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Kraata names

Color Power Details
Kraata Za Stage 1.png Reddish Gold/Bright Red Za - Fear Creates feelings of vague unease in its vicinity.
Kraata Ul Stage 1.png Sand Blue Metallic/Medium Blue Ul - Disintegration Burrows by dissolving a path through metal, rock or ground.
Kraata Ye Stage 1.png Lemon Metallic/Bright Yellowish Green Ye - Poison Leaves a trail of sticky, sickly slime that is unpleasant to touch.
Kraata Xi Stage 1.png Sand Yellow Metallic/Brick Yellow Xi - Fragmentation Tunnel through rock explosively.
Kraata Vo Stage 1.png Dark Gray Metallic/Gray Vo - Hunger Sap small amounts of energy from the plants around it.
Kraata Cu Stage 1.png Light Gray Metallic/White Cu - Anger Causes feeling of general irritation in nearby creatures.
Lemon Metallic/Dark Gray Metallic Go - Weather Control Moves hidden by a shroud of heavy fog.
Bright Yellowish Green/Bright Yellow Se - Elasticity Has a stretchy, flexible body that is highly resistant to harm.
Black/Bright Orange Iz - Heat Vision Is very hot to the touch.
Dark Green/Brick Yellow Ra - Illusion Shimmers in and out of sight as it moves.
Lemon Metallic/Bright Red Ti - Teleportation Instinctively teleports a short distance in a random direction to evade capture.
Lemon Metallic/Sand Blue Metallic Re - Quick Healing Can enter a hibernation state during which minor injuries quickly heal.
Lemon Metallic/Dark Green Ir - Laser Vision Eyes glow with intensely bright light.
Dark Gray Metallic/Lemon Metallic Mo - Gravity Uses gravity to hold itself to objects, making it difficult to pick up.
Bright Blue/Bright Red Ae - Electricity Body emits mild, numbing shocks on contact.
Black/Bright Yellow Ua - Sonics Uses sonic vibrations to shake itself loose if captured.
Bright Yellow/Bright Yellowish Green Bu - Vacuum Uses vacuum powers to pull itself swiftly through cracks and tunnels.
Dark Gray/Sand Blue Metallic Ge - Plasma Superheated plasma coating protects body and aids in tunneling.
Bright Orange/Black Um - Magnetism Can use magnetism to cling to any rock or metal surface.
Black/Bright Red Am - Fire Resistance Cold and clammy surface provides protection from heat.
Brick Yellow/Dark Green Ma - Ice Resistance Unbearably hot to the touch.
Bright Red/Lemon Metallic Py - Mind Reading Instinctive empathic ability prevents easy capture.
Dark Gray/Bright Yellowish Green Wu - Shapeshifting Can wriggle free of all but the strongest of grasps.
Reddish Gold/Bright Yellow Ak - Darkness Has the natural ability to become invisible in shadow.
Reddish Gold/Black Ty - Plant Control Leaves a trail of slippery, unpleasant weeds wherever it slithers.
Sand Yellow Metallic/Reddish Gold Un - Molecular Disruption Molecular disruption field makes inorganic matter gradually melt away on contact.
Sand Blue Metallic/Lemon Metallic Jo - Chain Lightning Constantly emits crackling sparks.
Sand Blue Metallic/Light Gray Metallic Sy - Cyclone Instinctively influences wind currents for speedy travel.
Dark Green/Lemon Metallic It - Density Control Can briefly increase density to resist physical blows.
Sand Yellow Metallic/Bright Yellow El - Chameleon Instinctively adopts a camouflage pattern to blend in with surroundings.
Bright Red/Bright Blue Fi - Accuracy Instinctively seeks out the most vulnerable part of a target.
Sand Yellow Metallic/Black Ha - Rahi Control Able to instinctively ward off attack by any Rahi.
Bright Yellow/Black Ne - Insect Control Constantly surrounded and protected by a swarm of tiny, stinging insects.
Sand Blue Metallic/Dark Gray By - Stasis Field Able to project a stasis field that protects it from any physical harm but freezes it in place.
Black/Sand Yellow Metallic Ve - Limited Invulnerability Has a tough hide that makes it difficult to injure.
Bright Red/Black Ag - Power Scream Emits a constant high-frequency screech that cannot be heard but sets nerves on edge.
Bright Yellow/Sand Yellow Metallic Du - Dodge Surprisingly difficult to catch.
Bright Yellowish Green/Dark Gray To - Silence Able to move and tunnel in complete silence.
Bright Yellow/Reddish Gold Lu - Adaptation Adjusts quickly to environmental extremes such as heat and cold.
Light Gray Metallic/Sand Blue Metallic Qu - Slow Extremely slow, but difficult to dislodge and highly resistant to physical harm.
Black/Reddish Gold Ka - Confusion Produces a feeling of disorientation in anything that it touches.
Reddish Gold/Sand Yellow Metallic Mi - Sleep Able to survive for extremely long periods in a state of hibernation.

