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'''2006''': All [[Piraka]] including [[Vezon]], all Matoran, all [[Toa Inika]], all Titans, plus [[Umbra]], [[Irnakk]], and [[Kardas]].
'''2006''': All [[Piraka]] including [[Vezon]], all Matoran, all [[Toa Inika]], all Titans, plus [[Umbra]], [[Irnakk]], and [[Kardas]].
'''2007''': All [[Barraki]], both Matoran and [[Hydruka]], all [[Toa Mahri]], all titans, plus [[Karzahni]], [[Lesovikk]], and [[Nocturn]].
'''2007''': All [[Barraki]], both Matoran and [[Hydruka]], all [[Toa Mahri]], all titans, plus [[Karzahni (Being)|Karzahni]], [[Lesovikk]], and [[Nocturn]].
'''2008''': All Matoran, All [[Phantoka]], All Mistika, plus [[Icarax]], [[Mutran]] and [[Vican]], [[Vultraz]], [[Mazeka]], [[Rockoh T3]], Blue [[Jetrax T6]], and [[Axalara T9]].
'''2008''': All Matoran, All [[Phantoka]], All Mistika, plus [[Icarax]], [[Mutran]] and [[Vican]], [[Vultraz]], [[Mazeka]], [[Rockoh T3]], Blue [[Jetrax T6]], and [[Axalara T9]].

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User Status Busy
BZPower Username Lord of Shadows0111
BZPower Status Active
Location Where I am
Gender Male
Favorite Set {{{favorite_set}}}

Hello, Hello, Hello. A little bit about myself, in wiki form:

Lord of shadows, or sometimes LOS, is a member on BZpower. He is a writer of many comedies, such as Ask Roodaka, Vezon Tv, and the semi-successful The Mask trilogy.


As I mentioned above, I write on BZPower, so I'm a little bit of a writer. i am also a video gamer. I am a major Nintedno fan as well. I play a lot of Mario and Zelda games, as well as Smash Bros. I'm eagerly awaiting the release of Brawl, whenever that is... Of course, I'm a fan of Lego. (How else would I have gotten into BIONICLE??) I really became a fan in back in 2001 the first time I saw the Toa Mata commercial, which got me into BIONCLE in the first place. I'm mainly a fan with Sci-Fi/ Fantsy, as well. That includes things like Star Wars and Harry Potter, as well as Transformers. I guess you can say I'm a guy with many sides.

When I'm not on BZPower, I am either doing my schoolwork (I am all about my education, by the way), playing video games, reading, or any other thing I like to do. I am 16 and in tenth grade. I am also taking college classes to get ahead. My work often gets in the way of me and my writing, but I try not to let that happen too often.

LOS by other names

I have more than one username besides Lord of shadows. I have many other alter-egos/names that I go by.

  • texaskid92: I used to use this name on BZPower until I ditched it and took up LOS. I also use thing on the LEGO site.
  • Lord of shadows: The name that most people know me by. I use this name on BZPower, and pretty much any other BIONICLE Forum site. As a character, he appears in my comedies as a Donald Trump rip-off obsessed with video games and G4TV. He also enjoys getting revenge and firing people.
  • Lord of Shadows0111: The name I took up to honor fellow member on BZPower, Lewa0111. This is my current username on BZPower.
  • bionkid: I use this as my email address. It's a bit similar to texaskid92, but not exactly. I only use this as my email and nothing else as of yet.
  • LordBionics: A fusion of Lord of shadows and bionkid. I use this name only on Photobucket. I used to use this name for Youtube.
  • LoShadows07: I considered making this may name during 2007. Instead, I briefly used it as my second Youtube account.
  • ShadowBionics: My fourth Youtube account. It is a fusion of LoShadows07 and LordBionics to, in a sense, honor them.
  • xXBionicsXx: My third and no-longer secret account. I keep all my favorites and subscriptions here.
  • Mr. X: I don't use this as a username, but it is my alias name. He is an insane character used as the alter-ego of Lord of shadows. He appears in a few of my comedies of BZPower, like Lord of shadows, as a character.

Sets LOS owns

2001: All the Toa Mata, all the Turaga, all the Matoran, Nui-Rama, Nui-Jaga, and all 72 Kanohi masks

2002: All the Bohrok, all the Bohrok Va, all Toa Nuva, Boxor, The Bahrag

2003: All Bohrok-Kal, all Rahkshi, all Matoran, all Titan sets

2004: All Toa Metru, all Matoran, all Vahki, all Titans, Ultimate Dume/Makuta

2005: All Toa Hordika, all Rahaga, Both Toa Hagah, All Visorak, all Titans, and Voporak.

2006: All Piraka including Vezon, all Matoran, all Toa Inika, all Titans, plus Umbra, Irnakk, and Kardas.

2007: All Barraki, both Matoran and Hydruka, all Toa Mahri, all titans, plus Karzahni, Lesovikk, and Nocturn.

2008: All Matoran, All Phantoka, All Mistika, plus Icarax, Mutran and Vican, Vultraz, Mazeka, Rockoh T3, Blue Jetrax T6, and Axalara T9.

2009: All Glatorian, All Agori, Fero and Skirmix, Tuma


Here's a list of MOC's that I've made:


  • Toa Xeron
  • Toa Zhirika


  • Makuta "Hodge Podge" Algorox
  • Makuta Atheron
  • Makuta Norenka
  • Makuta Zartross
  • Makuta Trdax


  • Unnamed Ice Glatoran. Formerly named "Certavus."