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== 15,000 Years Ago ==
== 15,000 Years Ago ==
* {{RefSquare|07|Main}} After achieving his destiny, Dume is named Turaga of Metru Nui.{CN}
* {{RefSquare|07|Main}} After achieving his destiny, Dume is named Turaga of Metru Nui.{{CN}}
== 10,000+ Years Ago ==
== 10,000+ Years Ago ==

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100,000+ Years Ago

  • An Av-Matoran named Takua, inspired by the Agori of Spherus Magna, is created by the Great Beings - the first thing in their mission to create the Matoran Universe.
  • The Great Beings perfect the Matoran design. The foundation of the Matoran Universe is completed and Matoran are set to work constructing the interior.
  • Metru Nui is founded by the Great Beings, who lay its foundations. The actual construction work done by the Matoran.
  • The powerful being Tren Krom is created to power the universe.
The Matoran Universe
  • The Great Beings create the Red Star as a booster jet for the Matoran Universe.
  • Several Kestora are placed inside the Red Star.
  • The Great Beings create Karzahni and his brother, Artakha.
  • Artakha and Karzahni oversee the construction of their realms.
  • The Great Beings create Krana and, accidentally, Zyglak, from the remains of Matoran creation process.
  • The Hand of Artakha is formed to protect the Matoran and operates for roughly two hundred years.
  • Helryx, the first Toa, comes into being and assists in initial construction of the city of Metru Nui.
  • The Great Beings create the first Rahi, sea creatures of tremendous size, and later, the first smaller Rahi, later dubbed the Pit War Tortoise.
  • The Bahrag, queens of the Bohrok swarms, and the Bohrok Va are brought into being.
  • The Toa Mata come into being on Artakha, but remain dormant.
  • The creation and colonization of most islands and continents is completed.
  • The Kanohi Ignika is forged in the fortress of the Valley of the Maze.
  • The Great Spirit Mata Nui is brought to life to control the Matoran Universe.
  • Tren Krom is moved from Karda Nui to a remote island; Mata Nui is placed in full control of the Matoran Universe.
  • Two Great Beings secretly pass by the Matoran and build a tunnel in the center of the Southern Continent, near the village of Voya Nui. Once finished, the two place the Ignika on its pedestal. The two then depart the chamber and leave the continent.
  • Umbra is placed to guard the Ignika.
  • The transfer of Matoran to Artakha and Karzahni begins. The Matoran believe that if they work well, they will be brought to Artakha, while the lazy or damaged are sent to the realm ruled by Karzahni to be repaired. However, Karzahni does not do a very good job and gives the Matoran weapons to compensate; he sends some of these Matoran to the Southern Continent because he is afraid to let anyone see his work.
  • Orde is created as the first Toa of Psionics and is sent to calm down the hateful Zyglak. Orde loses his patience and drives the Zyglak to greater levels of hatred.
  • All future Toa of Psionics and Ce-Matoran are created as female.

100,000 Years Ago

The Toa Mata
  • The Hand of Artakha is disbanded due to lack of discipline among its members and unorthodox exactness of justice.
  • To replace the Hand, Toa Helryx founds the Order of Mata Nui, an organization that serves the will of Mata Nui.
  • The construction of Metru Nui is completed.
  • The Toa Mata are awakened on Daxia and trained in combat by Hydraxon.[1]
  • The Toa Cordak, the first Toa Team, consisting of eight members and led by Lesovikk, is formed.
  • The first Toa Canisters are built by Matoran.
  • The Av-Matoran are tasked with the preparation of Karda Nui for the Great Spirit's awakening.
  • The Toa Mata go to Karda Nui to protect the Av-Matoran from the Avohkah, byproducts of the Matoran's labors.
  • In preparation of the Great Spirit's awakening, the Av-Matoran depart Karda Nui and the Toa Mata travel inside the Codrex to enter their Toa Canisters.
  • The Great Spirit Mata Nui awakens for the first time and the Energy Storms commence in Karda Nui.
  • Mata Nui creates several sapient species to populate the Matoran Universe, including the Makuta species, and those of the future Barraki.
  • The Brotherhood of Makuta, led by Makuta Miserix, is formed by Mata Nui, with the purpose of creating and modifying beings as needed and maintaining order in the universe.
  • Makuta create the Zivon, which is placed in the Field of Shadows for unknown reasons
  • Zyglak kill all the Toa Cordak except for Lesovikk.

