • Orde=Gaaki+Lariska
  • Chiara=Nidhiki+Kualus (color might be a bit off)
  • Zaria=Pouks+Bomonga

2006 Theme



  • Karzahni (Pre-Pit, black and gold appearance)

Alternate Models-2006

From Official 2006 Sets

2007 Theme

League of Six Kingdoms

The Barraki before the Pit:


Filling in the small box sets gap:

  • Gar
  • Mizuni, Hahli's Rescuer and inventor of the rotors


Alternate Models-2007

From Official 2007 Sets

You might recognize the names of the Elemental Creatures of the Generation 2 line:

  • Ikir-Toa Cordak of Fire and Uxar-Toa Cordak of Iron=Maxilos and Spinax+Jaller Mahri
  • Akida-Toa Cordak of Water=Hahli+Kongu
  • Terak-Toa Cordak of Sonics=Hydraxon+Defilak
  • Ketar-Toa Cordak of Stone=Hewkii+Dekar
  • Longfang=Morak+Thulox
  • Giant Venom Eel=Karzahni+Lesovikk
  • Undersea Behemoth (the thing that Kongu summoned)=Gadunka+Nocturn
  • =Good Guy+Bad Guy+Squid Function

From My 2007 Ideas

  • Melum, Toa Cordak of Gravity=Icarax+Reysa (named for an Elemental Creature)
  • Hapka, Olmak Wearer from Jovan's Team=Brutaka+Kyrehx (name comes from Battle of the Mask Makers)

2008 Theme

The Kingdom Toa

The six Toa created by Turaga Takanuva.


Brotherhood of Makuta

Various Makuta in forms other than those taken in 2008; Antroz isn't included because I imagine the Jetrax version of him is his "normal" form.

Alternate Models-2008

From Official 2008 Sets

  • Kingdom Teridax=All eight 2008 Makuta
  • Icarax (The Melding) and Shadow Takanuva=Icarax+Vultraz+Takanuva
  • Spiriah (Normal form)=Jetrax Antroz+Axalara Lewa
  • Morbuzakh, the Four-Armed Order of Mata Nui Agent=Kopaka+Mazeka (named for the evil plant, who in the story was actually named after this guy's race.)
  • Shadow Matoran Hybrid Rahi with Vican=Mutran and Vican+Solek+Gavla+Photok+Kirop
  • =Klakk+Good Guy+Bad Guy+Set Function

From My 2008 Ideas

  • Gorast (The Melding)=Krika+Gorast (Normal forms)
  • Vamprah (The Melding)=Miserix+Vamprah (Normal forms)
  • Chirox (The Melding)=Bitil+Chirox (Normal forms)
  • Mutran (Normal form)=Gorast+Chirox (Normal forms)

2009 Theme

Destiny Warriors

Three Order of Mata Nui members up against three Makuta

Legendary Toa

  • Mamuk-Toa of Gravity, leader of Norik and Varian's old team (named for Generation 2 Protector)
  • Kanae-Toa Mangai of Ice with Kanohi Kuuls, Mask of Conjuring (named for Kanae Bay on Island of Mata Nui, Kanohi name was a Kualus concept)
  • Motara-Toa Mangai of Ice with Kanohi Kaukau (named for the Motara Desert)
  • Toa Nikila
  • Toa Varian
  • Tuyet-rogue Toa Mangai of Water with Kanohi Narmoto of Intangibility


Alternate Models-2009

From Official 2009 Sets

From My Own 2009 Ideas

2010 Theme

Great Beings

Another set of six canister figures. My concept for the Great Beings is that-given that they seem a tad full of themselves, various islands in the Matoran Universe are named after them, with the exception of the Nuis, Artakha, Artidax, and Karzahni.