Rahkshi names

Rahkshi Color Kraata Color Power
Red Reddish Gold/Bright Red

Turahk - Fear

Green Lemon Metallic/Bright Yellowish Green

Lerahk - Poison

Brown Sand Yellow Metallic/Brick Yellow

Panrahk - Fragmentation

Blue Sand Blue Metallic/Medium Blue

Guurahk - Disintegration

Black Dark Gray Metallic/Gray

Vorahk - Hunger

White Light Gray Metallic/White

Kurahk - Anger

Gold Lemon Metallic/Dark Gray Metallic

Grerahk - Weather Control

Tan Bright Yellowish Green/Bright Yellow

Zenrahk - Elasticity

Yellow Black/Bright Orange

Zirahk - Heat Vision

Tan/Blue Dark Green/Bright Yellow

Rarrahk - Illusion

Blue/Green Lemon Metallic/Bright Red

Sihrahk - Teleportation

Black/Brown Lemon Metallic/Sand Blue Metallic

Irrahk - Quick Healing

Red/Orange Lemon Metallic/Dark Green

Ruurahk - Laser Vision

Blue/Silver Dark Gray Metallic/Lemon Metallic Munrahk - Gravity
Blue/White Bright Blue/Bright Red

Adarahk - Electricity

Yellow/Green Black/Bright Yellow

Juarahk - Sonics

Orange/Black Bright Yellow/Bright Yellowish Green

Yinrahk - Vacuum

Tan/Red Dark Gray/Sand Blue Metallic

Senrahk - Plasma

Black/Gold Bright Orange/Black

Noerahk - Magnetism

Aquamarine Black/Bright Red

Cairahk - Fire Resistance

Red/Yellow Bright Yellow/Dark Green

Magrahk - Ice Resistance

Light Purple Bright Red/Lemon Metallic

Pyrrahk - Mind Reading

Blue/Gold Dark Gray/Bright Yellowish Green

Weyrahk - Shapeshifting

Black/Red Reddish Gold/Bright Yellow

Drorahk - Darkness

Green/Brown Reddish Gold/Black

Teyrahk - Plant Control

Light Blue Sand Yellow Metallic/Reddish Gold

Crurahk - Molecular Disruption (inorganic)

