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This template produces citations for miscellaneous online works including short stories, serials, and the Mata Nui Online Games.


Parameter Function
(first parameter) The abbreviation representing the piece of media being cited.
(second parameter) (optional) Behaves the same as chapternumber. (This is used for backwards compatibility.)
chapternumber (optional) The number of the chapter to cite in the work.

Default: nothing

chaptername (optional) The name of the chapter to cite in the work.

Default: nothing

nochapternameperiod (optional) Give this parameter any value if chaptername ends in punctuation. This will tell the template not to place a period after chaptername.

Default: nothing

chaptertype (optional) The term used for divisions of the work. For example, some works may be divided into "Books" instead of "Chapters," so you could set chaptertype to Book and the template would display "Book" wherever "Chapter" would usually go.

Default: Chapter


  • chapter number[1]
  • chapter number (using 2nd parameter)[2]
  • chapter number with customized chaptertype[3]
  • chapter name ending in punctuation[4]
  • using the same ref multiple times[1]
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