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{|class="wikitable infobox" style="float:right;border:5px solid white;border-spacing:3px;background-color:rgba(17, 24, 27, .5);"
{|class="wikitable infobox" style="float:right;border:5px solid {{{color}}};border-spacing:3px;background-color:white;"
|style="font-size:150%;text-align:center;" colspan=2|<font color=white>'''LEGO Club Stats'''</font>
|style="font-size:150%;text-align:center;" colspan=2|<font color=#11181b>'''LEGO Club Stats'''</font>
|style="padding:5px 10px;"|<font color={{{color}}}>'''''Power'''''</font>
|style="padding:5px 10px;"|<font color={{{color}}}>'''''Power'''''</font>

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LEGO Club Stats
Power {{{p}}}
Agility {{{a}}}
Special Abilities {{{sa}}}
Intelligence {{{i}}}
Weaponry {{{w}}}
Fear Factor {{{ff}}}
Luck {{{l}}}