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This template produces nicely formatted links to articles about BIONICLE media by rendering the link text in italics or quotation marks as convention dictates.


Parameter Function
(first parameter) Text representing the piece of media being cited. It can either be the full article name of the piece of media (such as BIONICLE Legends 1: Island of Doom) or a shortcut indicated on that article with Template:Shortcut (such as BL1).
color (optional) The link color.

Default: nothing (link has default color)


  • Passing in an article shortcut: {{FormattedTitleLink|C1}} produces: BIONICLE 1: "The Coming of the Toa"
  • Passing in an article's full name: {{FormattedTitleLink|BIONICLE Glatorian 2: The Fall of Atero}} produces: BIONICLE Glatorian 2: The Fall of Atero
  • Link with custom color: {{FormattedTitleLink|BIONICLE 2: Deep into Darkness|color=#00ff00}} produces: BIONICLE 2: Deep into Darkness