  • Heremus, a silver-armored Great Being for whom the Southern Continent was named
  • Angonce, a purple-armored Great Being for whom the Northern Continent was named
  • "Velika" aka Nynrah, the pink-armored homicidal Great Being
  • Destral, the Cursed Great Being with yellow armor
  • Odina, an orange-armored female Great Being aligned with Angonce
  • Daxia, another female Great Being with gold armor aligned with Nynrah



  • Surel and Iron Wolf (the former a recreation of the fan drawing, the latter a recreation of the fan model)

Alternate Models-2010

From My 2010 Ideas

  • Zakaz (one of the Inferno Great Beings, aligned with Angonce)=Angonce+Destral+Odina
  • Xia (another Inferno Great Being, aligned with Nynrah)=Nynrah+Daxia+Heremus
  • Certavus=Surel+Iron Wolf

2015 Theme


These sets would serve as generic Okotans as opposed to the Protectors, and would feature alternate colorations and accessories so you're not just getting stripped-down Protector sets

  • Fire Tribe Adult and Child: The latter can serve as Narmoto's son.
  • Ice Tribe Adult and Child
  • Jungle Tribe Adult and Child: Can serve as Agarak's family, Harvali and Bingzak, or background characters.
  • Water Tribe Adult and Child
  • Stone Tribe Adult and Child: The former can serve as Makuta's servant or the chief of Capital City from Battle of the Mask Makers or Melea from Escape, while the latter can serve as Ako or Oda.
  • Earth Tribe Adult and Child: The former can be the groundskeeper seen in The Journey to One.

Alternate Models-2015

From Official 2015 Sets

2016 Theme

Box Sets

  • Makuta-a replica of the version introduced in the video for the The Makuta Challenge, which in turn is the model for Makuta's final appearance in The Journey to One.
  • Axato and Makuta the Mask Hoarder=Titan Makuta, which would include the parts necessary for them. I figure the black Mask of Ultimate Power could work for Axato's Mask, going off a vague idea that Makuta based its design off that of the Skull Raiders. Makuta himself, just to make things interesting, would appear in the silver coloring shown in one of his prototype designs for the online animations, complete with silver Mask of Control and silver Okotan Mask.

Alternate Models-2016

From Official 2016 Sets

  • Shadow Spawn and TwoToa 3=Umarak the Hunter+Onua, Uniter of Earth+Lewa, Uniter of Jungle
  • Ultimate Ekimu=Ekimu+Agil+Ikir+Uxar+Akida+Ketar+Terak

Repurposed Official Sets

Generation 1

My ideas for models that were featured but never given a story role.

Individual Sets

Alternate Models

Generation 2

My ideas for how to incorporate G2 sets into the G1 mythos.

Individual Sets

  • Ekimu (Mask Maker)-Turaga Takanuva
  • Protectors-Turaga Nuva
  • Master Tahu-Toa Kapura
  • Master Kopaka-Toa Kopeke
  • Master Lewa-Toa Tamaru
  • Master Gali-Toa Macku
  • Master Pohatu-Toa Hafu
  • Master Onua-Toa Onepu
  • Umarak the Hunter-new villain
  • Umarak the Destroyer-new villain
  • Lava Beast-new villain
  • Storm Beast-new villain
  • Quake Beast-new villain
  • Uniter Tahu-Toa Balta
  • Uniter Kopaka-Toa Kazi
  • Uniter Lewa-Toa Piruk
  • Uniter Gali-Toa Dalu
  • Uniter Pohatu-Toa Velika
  • Uniter Onua-Toa Garan
  • Ekimu ("Toa")-
  • Elemental Beasts (minus Agil)-elementally charged Adaptive Armor
  • Agil-

Alternate Models

  • Karzahni-Shadow Titan Makuta
  • Miserix (humanoid form)-Winged Makuta from Makuta Contest video


Generation 1

  • Matoran Universe Accessories
    • Norik's Pehkui (one actually shaped like a Pehkui)
    • Takanuva's Armor (Gold versions of 2008 Avohkii and armor, mirroring the comic)
    • Dume's Staff
    • False Toa Metru Kanohi-the Kanohi worn by the Toa Metru in colors corresponding to the Great Disk finders so you can turn your Toa Metru into the False Toa Metru seen in Time Trap.
    • Additional Kanohi Color sets: Yellow, orange, purple, etc., to enable you to create various Mata Nui/Metru Nui Matoran
  • Spherus Magna Accessories
    • Mata Nui's Sword (Movie Accurate)
    • Mata Nui's Helmet (Exposes Mouth)
    • Tuma's Saw Blade Shield
    • Ackar's Powerless Sword
    • Kiina's Powerless Trident
    • Gresh's Helmet (Exposes Mouth)

Generation 2

  • Drained/Corrupted Masks
    • Golden Mask of Fire (for Kulta)
    • Golden Mask of Water (for Axato/Makuta)
    • Golden Uniter Mask of Jungle (for Umarak the Hunter?)
    • Golden Uniter Mask of Water (for ?)
    • Golden Uniter Mask of Stone (for Umarak the Destroyer?)
  • Extra Gold Masks
    • Gold Bull Skull Masks (seeing as how there are golden versions of the other Skull Creature Masks)
    • G2 Mask of Time

Elements in Need of Recoloring

The following are Bionicle elements that have only ever been released in one color, along with possible suggestions for where they could have been implimented.

