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— Raidriar

Temple of Faith.png
Tools Sheer unbridled rage
Status Alive
Pronunciation RAY-dree-arr

I'm trying to make these years the best years of my life, even if Bionicle is over.


Nothing exciting yet. Wait until I do something big, then you'll see. Or maybe you won't.

Abilities and Traits

Raidriar is aware of all of us and what we are and how we are. He can feel his thoughts and knows what his mind is and how society is and how he is.

This is as much of a blessing as it is a curse. Actually, it doesn't really mean anything, just like everything else. My mind goes haywire every time I try re-realising what I am, so I'm not going to try to clarify this.


— Raidriar, the top of this page


  • The GSR is 3'5" as part of a deal made with the Bionicle Devil.
  • Spherus Magnan maternity wards[1] are generally outdoors, in white-fabric tents in a quiet spot of woods. During the intermediary period between the Shattering and the Rejoining, Bara Magna stopped the practice of maternity wards. They continued on Bota Magna, however.
  • A couple idiots got stuck on Aqua Magna when Spherus Magna shattered. They were on a post-regatta joyride at sea when it happened.
  • The Element Lord (Lady?) of Earth has conceived children with her husband. They have inherited Earth-infused abilities, being half Element Lord, are half as powerful as her and therefore as powerful as a Toa.[2] They too have consciousness-projection abilities.
  • Nocturn's species would be prone to addiction to donut holes, if they ever encountered them. Powdered donut holes would additionally amplify their regenerative abilities, and sweet-glazed ones would amplify their strength.
  • Elements that could've existed in the MU include Fungi, Acid (as per Greg's own wording)[3][4], Shaving Cream, Crystal[3], Flesh, Vacuum, Sand[5], Kinetics[3], Rahi, Radiation[6]and possibly Weather [7][8] (note that by rule of precedence, the "I would say no" answer takes priority). Molten rock, molten metal, ash, and smoke are not elements.
  • Zakaz's function in the GSR is essentially that of an appendix; the chute system carries toxic waste into the lake in the centre, where it is turned into energy by beings that love to eat and have a chef culture: the Skakdi. Even after Spiriah's alterations, the chef culture remained; the lead chef of a group of Skakdi is spared conflict, and serves as a sort of chieftain.
  • Gafna, unlike Burnak or Bohrok, have pools of elemental energy. They are the 3rd elemental race in the MU, after Matoran/Turaga/Toa and Skakdi.
  • Burnak, on the other hand, are environmentally adapted, not elementally keyed. This is evidenced by the existence of both a Water and Protodermis Burnak; they both have liquid-based attacks, implying one is specifically for organic water environments and the other is for protodermic water environments. This is further supported by the existence of a Stronghold Burnak, whose colouration is not the exact same as the Fire Burnak, and the existence of a Desert Burnak, which does not correspond to any MU element.[9][10]
  • Tamaru is a Le-Matoran.
  • Macku's name is pronounced pee-WOO-xat.
  • The Mask of Creation is a Legendary Kanohi, but not a Legendary Power. It is a regular Kanohi power; the Mask of Creation and Olisi were simply forged at Tier 9 levels.
  • A Noble Olmak would have the same abilities as the Great (intradimensional travel, portals to Pocket Dimensions), minus the travel to Alternate Universes. For this reason, it is considered much safer than the Great, and although the possibilities of it being upgraded to Great level exist, more copies were produced as Noble by Artakha than Great.
  • There's a potential Kanohi of Shapeshifting, and its advantage over the Mahiki is the ability to copy the shapeshifted entity's powers, as well as a faster and finer degree of shapeshifting that allows the user to also copy "props".
  • Weather Control allows the creation of water, humidity, and frozen water in air.
  • A Stage 6 Kraata or Rahkshi of Weather Control could summon geomagnetic storms.
  • Velika has brain damage and that's why he's insane.
  • Psionics is a quantum field like Gravity.
  • The Dreaming Plague is a sort of memetohazard that infects an individual's subconscious, then spreads via egregores. Therefore, mental/emotional association with the Iron Tribe quite literally carried a risk of infection. It's a psionic virus; thoughts quite literally exist as the Psionic equivalent of dark matter.
  • The Harlem Globetrotters do not exist in the MU.
  • Kopaka is only sane because the Harlem Globetrotters do not exist in the MU. If they did, he would be severely schizophrenic and in a state of constant, incurable hysteria.
  • Wine and (Mata Nui Cow) cheese both exist; MU inhabitant physiology is unaffected by alcohol.
  • When Karzahni gets mad he picks the nearest person to him and smashes their head a bunch. This is why all the Voya Nui Matoran have brain damage.
  • If Brutaka picked Turaga Dume up and ripped him in half, what would happen?
  • Metru Nui is invisible to the naked eye.
  • The Olmak worn by Tridax was pilfered from a member of Jovan's team's corpse,[11][12] and very likely worn by that team member during his death,[12] so it would have been re-created on the Red Star.[13] Furthermore, said member would likely have laid low.[14]


  • I like the Green, Water, and Ice.
  • I want to live somewhere isolated, safe, self-sustainable, and comfortable. For good reason.


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