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Important Notice
Yes, I know that BZP is back up. Why am I not on it? Well, after six months, I've... well... I forgot my password. However, my brother Sean is currently workin gon figurin gout what it is. There are perks to being related to staff. And yes, my page still needs to be updated. Procrastination is wonderful, yet a curse.
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Page Designs
Regular Waterlady Design
Other On A Whim Lightning Design
Special Occasions FS Design

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Matoran Zap.PNG
BS01 Status Active
Usual Online Time N/A
BZP Name Megan51
BZP Status N/A
Online Jobs Co-Operator of Shadonix's Sig Shop, Owner/Operator of Megan51's Sprite Service, Poll Master, Random Allocations Substitute, EL Thursdays, and Head Graphic Designer and Manager for Legacy Productions
Age 13
Gender Female
Height Uh, don't really know.
Nationality US of A
Character(s) Krahka
Set(s) 8914 Toa Inika Hahli
Color(s) Purple
Food(s) Spaghetti

User talk:Ungatt Trunn/Open Source Projects

About Me

I'm Megan, the only one who is actually interested in my brother's (Seanp12's) rants (evil) about Mega-Bloks and conversations about Lego Bricks. My birthday is on Feb. 11 and Disney Princesses don't interest me. I've been a fan of Legos since I was born. Thank Sean for that. I was first interested in Bionicle when the Inika came out, but I had followed it in the comics since '03.

And now for my identities.


I'm always Megan51 on this site. I don't do anything important like my brother. When I post something, I'll use this name.


This is my Bzpower name. Hanahlii is a Matoran of Lightning. Her looks are similar to the Matoran Hahli's, but Hanahlii has white arms and legs. However, they have been died yellow for an unknown reason. She is somewhat near the size of a Turaga. She has a small amount of lightning powers.


-Meg: My natural nickname.

-Waterlady: A name from CoTD.

-Megalini: For when I make pizza. Mumma Mia!

-Megantriannahlii: A joke, courtesy of Dark Light.

-Dunkin' Donuts: Shadonix randomly called me this when I asked for permission to fill an order for a sig.

-Megsters: Don't ask. It's a Dark Light thing. Never am gonna figure that guy out.

-Mega Meg: Toa11. Yuuup.

History of Megan51 (And Other Such Things)

So, yeah. You come to a wiki in September of '08, you look at basic coding, you give out a few awards. That's what I did when I came here. I was a little eleven year old girl who's big brother was close to becoming MS and didn't know one thing about wiki coding.

I still don't.

So, I gave awards to a few users on the site that I thought my brother knew. Some of them, he didn't. So sue me. Those few people were Nuparu1995, CoTD, Jaykanu, and my brother, Seanp12. I considered and still consider them my friends. A few days later, they joked around that I was flirting. I believe it's still a running joke. Then, I saw my first emoticon. XD. I thought it was an nickname for Nup, and asked them if it was. They promptly replied, corrected me, and called me a n00b.

I don't remember much of the three or four months after that. Of course, I can't quite remember the exact date when I joined either, so I'm estimating the time.

During those months, though, I became an apprentice to Shadonix, who I call Boss, took over when he left indefinitely (he's now back), watched Triggy become a staff member, my brother leave, return, leave, return, and leave again, finished numerous projects, and other such things. I joined the BS01 Game Team, watched it disband, joined Akilini Enteprises, became head Graphic Designer, became a Manager of AE, became an archivist for the Event Log, restored the EL Tablet, and became an O:RAC member and the Poll Master (Mistress).

So, during and after all that, I met new friends--Grant-Sud, Iggy, JMSOG, Toa of Chaos, Torunga, and more. Many friends have left, many friends have stayed. I've seen lots of n00bs come, leave, and develop into better editors than I ever will be.

Now, one and a half years later, I have many friends. I try my best to name them all in the style that my Boss Shadonix does (because it's funny and awesome and I like stuff like that), but more important than naming them all is just knowing that they're there.