Masks/Head Pieces

  • Titans 1
    • Movie Kraahkan-
    • Metru Kraahkan-
    • Noble Hau (appears in 2 sets)-for Radiak
    • Rode (appears in 5 sets)-for Idris (give Bluru to Dalu)
    • Olmak (appears in 4 sets)-for Sarda
  • Titans 2
    • Gadunka-
    • Maxilos-
    • Spinax-
    • 2008 Avohkii-
    • Scavenging-
    • Tuma-
  • Metru
    • Huna (appears in 4 sets)-for Kazi
    • Matatu (appears in 3 sets)-for Velika
    • Mahiki (appears in 2 sets)-for Garan
    • Rau (appears in 2 sets)-for Balta
    • Komau (appears in 2 sets)-for Piruk
    • Skull
  • Hordika
    • Matatu-
    • Mahiki-for Morak
    • Rau-for Thulox
    • Komau-
    • Ruru-
  • Visorak
    • Suukorak-Venom Flyer Pack
    • Boggarak-Kahgarak/Battle for Metru Nui (substitute Vohtarak head to Zivon pack)
    • Roporak-Visorak’s Gate playset
    • Oohnorak-Battle Ram (substitute Keelerak head to Parakrekk pack)
  • Inika
    • Calix-for Varian
    • Iden-Pre-Pit Takadox?
    • Suletu-for Krakua
    • Elda-
    • Kadin-
    • Sanok-
  • Piraka
    • Hakann-Piraka Kaita
    • Zaktan-Piraka Combiner 1
    • Vezok-Piraka Combiner 3
    • Avak-Piraka Combiner 2
    • Reidak-Piraka Nui?
    • Skull
  • Toa Mahri
    • Arthron-
    • Tryna-for Tridax?
    • Zaath-
    • Garai-
    • Volitak (appears in 3 sets)-for Nidhiki and Chiara
  • Barraki
    • Kalmah-Spherus Magna Creature?
    • Pridak-” “
    • Ehlek-” “
    • Mantax (appears in 2 sets)-” “
  • Phantoka
    • Jutlin GNP-
    • Akaku GN-
    • Miru GNP-
    • Avsa GN-
    • Kakama GN-
  • Mistika
    • Hau-
    • Felnas-
    • Kaukau-
    • Mohtrek-
    • Pakari-
  • Glatorian Helmets
    • Malum-
    • Strakk-
    • Gresh-
    • Tarix-Angonce?
    • Vorox-Kabrua (alternate color)?
    • Skrall-Sister of the Skrall (Purple)?
  • Agori Helmets
    • Raanu-Element Lord of Fire?
    • Metus-Heremus?
    • Tarduk-
    • Zesk-Spherus Magna Creature?
    • Atakus-Velika (True Form)?
  • Legends Helmets
    • Gelu-
    • Vastus-Element Lady of Sand?
    • Kiina-Element Lady of Earth?
    • Mata Nui-Second Release (Silver)?
    • Stronius-”Buckethead”?
  • Stars
    • Avohkii-
    • Gresh-
    • Nektann-
    • Rahkshi-
  • G2 Masks
    • Golden Mask of Fire-Tahu or Kulta
    • Golden Mask of Water-Gali or Spider Lord
    • Masks of Control-Silver?
    • Uniter Mask of Jungle-U. Lewa or Slicer
    • Uniter Mask of Water-U. Gali
    • Uniter Mask of Stone-U. Pohatu