95,000+ Years Ago

  • Makuta Mutran, Makuta Icarax, and Pridak are sent by Makuta Miserix on a diplomatic mission to Xia to negotiate lower prices for their goods, on behalf of the Brotherhood of Makuta.
  • Negotiations continue for several days until Icarax loses his temper and destroys several buildings. The Vortixx agree to lower their prices.
  • Mutran accidentally leaves his pet project, a sentient rock, in the center of Xia. This rock grows and becomes The Mountain.
  • The Kanohi Dragon attacks Metru Nui. The creature is locked away by a visiting team of Toa.

95,000 Years Ago

  • The Great Spirit Mata Nui allows the six Barraki to rule the Matoran Universe.
  • The Barraki begin to conquer the majority of the Matoran Universe.

94,000 Years Ago

  • The League of Six Kingdoms is officially formed.
  • Makuta Miserix hires Barraki Takadox as a spy and seller of information for the Brotherhood of Makuta.

87,000 Years Ago

  • The Barraki meet with Makuta Miserix and other members of the Brotherhood of Makuta in a Barraki tower.
  • The League of Six Kingdoms forcefully enlists the Brotherhood to produce Rahi for their campaign of conquest, threatening to launch an attack on the Brotherhood if it does not cooperate.
  • Miserix agrees to cooperate with the League but orders Makuta Teridax to monitor the Barraki's actions.
  • The League forms a trade pact with Metru Nui in exchange for the city's freedom and exemption from the League's campaign of conquest.

80,000+ Years Ago

  • The Matoran Gaardus is taken by a group of rogue Nynrah Ghosts and mutated.
  • Gaardus escapes, and begins hunting down his captors.
  • After killing his captors, Gaardus remains in the village because of the Red Star.
  • The Red Star's return function breaks down, trapping all future revived beings in the star, and the Kestora come to blame Gaardus for its malfunction.

80,000 Years Ago

  • The League of Six Kingdoms plots to overthrow Mata Nui.
  • Barraki Takadox, doubtful of the League's chances of success, betrays the organization's treachery to the Brotherhood of Makuta.
  • The Brotherhood musters an army of Toa, Exo-Toa, Rahkshi, and Rahi, under the command of Makuta Teridax.
  • Teridax launches a surprise preemptive assault on the main Barraki fortress, catching the Barraki by surprise as they plot to capture Metru Nui.
  • The League's army is defeated by the Brotherhood's army and the Barraki are captured. Teridax orders the Barraki to be executed by Exo-Toa.
  • Before the order of execution is carried out, Order of Mata Nui member Botar arrives. Threatening Teridax with severe consequences if the Makuta interfered, Botar transports the Barraki to the Pit to be incarcerated.
  • Makuta Gorast and Makuta Mutran are dispatched to the remains of Barraki Kalmah's fortress in the northwestern reaches of the League's territory.
  • At Kalmah's fortress, Mutran discovers a map detailing the tunnels of the Blade Burrowers Rahi he created for the League.

79,500 Years Ago

Sometime between 79,500 Years Ago and 79,100 Years Ago

  • The Great Spirit Mata Nui's health begins to deteriorate, due to the fact that the Matoran of Metru Nui are not working.

