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Comic Protector of Jungle Fighting.png
Mask Protector Jungle Mask[1]
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Tools Sensor Tail, Air Elemental Flame Bow[1]
Status Alive
Location Okoto
Set number 70778

The Protector of Jungle is one of six chief elder Protectors, guarding a village of Jungle on Okoto.


The Protector of Jungle defends a village in the Region of Jungle on Okoto.

After the fight between Ekimu and Makuta, the Protectors found the lifeless body of Ekimu and heard the Prophecy of Heroes. The Protectors took Ekimu to be placed in a tomb and gave him a new mask.

Skull Spiders began to menace Okoto. When the stars aligned, as foretold by the Prophecy of Heroes, the Protector of Jungle joined the other Protectors at the Temple of Time and recited a prayer. Six Toa then fell from the sky onto Okoto. The Protector of Jungle sought out Lewa and guided him through the Region of Jungle for weeks to find the Golden Jungle Mask.

Abilities and Traits

Protector of Jungle's sensor tail

The Protector of Jungle is wise, and will use his wisdom to guide the Masters in their quest to defeat the Skull Spiders.

The Protector of Jungle has an appendage on each of his feet known as a Sensor Tail; these grant him a sixth sense, allowing the Protector to predict the future. However, the predictions are not always accurate.[1]

Mask and Tools

The Protector of Jungle bears the Protector Jungle Mask, a sacred Elemental Mask forged by Ekimu long ago and passed down through the generations.

The Protector also wields an Air Elemental Flame Bow.

Set Information

Set 70778 Protector of Jungle was released in January 2015. The set includes the Protector of Jungle and a blue Skull Spider. The Protector wields his Air Elemental Flame Bow, which fires six shots.

The set can be combined with Lewa - Master of Jungle to create a larger model.


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