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"Now the Toa of Ice's mask was glowing as well. Suddenly, great stones tore loose from one wall of the prison cell. The rocks flew rapidly across the room to form a wall between Onewa and Whenua. Moreover, they had left a sizable gap in the wall, perfect as an escape route."
— Narrator, Legends of Metru Nui

LoMN Great Kanohi Matatu In Use.PNG
Nuju lifting Vakama to a fight with Teridax
Psionics Sub-Power
Associated Kanohi Matatu
Mask of Rebounding (limited)
Matoran Prefix (Psionics) Ce-
Associated colors (Psionics) Primary: Blue
Secondary: Gold

Telekinesis is a Power of the secondary Elemental Power of Psionics that allows the wielder to control and move objects with their mind.

Species Wielders

Matoran Universe



  • Mentally picking up and moving objects/beings carefully or tossing them violently. May also be used for restraining purposes.
  • Controlling weapons, transports, and machinery psychically.


All of the following have or had the Power of Telekinesis:


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