79,100 Years Ago

  • Makuta Miserix orders Makuta Teridax to bring the Matoran Civil War to an end.
  • To end the war, Teridax seals large portions of the two armies in the Archives and unleashes the dangerous Rahi exhibits on them, in what would later be called the Archives Massacre.
  • The Matoran Civil War ends. The Matoran war leaders are banished to the Pit.
  • Makuta Miserix assigns each Makuta a region of the Matoran Universe to supervise, awarding the "prize" of Metru Nui to Teridax.
  • The Order of Mata Nui places agents in Metru Nui to head off future problems.
  • The Kanohi Ignika is removed from the Chamber of Life by Toa Jovan and his team. One member of the team activates the mask and restores the Great Spirit's health, but dies in the process. Afterwards, the team returns the mask to the Chamber of Life, fearful of its immense power.
  • Toa Jovan, having achieved his destiny, becomes the Turaga of the Voya Nui region of the Southern Continent.
  • Miserix sends Makuta Mutran on a mission to find Tren Krom, a being of great power, to learn of his intentions and to assess if he posed a threat to the Matoran Universe.
  • Mutran locates Tren Krom's island and the powerful being almost kills him, but instead shares his thoughts with the Makuta. Mutran awakens with incredible knowledge, particularly concerning a plan that Teridax had formed.
  • Mutran shares his knowledge with Teridax, who immediately calls a Convocation of the Makuta on Destral, where he explains the details of his plan.
  • Miserix discerns that Teridax is attempting to usurp his position as leader of the Brotherhood and attempts to stop him, but he is overpowered by his lieutenant and abandoned by the other Makuta.
  • By the will of the Convocation, Teridax becomes the new leader of the Brotherhood and begins enacting his master plan.
  • Teridax orders Miserix's execution at the hands of Makuta Spiriah and Krika. Unbeknownst to him, Krika disobeys this command and traps the Makuta on the island of Artidax instead. Over the course of a year, Gorast and Icarax kill all the Makuta who originally sided with Miserix during the Convocation.

79,000 Years Ago

  • A golden age of peace and prosperity begins for Metru Nui.

Sometime between 79,100 Years Ago and 70,000 Years Ago

  • The Brotherhood of Makuta starts sending servants around the universe to collect Toa that would form teams named Toa Hagah to act as guards for some Makuta.[2] Some of them are formed at different times.[3]
  • Spiriah's Toa Hagah team is formed.[4]

Sometime between 75,000 Years Ago and 70,000 Years Ago

  • Makuta Spiriah begins tampering with the native Skakdi population of Zakaz, his assigned region. He leaves a squadron of Visorak on Zakaz to monitor them after he departs.[5]
  • After the Makuta's departure, the Skakdi revolt against the Visorak and begin an island-wide civil war.[5]
  • The Brotherhood of Makuta places the island of Zakaz under quarantine and designates Spiriah as a rogue agent.[FoF, Ch. 1]
  • Following his failed experiment, Spiriah goes into hiding.[FoF, Ch. 5]

60,000 Years Ago

  • The Great Spirit brings about the Time Slip, a six-month period which no one in the universe (except members of the Order of Mata Nui) can recall and of which no historical records exist.
  • The Order of Mata Nui relocates several Av-Matoran from their homeland under the Southern Continent to various locations in the Matoran Universe. The Av-Matoran Takua is disguised as a Ta-Matoran and placed in Metru Nui.

Sometime between 40,000 Years Ago and 30,000 Years Ago

  • The Makuta complete their evolution from biomechanical lifeforms into beings of energy. The Nynrah Ghosts are called in to modify the Makuta's armor.

