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"Roodaka watched with amusement as Nidhiki tried to master his new body. He was stumbling about on the sand, trying to move like a Toa but a prisoner of the monstrous form her mutation spinner had given him."
— Narrator, Birth of a Dark Hunter

Shapeshifted Mask of Mutation.JPG
The Mask of Mutation (Shapeshifted)
Matoran prefix None
Associated colors None

Mutation is a power that changes the molecular structure of a target. It can give and take powers,[1][2] but not change their element[3][4] or destiny.[5] With the exception of Hordika Venom,[6][7][8] mutagens only cause physical change and also effect non-living objects.[9][10] Hordika Venom can only affect objects when closely tied to a living being, like Toa Tools, and the being is also mutated.[11][12] Mutations caused by Reconstitute at Random disks,[13] the Pit Mutagen,[14][15] and Hordika Venom[16][17] are random, but Roodaka, through her Rhotuka, and any user of a Mask of Mutation can control how their target is mutated.[18][19] Mutations from Energized Protodermis are based on destiny. Beings with a mutation power cannot mutate themselves.[20][21][22] Roodaka's Rhotuka, Mask of Mutation, and Energized Protodermis mutations are instant and permanent (unless undone),[23][24] but Hordika Venom and Pit Mutagen are not instant.[25] Reconstitute at Random is temporary. In some cases, mutations can also cause fusions of two or more beings.

Mutated Beings

Energized Protodermis

Hordika Venom

Pit Mutagen

Roodaka's Rhotuka



  • A mask made solely from a Reconstitute at Random disk would still not be able to control the mutation it causes.[26] It would work at a distance[27] and only on targets, not the user themselves.[28][29] It would also be considered an immoral mask power.[30]
  • The Pit Mutagen effects organics, but much more slowly.[31]
  • The Mask of Life can reverse mutations, but not cause them.[32][33][34]
  • Energized Protodermis cannot undo previous mutations.[35]


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