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"I eaterated a donut once! =D Then my brother owned me cause it was his. <:(" -Danwojo812

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Location At the Computer
Gender Male... I hope
Favorite Set Onua Mistika

Sup. I'm Synergy. Yeah, thats my name, so don't wear it out. 8P

Greetings CP People! 8P

Hey there. As you can tell, I'm Synergy. Well, thats not my real name, but... oh, you get the idea. I'm a generally happy person. But I have a nasty Irish temper... sometimes.

Something to Ponder

  • Why do Dentists talk to you when their hands are in your mouth?



Current game: Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction.


  • I use Satellite Internet.
  • I'm unavalable from 12 to 8 Saturday through Sunday. Sorry.
  • My Dad was once a Nuclear Engineer.



From: ~Mattym

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Yucky! This user has been a BIONICLE fan since 2001. (Now get of my lawn!)
Avsa.PNG This user fights for the Makuta!
Set Hydraxon.jpg This user's favorite Order of Mata Nui member is Hydraxon.

Anti-V Freedom Fighters
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