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"Toa Cordak" is not an official name.
The subject of this article has not been officially named. The term "Toa Cordak" either reflects how the subject has been referred to in-story or is an unofficial name popular among fans.

"They had been in a battle, long ago, but not with an acid cloud, with a horde of Zyglak. He had seen them coming, but hadn't acted fast enough, and ... and ...
And his teammates died. They all died.
— Narrator, Dreams of Destruction

Toa Cordak
Set Lesovikk Building Instruction.PNG
Lesovikk, leader of the team
Headquarters Unknown
Goals Protect Matoran
Allies Matoran, Turaga
Enemies Rahi, Zyglak
Status Disbanded; all but one member deceased
Pronunciation N/A

The First Toa Team was the very first group of Toa to band together under a single leader.


The first Toa team came about around 100,000 years ago, shortly before the Toa Mata were awakened and became a team. Consisting of eight Toa, they made their base on an island with one of the first Turaga on it, and were led by Lesovikk. There they protected the resident Matoran from threats such as invading Rahi. One of their number, a Toa of Lightning, Nikila, was later made the tactical commander of the team, under Lesovikk's overall command, and the two grew very close. They also befriended the resident Matoran, and Lesovikk was very close to two of them, Sarda and Idris.

During the course of their travels, Lesovikk spotted an oncoming Zyglak band. However, he hesititated at a crucial moment, allowing the Zyglak to overwhelm the team. The rest of the team was slaughtered by the Zyglak, although Lesovikk managed to survive. He returned to his homeland, only to find that their Turaga had gone insane, and shipped the entire Matoran population off to the realm of Karzahni.

Distraught over his failings, Lesovikk became a wanderer, traveling around the universe to find a way to atone. He made several attempts to recover the Matoran from Karzahni, but failed to get past the Manas, also unaware that the land's ruler Karzahni had since sent the Matoran away to the Southern Continent.

Lesovikk later recieved word of Karzahni's attempt to assault Mahri Nui, and entered the mutagenic water around the land in order to stop him. On his way, he reunited with his two Matoran friends. Despite Karzahni's attempt to trap him in an illusion with his old teammates, Lesovikk imprisoned the tyrant, who was taken away by Botar.

Lesovikk's Vision

Karzahni cast a vision on Lesovikk during the Toa's pursuit. However, due to mental damage sustained in a previous battle with Makuta Teridax, Karzahni created an imperfect illusion, replacing the Zyglak that killed Lesovikk's team with a sentient cloud of Acid. Despite the error, Lesovikk readily believed in the illusion, having been given a chance to save his team. Lesovikk continued to have many more adventures with his team, influencing later events in history such as the Frostelus assault of the Makoki Stone guard team. Lesovikk was contemplating recruiting a novice Toa Lhikan when Nikila approached him, suggesting that they patrol Zyglak hunting grounds. The mention of Zyglak triggered a memory recall in Lesovikk, which dispelled the illusion.


Of the eight Toa, only two are known by name.

First Toa Team
Toa Kanohi Tool(s)
Lesovikk, Toa of Air Faxon, Great Mask of Kindred Air Sword
Nikila, Toa of Lightning (deceased) Great Mask of Possibilities Trident
An unnamed Toa of Iron (deceased) Unknown Unknown
An unnamed Toa of Fire (deceased) Unknown Unknown
An unnamed Toa of Water (deceased) Unknown Unknown
An unnamed Toa of Sonics (deceased) Unknown Unknown
An unnamed Toa of Stone (deceased) Unknown Unknown
An unnamed Toa of Gravity (deceased) Unknown Unknown