Meg's Friend List


  • Shad: This guy's awesome. Funny, smart, and willing to steal your soul. Calls himself W00t, Shado, Mr. Chael, Admiral Wolverine Lightningbolt, and Cubicle Master. Formerly known as the Stealer of Souls. Doesn't like it when I call him Boss.
  • Nup: He's green. He likes Nuparu. He likes to tease. He pretends I'm flirting with him. He was TOTALLY beaten by me in a, how do you say it, talking back game, and I'm never gonna let him forget. Nicest guy on the wiki. Likes saying Happy Easter, Merry Christmas, etc.
  • Jayk: Jayk is, unusual. Best Buds with Nup. Changes the design of his User Page EVERY MONTH. And it always looks cool.
  • Detective: THE Detective. The BS01 Detective. He likes red, gold, and black. One of the few sane people here that can keep us n00bs on track. Likes to look into strange occurrences and then record his findings on a sub-page.
  • Sean: My big bro. Official follower of Lewa, super editor, Former CotW writer, BZP Reference Keeper, and a lot more.
  • Spawnie: Spawnie. SoT. Boss #2. NOT a rahkshi. Duh. Former member of the BS01 Game Team, Akilini Enterprises, and Head Manager of the soon-to-come Legacy Productions.
  • Kraahlix: A staffie, in charge of the BS01 podcast, and more. One of the most amiable staffies I've ever met.
  • Grant-Sud: A new staffie. Known of him since I joined on, took notice of him later than I should've. Some call him Cise, some call him Sud.
  • DL: Image maker, coder, and all around nightlight. Good friend and prankster.
  • KH: One of the greatest editors ever. AND SHE"S A GIRL. Which is amazing. I know maybe, three other girls on here. And this one's the hardest working of all of us. Great friend, great EL Boss. She left the wiki permanently July 29, 2010.
  • TNU: A Cards fan. For that reason, he sucks. For every other reason in the world, he's okay. But he's a Cards fan. Which sux.
  • TA: A n00b. A big n00b. The most efficient n00b if I ever saw one. Consistently editing mainspace and UPs and TPs. And we get after him about the Twilight series because of his name, and because he doesn't like the books/movies. WDYK.
  • JMSOG: JMSOG. n00b spriter, excellent tailor, official abbreviations collector. What more can you tell?
  • ToC: A n00b like others I know, he causes Chaos when he edits. That's a joke. Riiiight.
  • Iggy: Torunga's brother. Master spriter and animation-er. Currently overloaded with schoolwork.
  • Torunga: Iggy's sis. Also a spriter and animation-er. A girl. Yaaaaaay!
  • Zappie: My Sprite Shop Worker. On the Edit Spree Committee. Haven't seen him in a while. A good friend.
  • T11: Newer friend of the bunch, he has just recently entered insanity. He likes the Brewers (BOO!!!) and the Cubbies (Now THAT I like better!). And blue. He likes blue. Yes. Very very blue.
  • LO: He likes red. And Makuta. Lotsa Makuta. Kind of a n00b, but he tries hard. He's (kinda) funny. And I don't mean funny looking. :P
  • ZeroM: Okay, this guy, who I for some reason am gonna call Zerom, likes O.O PEOPLE! Yeah. And orange. And zero. Veeeery Zero-y.
  • Bycryptid: Known to me as my Fs substitute, Biocryptid (or Bycryptid as I sometimes mistakenly call him) likes Deadpool (whoever that is), writing, drawing, Transformers, sprites, userboxes, user pages, etc. Think I got all of his interests?
  • Bionicleman: B-man's my boss at the FS. I like working with him. I call him Boss #2 occasionally.

