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Elemental Powers Stone
Kanohi Great Komau Nuva
Weapon Stone Mace
Location The Internet
Toa team Toa Cora
BZPower Name Toa Orka
BS01 Status Icon away.png
Age 15
Gender Male♂
Species Toa
Nationality American
Intrests BIONICLE, Hero Factory, Mass Effect, Halo, and Assassin's Creed
Fav. set Phantoka Lewa
B-day Nov. 29 1996

This will hopefully be my last edit to this wiki, I say as if I've ever contributed anything that was worth an edit. I just felt like I should say I'm sorry. I'm sorry I left the Wiki, even more so that I joined in the first place, me at my young age being unable to handle the demands of earning what I wanted from this wiki. I expected easy recognition and praise for minor things like updating a status of a location, but I never got that. I got something that at the time seemed less, but only now do I realize was really much more. I had friends I could come and talk to after a rough day at school. Some of the memories of me and the guys on Gabbly chatting away even now still fill me with happiness. I was shallow and wanted instant gratification though. I still cringe when I remember the time I posed as a friend from my school who had been directed to the site and the chat room by me in an attempt at finding out what they thought of me. I gave out awards because I liked people, which, while at the time seemed to me like the most sincere expression of friendship, now seems to me more like a grasp for attention from an idiotic, naive child. So many things I did back then, or attempted to do, make me shudder even now, which just goes to show how stupid they were. But the one thing I will never regret is the group of people I related to here. And the one thing I will always regret is leaving them. Now of course, most of you probably don't even remember me. And those who do probably remember me as that "whiny editor who never quite made it". Now, after seeing the wiki, I know I belong here even less than I did before. But I'm still on the internet. I'm still lurking in the dark corners of DeviantART, reveling in my newer, furrier friends, and even BZPower occasionally. If you truly wish to seek me out, go ahead. But I know my place. It's not here anymore, that much I definitely know for sure. Still though, I can't help but feel if I had never left in the first place, I'd have felt better and maybe have been able to contribute positively to the wiki.

I'm sorry I left, guys. I really am. I'm also sorry I wasted some bandwith with that huge, garbage page of mine. And most of all, I'm sorry about all the whining I made you guys put up with. -Orka

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