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{{Quote|How can you sleep at night? I mean, I'm the bad guy, but '''''I''''' fear '''''you'''''. Where do I start with the list of reasons that is wrong?|Ddude to me|center}}
<span style="font-size: 13px;">[[User:Thoron|Userpage]] | [[User talk:Thoron|Talk]] | [http://docs.google.com/document/d/1cHGUHzz91oNRsfn9jFmtFCRIAtX_879gTB23RND6jWg/edit Quotes] | [[Special:Contributions/Thoron|Contribs]] | [[herosector:User:Thoron|HS01]] | [http://www.bzpower.com/forum/index.php?showuser=65423 BZP] | [http://www.brickshelf.com/cgi-bin/gallery.cgi?msearch=mtmerrick Brickshelf] | [http://www.majhost.com/cgi-bin/gallery.cgi?msearch=mtmerrick Maj] | [http://mln.lego.com/en-us/PublicView/mtmerrick.aspx MLN]</span><br>
{|border="1" align="right" cellpadding="4" cellspacing="0" width="250px" style="margin: 0 0 1em 1em; border: 1px black solid; border-collapse: collapse; font-size: 95%;"
!align="center" colspan="2" bgcolor="#EEDD82" style="font-size:150%;"|'''Thoron (aka Marik)'''
|bgcolor="WHITE" align="center" colspan="2"|<img>http://www.majhost.com/gallery/mtmerrick/misc/androidme.jpg</img>
!bgcolor="#EEDD82" align="center" height="23" colspan="2"|User
|bgcolor="{{{bg_color}}}"|'''<font color="BLACK">Species</font>'''
|bgcolor="{{{fg_color}}}"|Genetically Modified Lifeform (formerly human)
|bgcolor="{{{bg_color}}}"|'''<font color="BLACK">Location</font>'''
|bgcolor="{{{fg_color}}}"|Earth (temporarily)
|bgcolor="{{{bg_color}}}"|'''<font color="BLACK">Status</font>'''
|bgcolor="{{{bg_color}}}"|'''<font color="BLACK">Pronunciation</font>'''
|bgcolor="{{{fg_color}}}"|THOR-ohn, MARE-ick
|-style="vertical-align: top;"
==About Me==
I am known as thoron on BZPower as well as here. I have my 3 year Huna, and love to MOC.
On MLN (and most everywhere else on the internet), I am known as mtmerrick. I am rank 10.
Most of my fictional/RPG characters are named Marik, and that has become my nickname many places.
I am a trekkie and a major geek.
My favorite books are the Maximum Ride books (James Patterson) and the Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel books (Micheal Scott), closely followed by the young wizards books (diane duane).
My favorite TV shows are (in no particular order) Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Caprica, BSG (new series), Star Trek (DS9, Voyager, and Enterprise), Terra Nova, Eureka, and Warehouse 13.
i like:
*fixing computers
*Chrome browser
*watching sci-fi action movies
*drinking Mt. Dew (distortion should've won... D=)
*most types of music
*white chocolate!
*archery (though I've only done it once or twice)
*Android OS <3
*Google, and almost all of their products
*attempting to learn quantum mechanics and nuclear physics
i dislike:
*waxy milk chocolate
*Windows Media Player *
*Yahoo *
*Chrome OS
*annoying siblings *
*Apple *
*iOS *
*asymmetrical arms on lego constraction sets(EG, Hordika & Piraka)
*the Kanohi Nuva pages. they should be merged with their corresponding kanohi pages.
(an asterisk indicates deep hatred)
my favorite type of food is chinese.
my favorite bioncle characters are vezon, mutran, and karzani
my favorite kanohi is a olmak, 2nd is a crast.
(by most common name)
Commonly used nicknames/usernames are in parentheses
===Good Friends===
*Skye (MJ, Jade, L)
*Omega Blademan (Blade, kaze)
*MsRowdyRedhead (MsRR)
*KZ (paradox, Zlappy)
*Timposter (tim, timmeh)
*herochild (truth)
*Electric Tuhrack
*Rashiki8000 (R8)
*oilking (oil)
*plotkin (PLOTTY!)
