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The NIE was first founded as an encyclopedic blog by Exo-6, the 20 May 2006. NIE was then a stand-off for News, Informations & Encyclopedy (not a typo).

This blog was quite successful, and Exo-6 ended up creating a forum, the "Bionicle Forum N.I.E." (14/9/2014). This forum grew really popular, and the original blog began to be less and less updated because of the time needed to run the forum. This forum was then renamed D.S.A. (Discussions, Story, and Actuality), and ended up becoming the center of the small network. A RPG forum, named War of Powerfuls (again, not a typo) was added to this network.

This forum ended renaming itself once again, becoming BIONICLE UNIVERSE.

Plans began to be made to revive the NIE, and in january 2009, a "new N.I.E." was inaugured. If Exo-6 was still among the founders, this time Zeuboss was the effective administrator. This "new N.I.E." was "thought" to be collaborative, and so was done... on a forum. The meaning of N.I.E. was changed to "Nouvelle Institution Encyclopédique".

On june 2009, this new NIE made several partnerships to increase its activities:

  • One with an (other) old encyclopedic blog, BIONICLE Archives.
  • One with the other main french forum, BIONICLE Legends. The goal of this one was to make a common translation for the serials; a new administrator from BIONICLE Legends was also added to the NIE, Loserkiller.

On november 2009, BIONICLE Legends began to retire himself from the NIE, due to time problems. A loose partnership was still kept, revolving around the integration of BIONICLE Legends Set Database applets (this brickshelf gallery), and Loserkiller remained in the staff (even if he was effectively inactive).

The only other french BIONICLE encyclopedia still active, BIOLOGICAL CHRONICLE, was also integrated to the NIE, and its administrator, Exo-Bat, was welcomed on the NIE staff.

Despite all these partnerships, the NIE was not really managing to keep up with new informations, nor to complete significatively its pages about past years.

In january 2010, BIONICLE UNIVERSE became BIONIFIGS.

In april 2010, the NIE changed its skin, and the meaning of its name, becoming the Nuva Independent Encyclopedia.

A new member was recruited in the staff, Toa Leewan.

In september 2010, the NIE changed again its skin.

In october 2010, Ackar1034 joined the NIE staff. He quickly became the main administrator of the NIE.

In march 2011, to try to bring more activity to the NIE, BIONIFIGS decided to let to the NIE the exclusivity of storyline conversations, news, etc.

In june 2011, BIONIFIGS did a massive reorganization, greatly loosening its bonds to the NIE. Ackar1034 resigned from its main administrator office. maxim21 was chosen to replace it. All the existing staff was kicked out, except Toa Leewan; Exo-6 and Loserkiller also remained as advisors. It was at this time that the NIE began to heavily base itself off BS01.

A month after, Reaper rejoined the NIE staff.

Around two months after, Toa Leewan was kicked out of the staff.

At the beginning of 2012, Geek7734 (Du7734 here) rejoined the NIE staff.

This period was mainly marked by constant addition of new content.

Beginning september 2012, maxim21 began to transfer the NIE content to a mediawiki platform. In december 2012, BIONIFIGS supported the project bt promising to pay hosting cost.

In september 2013, maxim21 resigned, and chose Reaper as its replacement, seconded by Geek7734. Despite this, the new mediawiki platform open the 6 November 2013.

In november 2014, partnerships with Chronist-Wiki and then BS01 where created.