17,500 Years Ago

15,000 Years Ago

  • After achieving his destiny, Dume is named Turaga of Metru Nui.[citation needed]

10,000+ Years Ago

The Shadowed One, co-founder of the Dark Hunters
  • The being codenamed Ancient rebels against the strict laws of his home island, hiring himself out to others to perform tasks. As different beings compete for Ancient's services, the island's society gradually shifts from being peaceful and structured to divided and war-torn, and the island's formerly peaceful native species is splintered into factions.
  • At some point during the war, Conjurer leaves to forge a new kingdom beyond his island's borders. He conquers an island inhabited by Matoran, but cannot lead further conquests because of the incompetence of his Matoran soldiers.
  • At some point during the war, Tyrant leaves to forge a new kingdom beyond his island's borders. He settles on an island where he becomes feared for his methods of discipline and execution.
  • Toward the conclusion of the civil war caused by Ancient's actions, another native of the island approaches Ancient with the idea of forming an organization whose members would offer their services to others in return for profit and power. Ancient and the native, who adopts the moniker "the Shadowed One", develop the idea and form the Dark Hunters.
  • Together, the Shadowed One and Ancient travel in search of a base of operations for their new organization. They discover Odina, forcibly displace its native inhabitants, and establish the Dark Hunter fortress.

7,005 Years Ago

  • Lhikan becomes a Toa of Fire.[6]

7,000+ Years Ago

  • The Toa teams of Norik and Varian join together to stop a Protocairn invasion and the subsequent Parakrekks invasion. Norik and Varian start to work together.
  • The Shadowed One hatches a plan to capture a Toa of Psionics for stasis. Triglax is used to lure Varian in while Lurker and Gatherer capture her.
  • Norik and Varian learn from Matoran on the Northern Continent to investigate the disappearance of three Toa, along with a Toa codenamed 'Grey'. They battle Lurker and Gatherer, who kidnap 'Grey' and daze Varian.
  • Norik rescues Varian, and they pursue the Dark Hunters on their boat. Lurker and Gatherer overpower them and take them to Odina.
  • On Odina, Varian is set to choose the fate of 'Grey' and Norik. She chooses Norik to be returned to the Northern Continent, only to learn that 'Grey' was Triglax all along. Varian is put in stasis on display.[NOGLB]
  • The Makoki Stone is written as a complete record of the Brotherhood of Makuta by a group of Toa who did not trust the Brotherhood.
  • The Makoki Stone is placed in a Toa Fortress, which is guarded by a great number of Toa and is near a Frostelus encampment.

7,000 Years Ago

  • A tall, winged Dark Hunter is sent to steal the Makoki Stone from the Toa Fortress. The Dark Hunter reveals the nature of his mission to a Skakdi thief named Hakann.
  • Hakann hires fellow Skakdi Vezok to help steal the Makoki Stone.
  • Vezok leaves Hakann to fight the Toa guards while he steals the Makoki Stone.
  • Before leaving, Vezok is captured and taken to the Dark Hunter fortress by Ancient, while Hakann is taken by another unknown Dark Hunter.
  • Vezok and Hakann are recruited into the Dark Hunters.
  • Sidorak fails his recruitment into the Dark Hunters, but is employed by the Brotherhood of Makuta instead.

5,000 Years Ago

  • The Skakdi Dark Hunters Zaktan, Hakann, Vezok, Thok, and Reidak plan to overthrow the Shadowed One, but the leader of the Dark Hunters discovers their treachery. The Shadowed One attempts to execute Zaktan with his disintegrator eyebeams, but Zaktan is instead split into millions of Protodites.

Sometime between 15,000 Years Ago and 4,000 Years Ago

A group of Vahki
  • The Kralhi model is invented by the Onu-Matoran Nuparu to enforce order in Metru Nui, but are soon retired because they are too powerful. They refuse to be shut down - some hide in the Archives, while others leave Metru Nui.
  • The Vahki are invented to replace the Kralhi.
  • Kanoka are invented by the Ko-Matoran in the Ko-Metru Knowledge Towers.
  • The Chute system of travel is invented by the Le-Matoran of Metru Nui.

