Tower of Toa

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"The tower was made of debris and Visorak webbing. Cocoons containing various Rahi hung all along the sides. At least a hundred Visorak of all types swarmed over the structure, reinforcing it, At the top of the tower stood a powerful crimson figure, obviously directing the horde."
— Narrator, Challenge of the Hordika

Template:OtherLocation The Tower of Toa was tower on Metru Nui created by Sidorak and the Visorak hordes as a base.


Promotional image of the Tower of Toa
The Tower of Toa as a set

After the Visorak occupation of Metru Nui, Sidorak had his forces construct several massive towers, which were stationed around the island.

During the Great Rescue, Toa Hordika Matau and Rahaga Iruini were searching in one of the towers for scrap materials to build an Airship, when Visorak entered, noticing the intruders. When Matau shut the Visorak out of their area, an Oohnorak tricked him into opening up, resulting in a battle at the location, as Whenua and Bomonga found themselves captured at this location and the other Toa Hordika and Rahaga joined the fight, seeing the Visorak travel to Le-Metru. A long battle ensued at the tower, with the Rahi Krahka and Tahtorak allying themselves with the Toa and the Zivon fighting them.

The Toa were not able to defeat all the Visorak that inhabited this Tower, and locked them up in it, surrounding the building with walls of ice and earth. The confined space turned the Visorak mad enough to fight amongst themselves, and they killed each other.

The structure was converted by the six Toa into a place for the team to fall back to, if ever they needed to. The gate of the Hordika's Tower was charged with elemental energy by the Toa, giving it elemental defenses.

Set Information

Tower of Toa was one of the four playsets of 2005. Also included were minifigures of the six Toa Hordika and the six breeds of Visorak, as well as a Kahgarak armed with a blunt shooter. The tower had its own blunt shooter as well as a catapult that hurled flaming boulders. The tower's gate was in the shape of a Kanohi Kiril.


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