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jobs=BS01 user, Annoying pest >:D|
jobs=BS01 user, Annoying pest >:D|
height=5 foot, 6 inches.|
height=5 foot, 6 inches.|

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"Escape is impossible. Autobots inferior, Soundwave superior."
— Soundwave, being awesome. "Transformers Animated"

External Image
External Image
BS01 Status I usually pop in many times a day.
Usual Online Time Constantly changing.
BZP Name Roni134730
BZP Status Active
Online Jobs BS01 user, Annoying pest >:D
Age 16
Gender male
Height 5 foot, 6 inches.
Nationality the U.S.A.
Character(s) Greg Farshtey (CAUSE HE MADE ALL THE CHARACTERS!)
Color(s) Blue,white,green,red,black,purple,silver,grey,gun metal,orange,brown and gold(CAUSE THEY ALL HAVE THEIR USES!)
Food(s) Hamburgers(CAUSE!)
+ This user invites you to copy off of any userboxes you see on this page!
External Image Toa Obitor gives Roni134730 this Award/Userbox for being his friend and liking Soundwave.


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TotT Turaga.PNG I'd like to thank the BS01 Staff for, well, everything. Thanks, guys!
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I am Roni134730, Roni for short. I am just another crazy fan on this crazy fan site. Here on BS01 I don't do a lot, mainly I check my account a few times a day, look at my patrol tablet, and sometimes vote for something or edit a mainspace page. I'm trying to get more active but I have stuff going on on other sites and also stuff in my real life. (y'know the place where people are made out of flesh instead of text.) Anyways, you're not reading this for updates on my life, you're reading this to find out who I am. I am a big fan of BIONICLE, it kind of fuses together two of my favorite story genres: Fantasy (The elemental powers and stuff) and Sci-fi (The bio-mechanical creatures and stuff) That's another thing about me, I love to read. When I'm reading a really good book it is incredibly hard to get my attention away from it. Another thing I'm a big fan of, is Transformers. I'm a fan of a number of their continuities including G1, Beast Wars, and Animated to name a few. My favorite Transformer of all time is Soundwave, followed closely by Shockwave. If you have any Transformers related questions you can probably direct them to me. To completely change the topic, I am a Boy Scout, Life Rank, of Troop 174. I attended the 2010 Boy Scout National Jamboree in Washington, D.C., celebrating 100 years in America. Any boy on this site who has not yet joined Boy Scouts, SHOULD! I can be kinda shy at times, and have trouble asking for help, but when I get to know someone I become a lot more open. In conclusion, welcome to my page, I hope you enjoy it, and now have an idea of what I'm like. But if you want to pretend I'm some kind of mutant government dolphin, that's cool too :)

P.S. Roni is pronounced R-oh-nee, or at least that's how I pronounce it.

If you want to know where I've been, look for this: Roni134730


Hopefully this section will grow :P

Biocryptid21 | My talkpage-My sandbox | External Image

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Interesting, funny, or just plain awesome quotes from here, there, and everywhere!

"He looks huggable!"
— A friend of mine talking about Turaga Whenua.

"Haven't you figured it out yet? You have to be insane to be a Toa at all. It's the first requirement for the job."
— Helryx to Takanuva, Swamp of Secrets

"Ah, dear Kalmah, try using your head for something besides scaring small animals."
— Takadox, Comic 7: Mask of Life, Mask of Doom

"Is that fear you are feeling, Maximal? Yes... my spark feeds on terror. Let it grow! Let it consume your circuitry! Feel it, yes, feel it! Feel the fear!"
— Rampage, getting all creepy. "Transformers Beast Wars"

"Inferno blow up, Waspinator must salvage. Waspinator blow up, nobody salvage! Why universe hate Waspinator?"
— Waspinator, why does the universe hate him? "Transformers Beast Wars"

"Make a device to extract molecular structure from an alien probe... man, I gotta be a miracle worker!"
— Rhinox, yes, you are. "Transformers Beast Wars"

"You're insane."
— Tigerhawk, about Tarantulas. "Transformers Beast Wars"

"So they saa-aay! Wbrrwbrrbbppth!"
— Tarantulas, confirming Tigerhawks statement. "Transformers Beast Wars"

My Sprites

Want to get on my good side? Wanna be my friend? make a sprite in soundwave style. For reference, this is Soundwave External Image

Biocryptid21: Kohrok-Kal's External Image External Image

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Toa of Chaos: Toa Metru External Image

Toa Obitor: The BIONICLE-ized Soundwave that I'm currently using as my user picture, which is awesome. And this Optimus Prime, which is also awesome.

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If you come to my user page you have to watch these videos. NO EXCEPTIONS! <videoflash>lpaGGZIS2To</videoflash><videoflash>abszCEstR7s</videoflash>

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I'll work on this every once in a while. It'll probably be mostly funny picture captions.

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Widgets.png Roni134730's RoniBucks Award
Congratulations, for whatever reason Roni134730 has decided to give this award to Roni134730. This award entitles you to 5 RoniBucks, which are worth absolutely nothing. But hey, it's the thought that counts, right? --Roni134730

This one is for my friends, duh.

External Image Roni134730's Friendship Award
Congratulations, Roni134730 has gained favor with Roni134730. For this, Roni134730 has been awarded his/her own Decepticon battalion to do with whatever he/she wishes. Use it well.


And this is for birthdays, Duh to the second power.

External Image Roni134730's Birthday Award
Congratulations, organic, for you have survived another one of your Earth years. This is an astonishing feat, considering how fragile you humans are, so celebrate.


Awarded awards (Awarded to me!)

BPG Barraki Kalmah With Frying Pan.PNG
The Randomness Award
This award has been randomly given to Roni134730 by Toa Jala for his supreme randomness.
Comic 10 Jaller Mahri.PNG
The Toa Jala Friendship Award
This award has been given to Roni134730 by Toa Jala for being my buddy and for using my userboxes.
Papercutz Hydraxon.jpg Friendship Award
This award goes to Roni134730 for being my friend.External Image
Do Not Defy The Empire

Roni134730, you have done the unforgivable by defying the ultimate reign of Kayru, BS01 Empress. As Official BS01 PWNificator, Shadonix has no choice but to PWN you with this warning. Join Kayru now or suffer the consequences. --ShadonX, BS01 PWNificator (Request Audience)


Joining BS01 award

This award has been given to Roni134730 for joining Biosector01.You did the right thing --Vakira (My page)(Mail) 06:23, 5 July 2010 (UTC)

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The Toa Jala Award
Roni134730 has been granted this award for making it to the bottom of Toa Jala's userpage. Come again soon!