4,000 Years Ago

  • The Shadowed One plans to take over Metru Nui.
  • The Dark Hunters Reidak, Avak, and Vezok are sent to Metru Nui.
  • The hibernating Kanohi Dragon is awakened and unleashed by the Dark Hunters, and settles in the Great Furnace. Vahki are sent to bring Toa to the city.
  • Vezok, Reidak, and Avak try forcefully to convince Turaga Dume to allow a Dark Hunter base to be established in Metru Nui. Dume refuses.
  • The Toa Mangai arrive and force Reidak, Avak, and Vezok out of Metru Nui.
  • The Kanohi Dragon is defeated by the Toa Mangai. Toa Nidhiki attempts unsuccessfully to kill the dragon.
  • Kanohi Dragon is brought to Xia, where Roodaka takes the creature.

Sometime between 4,000 Years Ago and 3,000 Years Ago

  • The Shadowed One repeatedly attempts, unsuccessfully, to either take control of the city or establish a Dark Hunter base.
  • Tyrant allies with the Dark Hunters and agrees to work for them. He tries to undermine The Shadowed One's authority, however, and is later betrayed by the Dark Hunters to the Toa forces. Tyrant is lost beneath the Silver Sea, but not before vowing revenge on The Shadowed One.
  • The Skakdi Dark Hunter Thok attempts unsuccessfully to kidnap Turaga Dume.

Approximately 3,500 Years Ago

  • Toa Tuyet decides to start a countdown of killing Matoran in order to force Lhikan and Nidhiki to go after the Dark Hunters who are after Tuyet to get the Nui Stone.
  • Tuyet tampers with connectors for a vat of molten Protodermis. It kills a Ta-Matoran when the vat tips on to him. She places a tablet under the corpse with her name on it to make it look like a countdown.
  • Lhikan and Nidhiki investigate the crime scene, and find the tablet. They seek out Tuyet who claims to know nothing.
  • The next day, Tuyet slashes the cables in which a Le-Matoran is working. He falls to his death. Tuyet places another tablet bearing her name in the Matoran's hand.
  • Lhikan again seeks out Tuyet, when she tells him of the Nui Stone, an artifact that could absorb a Toa's energy and that it had reached her home island. After she had left the island to defeat the Kanohi Dragon, she told Lhikan, Dark Hunters invaded her island, but found no Nui Stone. They believed that she had taken the stone, but she denied it to Lhikan. They sent her a message telling her that she had 7 days to give them the stone, and if she had not given it to them by then they would somehow harm the Matoran and Turaga of her home island. She said that the Matoran deaths were their countdown.
  • The day after that, the Dark Hunters invade Metru Nui to get the Nui Stone. Lhikan and Nidhiki manage to defeat the Dark Hunters.
  • At nightfall, Tuyet kills a third Matoran, this time a Ga-Matoran, by throwing her in one of the Protodermis canals.
  • Lhikan, knowing this was impossible with the Dark Hunters captured, finds the Nui Stone in Tuyet's home by sensing the heat given off by it.
  • Tuyet takes the stone and absorbs the power, revealing the truth to Lhikan. Nidhiki arrives, and together they manage to overcome Tuyet, and Lhikan destroys the stone.
  • Tuyet is confined in the Coliseum while Dume and Lhikan decide how to punish her, but Order of Mata Nui member Botar arrives in the middle of night.
  • The Order of Mata Nui member explains to Tuyet that shards of the Nui Stone had become embedded in her armor, making her a living battery of Toa Power. Interested in reproducing the Nui Stone, the Order transports Tuyet to a Toa-less pocket dimension to imprison and interrogate her.
  • A Toa Tuyet from an alternate universe is brought to the regular universe and taken to the Pit to act as a decoy. Her armor is embedded with crystal to give the semblance of the Nui Stone.