  • Toa Mata/Turaga/Bohrok
    • Lewa’s Axe
    • Firestaff
    • Ice Pick
    • Drill of Onua
    • Tahnok Shield
    • Lehvak Shield
  • Toa Nuva/Bohrok-Kal/Matoran
    • Magma Sword
    • Aqua Axe
    • Quake Braker
    • Tahnok-Kal Shield
    • Kolhii Staff
    • Staff of Light Blade
  • Rahkshi
    • Turahk Staff
    • Kuurahk Staff
    • Guurahk Staff
    • Panrahk Staff
    • Vorahk Staff
  • Toa Metru/Mangai
    • Vakama’s Launcher
    • Crystal Spike
    • Hydro Blade
    • Proto Piton
    • Earthshock Drill
    • Fire Greatsword
  • Vahki
    • Staff of Command
    • Staff of Confusion
    • Staff of Erasure
    • Staff of Loyalty
    • Staff of Suggestion
    • Staff of Presence
  • Hordika
    • Hordika Teeth
    • Fang Blade
    • Fin Barb
    • Claw Club
    • Thumper
  • Visorak
    • Vohtarak Mandibles
    • Keelerak “ “
    • Boggarak “ “
    • Roporak “ “
    • Oohnorak “ “
  • Piraka
    • Lava Launcher
    • Ice Gun
    • Three-Bladed Scissor
    • Water Harpoon
    • Seismic Pickaxe
    • Buzz Saw
  • Inika
    • Energized Flame Sword
    • Energized Ice Sword
    • Laser Crossbow
    • Laser Harpoon
    • Laser Axe
    • Laser Drill
  • Mahri
    • Power Sword
    • Hahli’s Claw
    • Hahli’s Wings
    • Hewkii’s Shoulder Blades
    • Hewkii’s Warblade
    • Nuparu’s Shield
  • Barraki/Order of Mata Nui
    • Protosteel Talon
    • Takadox Sword
    • Carapar Claw
    • Axonn’s Axe
    • Hydruka Lower Jaw (Nuparu Claw)
  • Phantoka
    • Antroz’s Swords
    • Antroz’s Wings
    • Ice Bayonet
    • Air Sword
    • Rotor Blades
    • Chirox’s Blades
  • Mistika
    • Shield Blades
    • Gorast’s Double Claws
    • Gorast’s Wings
    • Gali’s Scope
    • Bitil’s Blades
    • Ghost Blaster Addition
  • Glatorian/Agori
    • Fire Claws
    • Ice Axe
    • Ice Shoulder Armor
    • Metus’ Shield
    • Water Sword
    • Skrall Blade
  • Legends
    • Ice Slicer
    • Vastus’ Scythe
    • Vastus’ Shoulder Armor
    • Vapor Trident
    • Stronius’ Club
    • Stronius’ Pads
  • Okoto
    • Stormerangs
    • Turbo Shovelers
    • Skull Blade
    • Skull Axe

Additional Masks

Conceptual Masks

Masks that were discussed in story or visually depicted but never released in actual sets.

  • Generation 1
    • Olisi-Karzahni
    • Korgot-Bomonga
    • Kivoda-Gaaki
    • Izotor-Kualus
    • Nilkuu-Pouks
    • Narmoto-Tuyet
    • Artidax-Miserix
    • Leva-Helryx
    • Vizuna-Nikila
    • Agarak-Toa of the Green
    • Honorable Mention:
      • Ekimu (Mask of Creation)-with green variant for Artakha
  • Generation 2
    • Mask of Ultimate Power-Makuta
    • Mask of Time-Ekimu
    • Contest Masks
    • Scorpion Mask (featured in the 2015 Online Animations when Pohatu is retrieving his Golden Mask)
    • Additional mask variants

Nonphysical Colors

These have appeared in more than one color, but we didn't get physical releases of all the colors they appeared/were described in:

  • Vahi-Red
  • 2003 Avohkii-Black
  • Ignika-Black
  • Infected Mata/Nuva Kanohi (minus Hau and Hau Nuva)
  • MNOG Kanohi
  • Mask of Creation-Green
  • Okotan Masks
  • Makuta-Silver
  • Ekimu-Gray
  • Tree-Growing
  • Tree-Cutting
  • Purple
  • Orange
  • Light Blue?
  • Red Skull Spider

Unreleased Great/Noble Versions

  • Kaukau-Noble
  • Pakari-Noble
  • Avohkii-Noble
  • Crast-Normal Great/Noble
  • Felnas-Normal Great/Noble
  • Avsa-Normal Great/Noble
  • Mohtrek-Normal Great/Noble
  • Shelek-Normal Great
  • Vulture-Noble
  • Kiril-Great
  • Pehkuii-All
  • Kualsi-Noble