Events in Meg's Life

  • Went to Legoland CA--May 2008
  • Joined BS01--September 2008
  • First Birthday as a member of BS01--February 11 2009
  • Joined BZPower--March 25 2009
I had actually joined BZP before, but my account kept locking due to a mistake about it being a dupe of Sean's.
  • Opened Megan51's Sprite Shop--Date Unknown 2009
  • Became Event Log Sub--Date Unknown 2009
  • Won Member Spotlight--August 4 2009
  • First BS01 Membership Anniversary--September 2009
  • Became Event Log Thursday--October 2009
  • Became Poll Mistress for the Featured Specials--October 26 2009
  • Second Birthday as a member of BS01--February 11 2010
  • Reopened Megan51's Sprite Shop--February 16 2010
  • Added my first Sprite Help discussion--March 1 2010
  • Began writing The Sun Shines (So) Bright--March 8 2010
  • Began writing the Official Voting Center and Nominations Help for Novice Poll Masters/Mistresses--April 5 2010
  • Finished writing the Official Voting Center and Nominations Help for Novice Poll Masters/Mistresses--April 9 2010
  • Became Substitute (Random Allocations) for the Featured Specials--May 10 2010
  • Added TSSB Chapter 2--May 14 2010
  • Added TSSB Chapter 3--July 19 2010
  • Visited Washington D.C.--August 2010


  • Fill in for Vartemp EL on Sundays
  • Check Sprite Service
  • Do EL on Thursdays
  • Do Poll Mistress Duties
Open Polls/Close Noms on Thursdays
Close Polls/Open Noms on Sundays
  • Slap Cise
  • Watch the Hawks

Quote of the (Insert Time Space Here)

Highlight it, please.

"(Bill:) And I looked. And there was chocolate cake. The child wanted chocolate cake for breakfast! How ridiculous! And I said... And someone in my brain looked in the chocolate cake and saw the ingredients. Eggs. Eggs are in chocolate cake! And milk! Oh goodie! And wheat! That's nutrition! "What do you want?" (Child:) "Chocolate cake!" (Bill:) "Chocolate cake coming up!" *cake chopping noises* I sliced it for her and served her! Now, we need something to drink with the chocolate cake, something breakfast. Grapefruit juice! *laughter from the audience* This is not your child!"
— Excerpt from Bill Cosby's Chocolate Cake for Breakfast Routine

Bill does the whole routine by himself, but I specified who he was acting as for you.
Now that's just part of it. If you want to see the rest, put it in the internet search engine. It'll come right up.

Easter Egg

In Nancy Drew computer games, they always hide an "Easter Egg" or two somewhere. They don't really give you anything, but they are fun to find.
So I thought I would give you one.

Have any of you wondered why I call people who my superiors Boss? Even occasionally, The Boss? Well, if you've ever read a Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court, you might have a clue. In the book, the main character chooses the name The Boss for himself after he amazes the medevial inhabitants of the court with stage magic and sleights of hand (which consequently causes Merlin to despise him) and is raised to a position of high standing in the kingdom. He eventually incorperates modern appliances (telephones, running water, soap, etc.) into the peasants daily lives.

That's all I'm telling you. You'll have to read the book.

But that's why I call people Boss.





~Megan51Sprite Service

~Megan51Sprite Service

~Megan51Sprite Service


  • I'm only thirteen, but have been asked if I was 17.
  • I can be seen constantly with my iPod.
  • I LOVE Rahkshi and Mandalorians.
  • My fav thing to do on BS01 is to fix Grammar, rewrite pages, and talk.
  • Black Cat 101 and I have been mistaken for sisters.
  • I was going to be the head Graphic Designer and a Manager for Legacy Productions.
  • If I'm not on here or doing school, I'm reading a book, writing (which none of you people are gonna see), or doing embroidery (it's quite fun, stabbing a needle into cloth; it lets out destructiveness :P).
  • I broke my arm very badly and almost made my pastor faint.
  • The colors I am most known for are Purple and Blue.
  • I've been to Sparta, TN.
  • I was the Poll Mistress and a substitute for the BIONICLEsector01:Featured Specials until they were replaced with BIONICLEsector01:Highlights. Sad, sad day.
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