Silver Sand Blue Metallic/Lemon Metallic

Johrahk - Chain Lightning

Black/White Sand Blue Metallic/Light Gray Metallic

Fyrahk - Cyclone

Black/Green Dark Green/Lemon Metallic

Dizrahk - Density Control

Red/Gold Sand Yellow Metallic/Bright Yellow

Eelrahk - Chameleon

Blue/Purple Bright Red/Bright Blue

Xiirahk - Accuracy

Magenta Sand Yellow Metallic/Black

Haarahk - Rahi Control

Orange Bright Yellow/Black

Neerahk - Insect Control

Blue/Black Sand Blue Metallic/Dark Gray

Biirahk - Stasis Field

Gray Black/Sand Yellow Metallic

Ovarahk - Limited Invulnerability

Purple Bright Red/Black

Aagrahk - Power Scream

Red/Silver Bright Yellow/Sand Yellow Metallic

Urerahk - Dodge

Gray/Black Bright Yellowish Green/Dark Gray

Sihrahk - Silence

Black/Purple Bright Yellow/Reddish Gold

Laurahk - Adaptation

Blue/Yellow Light Gray Metallic/Sand Blue Metallic

Qarahk - Slow

Gray/Green Black/Reddish Gold

Xarrahk - Confusion

Maroon Reddish Gold/Sand Yellow Metallic

Maurahk - Sleep

Great Kanohi

Great Kanohi are the most powerful normal masks. They are made from level 8 Kanoka. They bestow any of a variety of powers upon the user, including shielding, telepathy, stealth, telekinesis, or levitation. They can be in any shape or form, but throughout the Matoran Universe, mask makers have adopted specific shapes for certain powers, in order to avoid confusion if a Toa is in dire need of a mask. While Toa are the most well-known beings to use masks, many other species are known to be able to use mask powers. Below is a list of known Great Masks of Power:

Hau Tahu.png Kaukau Gali.png Miru Lewa.png Kakama Pohatu.png Pakari Onua.png Akaku Kopaka.png
Great Mask of Shielding
Great Mask of Water Breathing
Great Mask of Levitation
Great Mask of Speed
Great Mask of Strength
Great Mask of X-Ray Vision
Kanohi Huna.png Kanohi Rau.png Kanohi Mahiki.png Kanohi Komau.png Kanohi Ruru.png Kanohi Matatu.png
Great Mask of Concealment
Great Mask of Translation
Great Mask of Illusion
Great Mask of Mind Control
Great Mask of Night Vision
Great Mask of Telekinesis
Calix.png Elda.png Suletu.png Sanok.png Kadin.png Iden.png
Great Mask of Fate
Great Mask of Detection
Great Mask of Telepathy
Great Mask of Accuracy
Great Mask of Flight
Great Mask of Spirit
Arthron.PNG Faxon.png Zatth.png Garai.png Volitak.png Tryna.png
Great Mask of Sonar
Great Mask of Kindred
Great Mask of Summoning
Great Mask of Gravity
Great Mask of Stealth
Great Mask of Reanimation
Kanohi Jutlin Small.PNG Kanohi Avsa Small.PNG Kanohi Felnas Small.PNG Mask of Duplication.png Kanohi Shelek Small.PNG Kanohi Crast Small.PNG
Great Mask of Corruption
Great Mask of Hunger
Great Mask of Disruption
Great Mask of Time Duplication
Great Mask of Silence
Great Mask of Repulsion
Noimage.jpg Noimage.jpg BH Kanohi Kualsi.png Matoran Mask of Emulation.png Noimage.jpg Noimage.jpg
Great Mask of Diminishment
Great Mask of Clairvoyance
Great Mask of Quick Travel
Great Mask of Emulation
Great Mask of Growth
Great Mask of Rahi Control
Set Kanohi Avohkii.png Kraahkan Set 1.png Maskoflight&dark.PNG Noimage.jpg Rua.png Aki.png
Great Mask of Light
Great Mask of Shadows
Great Mask of Light and Shadow
Great Mask of Regeneration
Silver Mask of Wisdom[1]
Gold Mask of Valor[2]
Rode.png Olmak.png Trinuma's Kanohi.png Olisi.png Noimage.jpg Noimage.jpg
Great Mask of Truth
Great Mask of Dimensional Gates
Great Mask of Charisma
Great Mask of Alternate Futures
Great Mask of Psychometry
Great Mask of Intangibility
Mask of Possibilities.png BH Kanohi of Elemental Energy.png Shapeshifted Mask of Mutation.JPG Vultraz's kanohi.PNG
Great Mask of Possibilities
Great Mask of Elemental Energy
Great Mask of Mutation
Great Mask of Scavenging

Kanohi Nuva

More powerful than normal Great masks, they were created when the Toa Mata were immersed in Energized Protodermis and became the Toa Nuva. When a mask is immersed in Energized Protodermis, it will become a Kanohi Nuva if it is destined to do so. The only Kanohi Nuva in existence are the Toa Nuva's.

