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* [[Artakha (Being)|Artakha]]
* [[Artakha (Being)|Artakha]]
* The [[Bahrag]]
* The [[Bahrag]]
* The [[cursed Great Being]]<ref>[https://community.lego.com/t5/LEGO-General/Chat-with-Greg-Farshtey/m-p/12047978/highlight/true#M264983 Chat with Greg Farshtey], 30 January 2015</ref>
* The [[cursed Great Being]]{{GregCitation|CwGF|page=625|post=12047978}}
* [[Dweller]]
* [[Dweller]]
* All [[Makuta (Species)|Makuta]]
* All [[Makuta (Species)|Makuta]]

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"Up above, Orde closed his eyes. His mind brushed against Kabrua's and encountered no resistance. He pushed a little harder, peeling away layers as quickly as he could to find the information he sought."
— Narrator, The Yesterday Quest

The Great Kanohi Suletu, the Mask of Telepathy
Psionics Sub-Power
Associated Kanohi Suletu
Matoran Prefix (Psionics) Ce-
Associated colors (Psionics) Primary: Blue
Secondary: Gold

Telepathy is a sub-power of the secondary Elemental Power of Psionics that allows the wielder to read the minds of other beings and/or to transfer their own thoughts into the mind of another being.

Species Wielders

Matoran Universe


  • All Toa of Psionics possess the power of telepathy.


  • Krana Za can communicate telepathically with other Krana.
  • Krana Za-Kal have a wider range of telepathic powers than Krana Za.
  • The Bahrag have telepathic powers.


  • Rahkshi and Kraata of Mind Reading have limited telepathic powers. The Makuta possess a wider range of telepathic powers.


  • Reading the minds of other beings
    • Sensing strong emotions
  • Communicating mentally with other beings
  • Projecting the thoughts of oneself into the mind of another being



  • Some beings, such as the members of the Order of Mata Nui and the Ce-Matoran, have their minds shielded, and as such cannot be affected by telepathy.[2]


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