3,000 Years Ago

  • The Shadowed One declares war on Metru Nui.
  • The Dark Hunters take over most of the city at night. The Toa and Dume are forced to retreat to the Coliseum.
  • Toa Naho manages to slip past the Dark Hunters and escape the city; as a result of her plea for help, roughly one hundred Toa arrive on Metru Nui, turning what was supposed to be a swift strike into a protracted, month-long war.
  • Lariska convinces Toa Nidhiki to join the Dark Hunters. He offers to capture Turaga Dume and the Toa in return for control of Metru Nui. The Shadowed One agrees to the plan, but secretly plots to eliminate Nidhiki once the plot is carried out.
  • As Lhikan is about to inform Nidhiki of Toa reinforcements arriving to defend Metru Nui, he witnesses Nidhiki and Lariska in secret conference. The Skakdi Dark Hunter Hakann negotiates a trade with Lhikan. If the Toa of Fire allows the Dark Hunters to leave the island in peace, the Dark Hunters will return the Makoki Stone to the Toa Fortress. Lhikan agrees, providing that no Dark Hunter ever returns and that they take Nidhiki along.
  • Nidhiki describes the Dark Hunter base in the canyons of Po-Metru and Lhikan rallies the army of Toa to march to confront the Hunters and end the war. Once arrived, the Toa army is ambushed by Dark Hunters, but in turn, an army of Toa hundreds-strong ambushes the Dark Hunters.
  • The Dark Hunters, defeated, depart Metru Nui with Toa Nidhiki, who has been exiled for his betrayal.

2,999 Years Ago

  • On Odina, Toa Nidhiki becomes a trainer of Dark Hunters, and is paired with the unintelligent Krekka.
  • The Shadowed One steals the Makoki Stone back from the Toa Fortress where it was held. He splits it into six pieces in order to have six times the ransom, and sells it to the Brotherhood of Makuta, the highest bidder.
Nidhiki after being mutated
  • Nidhiki and Krekka steal three prototypes of the recently-rediscovered Zamor launchers from a Matoran client of Xia. Nidhiki wants to take only one to The Shadowed One, but Krekka forces him to deliver all three. Their mission is discovered by a Toa on the island.
  • Because of their involvement with the theft, the Dark Hunters are forbidden entry on Xia for awhile.
  • Roodaka arrives at the Dark Hunter base asking for training, but is initially denied because she does not want to join the organization. Nidhiki asks Roodaka to help him off the island. Roodaka agrees to meet him midnight that night.
  • Roodaka informs the Shadowed One of Nidhiki's treachery. The Shadowed One agrees to allow Roodaka training in exchange for mutating Nidhiki.
  • That night, Roodaka mutates Nidhiki into an insectoid monster using her Rhotuka spinner, ensuring his continued loyalty to the Dark Hunters.

2,900 Years Ago

  • Roodaka is employed by the Brotherhood of Makuta.

2,500 Years Ago

  • Makuta Kojol leads a raid composed of Visorak, Rahkshi, and even Exo-Toa to steal the Kanohi Avohkii from the realm of Artakha.
  • At Artakha's request, the Order of Mata Nui hunts down and kills all who know of Artakha's location, including Makuta Kojol, also destroying any records of the island's location.

2,000 Years Ago

  • After 1,500 years of interrogation, Toa Tuyet persuades one of her guards to fake her death. Using technology from the pocket dimension in which she was imprisoned, Tuyet embarks upon an inter-dimensional voyage that spans the next 2,000 years.

1,300+ Years Ago

  • Teridax's Toa Hagah team is formed.[C25]
  • The Makuta order the creation of a Fohrok army by the Nynrah Ghosts to imitate Bohrok swarms for the Makuta's army.[7]
  • Realizing why the Makuta want the Fohrok, the Nynrah Ghosts sabotage the machines,[7] and are executed by the Brotherhood.[8]
  • The Fohrok go on a rampage and are stopped by Teridax's Toa Hagah.[C25, p. 7]