*zero legacy shadow (ZLS)
*Chicken Lord
*tombomdoodle (TBD)
*Master X (eli)
*Saturn 2.0
*Darth Rexus (finckboy)
*Mredy* (Vezzy rattlehead, vezon the piraka)
if i forgot anyone anywhere on the list, point em out. ;)
==My BIONICLE Collection==
*Toa Iruni (x2)
*Toa Inika Jaller
*Toa Inika Kongu
*Ehlek (x2)
*Toa Mahri Hahli
*a Hannah crab
*Solek(missing the jetpack, 1/2 the limbs broken)
*Tahu Mistaka
*maybe 80% of bilti
*A Zesk
*Mata Nui (canister)
*Click (brickmaster set)
for someone with a limited budget who got into bionicle in 2007, i have a pretty good collection of kanohi. No, none of them are for sale.
====Mata Nui====
*black kakama
*grey arthaka-style hau
*powder blue Pakari
*metru gold avohkii
*trans-glitter avohkii
====Metru Nui====
*great Mahiki
*great Rau
*great Komau
*black great Ruru
*great Matatu
*Great Pehuki (silver kirl)
*metru gold kualsi
*Lihkan's Hau
====Voya Nui====
*vezon's ignika
====Mahri Nui====
*metru green kualsi
*keetong-yellow kirl
*metru blue Faxon
*lime green faxon
*gunmetal vezon-style ignika (maxilos shoulder)
====Karda Nui====
*noble miru
*noble Akaku
*noble avsa
*noble shelek
*swamp adapted hau nuva
*yellow ignika
*2010 red hau
*2010 gold hau
*Comic 1
*comic 1 (damaged)
*comic 2
*comic 3
*comic 4
*comic 5
*comic 7
*comic 8
*comic 9
*comic 10
*comic 11
*comic 12 (x2)
*comic 13 (x2)
*comic 14 (x2)
*comic 15 (x2)
*comic 1
*comic 2
*comic 3
*comic 3 (promo version)
*comic 4 (x3)
*comic 5 (x3)
*comic 6 (x3)
*comic 7 (x3)
*The Legend Reborn DVD
*Graphic Novel 8
*Barraki Promo Poster
*Mata Nui 2010 brickmaster poster (x2)
*prototype peices
**skrall blade with blue center
**swirled red & black zamor
**carapar armor-color strakk helmet
**off-white and silver swirled hordika lower arm
==My Uploads==
Images I've uploaded
File:Magazine Art Zesk.png
File:Magazine Art Tarduk.jpg
File:Activity Toa Mata Nui.jpg
File:TLR-Official Movie Guide.jpg
File:Comic Saw Blade Sheild.jpg
File:Tuma's Sword.png
File:Surel's Staff.png
File:Surel's Dagger.png
File:VOA ta-matoran.png
File:BtG GBA Cover.png
File:BtG Mac Cover.png
File:BtG PC Cover.png
File:BtG XBox Cover.png
File:BtG GQ Cover.png
File:BH PC Cover.jpg
File:BH GC Cover.jpg
File:BH Wii Cover.jpg
File:BH PS2 Cover.jpg
File:GN Box Set 1-4.png
File:GN Box Set 2.png
File:CGI Green Squid.png
File:FaRotS Baterra Shapeshifting.png
File:CGI Krika.png
File:Kanohi Crast Concept Art.png
File:Noble Miru Concept Art.png
File:Nynrah Ghost Blaster Set.jpg
File:BH Kane-Ra.PNG
File:BH Muaka.PNG
File:BH Nui-Rama.PNG
File:Dolphin HD.png
===My Original Uploads===
I uploaded the original version of these, but a better version has since been uploaded, someone uploaded them as PNGs, or something similar, causing my name to no longer be on the image. They're still my pics though!
File:TET Vorox.jpg|Triggy
File:TET Malum vs Strakk.png|Dorek
File:TET Malum's exile.jpg|Triggy
File:TET Malum vs Vastus Aftermath.png|Triggy
File:AOSR Aqua Magna.png|Triggy
File:TET Malum VS Vastus Fighting.jpg|Triggy
File:TET Malum and sand tribe.jpg|Triggy
File:TET Malum's Sword.png|Dorek
File:AOSR Bota Magna.png|Triggy
File:AOSR Spherus Magna Creature.png|Triggy
File:AOSR fire tribe victory.png|Triggy
File:Comic Unknown Kanohi.png|Dorek/Ralph
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