There are eight types of Kanohi Nuva. A Kanohi Nuva has differences from its regular version, such as: the user can grant his/her power to ones surrounding him/her, and their powers are stronger and can last longer.

Hau Nuva Tahu.png Kaukau Nuva Gali.png Miru Nuva Lewa.png Kakama Nuva Pohatu.png Pakari Nuva Onua.png Akaku Nuva Kopaka.png
Hau Nuva,
Kanohi Nuva of Shielding
Kaukau Nuva,
Kanohi Nuva of Water Breathing
Miru Nuva,
Kanohi Nuva of Levitation
Kakama Nuva,
Kanohi Nuva of Speed
Pakari Nuva,
Kanohi Nuva of Strength
Akaku Nuva,
Kanohi Nuva of X-Ray Vision
Hau Nuva Tahu.png Miru Nuva Lewa.png
Aki Nuva,
Kanohi Nuva of Valor
Rua Nuva,
Kanohi Nuva of Wisdom

Noble Kanohi

Noble Kanohi are made from a level 7 Kanoka and possess weakened versions of the powers of their Great Mask counterparts. They are also formed when a Toa becomes a Turaga, during which their Kanohi transforms into a Noble one. There can be Noble forms of any mask, except Legendary masks and fused Kanohi worn by Toa Kaita.

HunaNoble.png RauNoble.png MahikiNoble.png KomauNoble.png RuruNoble.png MatatuNoble.png
Noble Mask of Concealment
Noble Mask of Translation
Noble Mask of Illusion
Noble Mask of Mind Control
Noble Mask of Night Vision
Noble Mask of Telekinesis
Lhikan's Noble Hau Noimage.png Tanma's Kanohi.png Photok's Kanohi.png Noimage.png Solek's Kanohi.png
Noble Mask of Shielding
Noble Mask of Water Breathing
Noble Mask of Levitation
Noble Mask of Speed
Noble Mask of Strength
Noble Mask of X-Ray Vision
Radiak's kanohi.PNG Gavla's kanohi.PNG Kirop's kanohi.PNG BH Dume's Kanohi Kiril.png Noimage.png Noimage.png
Noble Mask of Corruption
Noble Mask of Hunger
Noble Mask of Silence
Noble Mask of Regeneration
Noble Mask of Flight
Noble Mask of Light

Legendary Kanohi

These Kanohi are vastly more powerful and difficult to control than other masks. If destroyed, they would unleash their powers, resulting in the break-down of a fundamental force of the Matoran Universe. Each contains a fundamental part of the Matoran Universe: Life, Time and Creation. Legendary Kanohi, unlike Great Kanohi, cannot exist at lower power levels.

Flash Kanohi Vahi.PNG IgnikaEdited.png Noimage.png
The Legendary Mask of Time
The Legendary Mask of Life
The Legendary Mask of Creation

Element Lords

Former members of the warrior class endowed with Elemental Powers by the Great Beings in order to help them govern the people of Spherus Magna; eventually led the planet's inhabitants into the Core War.

  • Iranuk - The former leader of the Fire Tribe
  • Talran - The former leader of the Water Tribe
  • Yelmai - The former leader of the Jungle Tribe
  • Xoanu - The former leader of the Sand Tribe
  • Kopton - The former leader of the Rock Tribe
  • Cyruan - The former leader of the Ice Tribe
  • Frogan - The leader of the Earth Tribe

Miscellaneous Kanohi

These Kanohi do not fit in any other categories:

Golden Kanohi.png Infected Kanohi Hau Small.png Set Copper Masks of Victory.png
Kanohi that contain the powers of the Toa Mata's masks
Infected Kanohi,
Kanohi infected by Kraata
Copper Mask of Victory,
Powerless masks forged in a copper color