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"Dude, welcome back. ^_^ Anywho - Yeah, like, all of your images are gone. :P"
Electric Turahk, following the events of The Erased

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"Trig it..."

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Brickshelf Identity triggy
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About Triggy

Hi all, I'm Triggy. My main area of interest on this Wiki was providing great quality images for the various articles and adding information about everything Online Games- or Animations-related. I was a contributor for the Kanohi Journal and a member of the O:RAC. When I became a moderator, I resolved to make the Wiki a more consistent and organized place by changing links and article titles as needed to improve clarity and understanding. I also accepted a position as one of the managers of the O:RAC, through which I hoped to continue improving the Wiki and rewarding other members for their contributions.

After the summer of 2009, I decided to relinquish my responsibilities as Archivist and O:RAC Manager to those members who will be active more consistently. However, I promised to continue to serve as provider of images to the best of my ability. At the end of April 2010, I retired fully from my staff duties, but continued to provide images for the Wiki.

It's been several years since I contributed to the Wiki (I mostly sat out on Hero Factory, for instance), but got all hyped up with the announcement that BIONICLE would be returning, especially since the Mask of Creation seemed to match the description of the mask as worn by Artakha. I'm a little disappointed that BIONICLE 2015 is a full reboot (I was half hoping that it would be a pseudo-continuation on Spherus Magna but with a new adventure and previous lore referenced on a 'need-to-know' basis). That said, I think LEGO's making the right choice from a creative and business standpoint to do a full reboot (who wants to be constrained by what has come before?), and am cautiously optimistic that the second generation, as I've heard it called, will match the power of the first.

I don't plan on contributing much on here, but I am interested to see how the Wiki is reorganized now that there will be such a significant overlap. I am sure everybody is up to the task, and wish everyone all the best!



Trig. [trig] transitive verb.

  1. To perform a task fully and completely.
  2. To go beyond the call of duty when editing.
  3. To be incredibly well-rounded with lots of talents and skills.

Example Usage:

n00b 1: Whoa, did you see that guy upload all those sweet images and make all those helpful edits?
noob 2: Yeah, man. He was totally triggin'!


Triglet. [trig-let] noun.

  1. An expression of endearment, used to congratulate or chastise.

Example Usage:

Fellow staff member: Bad Triglet!
Triggy: I r srry.


"Silly lackey. Trigs are for kids."
Dorek, commenting on my noobishness.

Expanded Universe Artwork

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