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"Whenever there is a meeting, a parting is sure to follow. However, that parting need not last forever. Whether a parting be forever or merely for a short time... That is up to you."
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Hello, all, I'm back at BS01 again and am slowly but surely reconstructing my user page. Hopefully it'll be better and more descriptive than the last one and hopefully more organized.

Matoran Akano

Akano was a male Matoran of Electricity from another dome in the BIONICLE universe before he was moved to Metru Nui. No one remembers when he arrived, making the time seem most appropriate during the Time Slip. An outsider from the start, he spent most of his days closed up in his home, tinkering and working on inventions, causing the other Po-Matoran to question his ways and, for the most part, shun him from their society of carvers. He and an Onu-Matoran, Nuparu, had a friendly rivalry with their inventions, Nuparu always ending up the victor. Inventor of Metru Nui

That was until Akano had been tasked by Turaga Dume to create new law enforcement machines for the city. He had worked very hard on this latest invention to become esteemed by the Turaga and his fellow Matoran, something he had wanted since he had come to Metru Nui. He created the machine known as the Kralhi. However, because of its tendency to drain all energy from a Matoran wrongdoer and leaving him/her incapacitated from doing work, Dume had tasked Akano with the job of dismantling all his creations. Refusing to do this, he hid them in the Archives. Nuparu had invented the Vahki at this time, once again outdoing Akano in his invention. Akano managed to receive the schematics to the Vahki and decided he could outdo Nuparu by making a better model of the Vahki. He called his new model Ardakh, seven of which were ever created. The final Ardakh created, serial A-7, was the most unique, having a free will and unmatched dedication to his master and his friends, the Matoran. After many tests, these new Vahki were shown to be much more efficient at preventing crime and were indeed better in judgment of crime than the other Vahki. However, their reign would not last, as Turaga Dume had ordered all Matoran to gather at the Coliseum. Akano was obligated to comply and, like the other Matoran, was put in a Matoran Pod and put to sleep by Makuta. The Ardakh had realized that the Matoran and their master were being deceived, but it was too late. They weren't about to give up, though, and tried to fight their way into the Coliseum and try to save the Matoran. They were outnumbered, though, by the other Vahki and all were destroyed but one: A-7. A-7 found his master's pod, and if he were able to cry he would have. He made sure his master's pod was safe and continued to look for the fake Turaga Dume, but by the time he had made it to his enemy's chamber, he had left in his new winged form. Ardakh then took his master's pod and followed the Toa Metru back to the island above.


Eventually, the Toa Metru had returned with all the Matoran pods and revived the Matoran from their nightmarish slumber, including Akano, and named their new island home Mata Nui. Over the years of the Great War, Akano worked in Po-Koro as a Rahi tamer, taking in Rahi recently freed from the Infected Masks of the Makuta.

My Transformation

After the Makuta's defeat by the Toa Mata, the Bohrok had begun their attack on the villages. One day, Turaga Onewa summoned Akano to his hut to tell him of a mystical Kanohi mask that had recently been heard of. He told Akano that he had to retrieve it and bring it back to the village. Akano enlisted the help of his friends, Bour and Kivi, and after a minor complication involving a fallen statue, they began their quest. After trekking over much of the island, going through Onu-Koro and Ga-Koro, they finally arrived at the Kini-Nui. Just outside the temple was a smaller structure that looked as though it hadn't been visited in centuries due to the fact that, unless a keen eye picked it up, it blended perfectly with the surroundings. After braving many booby traps, they made it to the chamber which held the Kanohi. It was a yellow Kanohi Kakama, floating in a column of light somehow. Akano retrieved the mask, and the light went out, triggering a door to open on the other side of the chamber. The company left the temple not realizing that an Infected Muaka was tailing them until it was too late. The battle with the infected feline was a short one, as Bour and Kivi both fell, Akano being the only one conscious. Akano then realized that the mask was very much like his own, sharing the same hue of yellow and being the very mask he wore, yet slightly different somehow. He took a chance and donned the mask, causing energy to surge through his body and transform him into a Toa. Thinking quickly and not knowing what would happen, he aimed his new Toa tools at the Muaka and willed his elemental power to work. The resulting electrical shock stunned the Muaka long enough for the newly born Toa to remove the Rahi's Infected masks. Akano then helped his friends recover, and they headed back to Po-Koro.

Toa Akano

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