1,300 Years Ago

  • The Toa Hagah assigned to Makuta Teridax learn of the Brotherhood of Makuta's theft of the Kanohi Avohkii.
  • These Toa Hagah, led by Toa Norik launch a raid on Brotherhood's Destral Fortress, defeating Teridax and successfully stealing back both the Mask of Light and the Makoki Stones.
  • Toa Hagah Gaaki, Pouks, Bomonga and Kualus are captured. The remaining two Toa Hagah, Norik and Iruini, storm their fellow Toa's prison.
  • Norik and Iruini find the remaining four, who have been mutated into bizarre, shrunken creatures with Rahkshi heads.
  • Norik and Iruini are trapped by Roodaka and mutated into the same form as the other four former Toa Hagah, whom Roodaka names Rahaga (a pun on the words Hagah and Rahkshi). Roodaka calls off Visorak pursuit, believing that the Rahaga have been subjected to a living death as outcasts and ignorant of the fact that they stole the Avohkii and Makoki Stones.
  • The Brotherhood of Makuta orders the Dark Hunter guards responsible for the Avohkii's protection to be executed. The Shadowed One strongly disagrees, and calls off the execution.
  • Sidorak claims credit for the idea behind Toa Hagah's mutation; as a result, he is named king of Visorak horde, with Roodaka as his viceroy.
  • The Visorak launch the first attacks on inhabited islands, eliminating the population of Keetongu's homeland.
  • Teridax strikes at the Great Spirit Mata Nui, successfully infecting him with a Virus that gradually causes him to lose consciousness.

Sometime between 3,000 Years Ago and 1,001 Years Ago

  • Several marine Rahi of massive size arrive on Metru Nui. Turaga Dume commissions a clandestine study of them, led by Archivists Mavrah, Whenua and Onepu.
  • The Rahi get out of hand and destroy large portions of the Archives. Dume orders the studies to cease, but Mavrah and the Rahi disappear shortly before the Vahki arrive to drive them away.
  • Mavrah and the Rahi occupy one of the tunnels beyond the Great Barrier of Metru Nui.
  • The Brotherhood of Makuta begins discreetly exterminating Toa of Iron and Magnetism, due to the threat they pose to the Makuta's new armor.

Sometime between 1,300 Years Ago and 1,050 Years Ago

  • The Rahaga visit lands ruined by the Visorak in search of Keetongu, who can reverse the effects of Hordika Venom.

1,050 Years Ago

  • The Rahaga take refuge in the Onu-Metru Archives, where they hide the Kanohi Avohkii.

1,001 Years Ago

The Morbuzakh King Root
  • Makuta Teridax begins his plan to assume control of Metru Nui.
  • A Worm species of Rahi Teridax had captured escape and enter Bohrok.
  • The Makuta creates the Karzahni plant to drive the Matoran to the center of the city. However, Karzahni proves too willful and independent, prompting Teridax to abandons his project and create the Morbuzakh instead.
  • Teridax captures Turaga Dume and places him in a Matoran Sphere, causing the Turaga to enter stasis. Teridax takes his Kanohi Kiril and masquerades as Dume.
  • Teridax hires three Dark Hunters, Nidhiki, Krekka, and Eliminator for his plot. Nidhiki and Krekka are to patrol the city and do whatever Teridax bids them, while Eliminator is to wait outside the city and eliminate the Toa Mangai.
  • Teridax sends the remaining Toa Mangai and the city's Chronicler, Kodan, on missions to close the Sea Gates of Metru Nui's Great Barrier. Eliminator kills them.
  • Teridax requests the Ta-Matoran Vakama, the best Mask Maker in Ta-Metru, to forge a Mask of Time.
  • The Great Spirit Mata Nui changes the stars above Metru Nui, making Teridax believe that the six Matoran who did know the location of the Great Disks were destined to become Toa. Mata Nui then planted in Teridax's mind that Vakama, Nokama, Matau, Onewa, Whenua, and Nuju would make an ununified Toa team.
  • Teridax places the Morbuzakh plant in the Great Furnace, where it wreaks havoc on Metru Nui. Many Matoran are abducted by the monstrous plant.